Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik learns Naira’s pregnancy

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone singing birthday song and wishing Naira. Kartik gets a big bouquet for her and wishes. He says happy birthday, love you, sorry for fooling you around, but this was a surprise, Naksh, Kirti and others are also coming to wish you. Naksh and family comes to wish Naira. Kirti says I m very happy for Naira. Kartik says even we are happy, its her special day, the surprise will be so great. Dadi says we thought this is the surprise. Kartik jokes. Kirti asks shall I guess the surprise. Kartik says no, Naksh explain her. Bhabhimaa says we have a hint of it. Dadi says why do I feel that Naira’s Maayka knows much more than us. Surekha says don’t know, maybe or maybe not. Servants get a big chair.

Kartik makes Naira sit on it. He says Queen Naira Kartik

Goenka… Dadi jokes and laughs. Kartik says its her birthday, so we have decided to present something special in her birthday. Naira asks him to go to room once. Kartik says fine, I can go, but guests are here. She says please go. He says okay I will go. He goes upstairs. Lav and Kush present a magic show. Everyone claps. They give a teddy to Naira. She hugs them. Kartik says what’s the surprise. He gets a call and goes. He says first my surprise or of Naira. Dadi says I couldn’t get any special gift. Bhabhimaa says its fine, love and blessings are best gift, we have woven a sweater. Devyaani says we have got the socks as well. They show baby’s socks. Dadi recalls Kirti’s words.

Naira says Kartik didn’t come and didn’t call yet. She says I will be back. Naira goes and looks for Kartik. She sees the backdoor open and says did Kartik go out in anger. Lav and Kush take her back. Kartik comes, dressed up in tiger costume. He dances and throws toys at everyone. He says I love you my tigress. He kisses her hand. Lav and Kush pull him back and dance with him. She thinks maybe Kartik didn’t see the surprise, what will happen when he finds out. He says now I have another surprise for my special wife. He holds the curtain and gets to his normal avatar. Naira thinks you will be heart broken seeing what I have done. Kartik and Naira dance on Chukar gai… she asks him to go to room once. He says let me enjoy this moment. He disappears. She looks around. Manish pulls his ears and gets him back. Kartik and Naira dance again.

Bhabhimaa says don’t spin her around like that, it will harm the baby. Kartik gets shocked and holds Naira in arms. Devyaani says you have to be careful in first three months. Everyone gets shocked. Surekha asks what are you saying. Kirti says don’t tell us that you didn’t know about it. Dadi says you would know, after all you are from her Maayka, why would she tell us. Kartik goes.

Naira sits crying. They all worry and ask her the matter. Kartik comes to the room and sees many balloons fixed with notes about baby. He sees a baby’s sonography pic. Naira comes. He says this isn’t right. She cries. Kirti says why are we reacting like this, a baby is coming home and we are going to welcome him this way. Naira says I… Kartik says you have hurt me a lot. She says I didn’t do anything intentionally. He says I m feeling bad because the news of our baby’s arrival reached me after everyone else, that too this way. She looks at him.

Everyone sings and dances. Sach hone wala hai….plays….

Update Credit to: Amena

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