Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Naira suggests a name

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik signing Naira before leaving. Krish talking to Kairav and Vansh. They ask him if he will play with them. Krish says we are not of same age. Vansh asks will you play with that road girl. Krish says Kartik said she will stay here, go and ask your parents. Krishna comes to befriend them. She gets a gift for Kairav. She says you can take this from me, I m your didi, friends? Manish comes and asks them to take gifts. He hugs the kids and takes them. Krishna gets sad. Kirti says everyone wants me to keep their selected name, Bua’s right is for namesake. Naira says sorry. Kirti says why, you have a right too. Naira says I won’t interfere, you keep the name. Kirti says I will make you ready, you can’t see yourself in mirror, you have to go as I make you ready. Naira nods. The baby sleeps. Kairav says she slept soon. Kartik says she slept. Kairav asks was I so little. Kartik thinks sorry, I wasn’t with you. Kairav says sorry, you used to go on secret mission, you would not know. Kartik asks Krishna to sit with the baby. Krishna asks can I touch her. Kartik says careful, she is sleeping. Kairav looks on. Manish asks why to adopt someone if they have two children. Suwarna says that girl doesn’t have parents.

Manish says I m not saying that they shouldn’t support someone, but adoption is different, they can spoil lives of their own children. Suwarna says trust them. Manish says I won’t let this happen. She says I will call Kartik for Naamkaran rasam. Naira comes. Kartik sees her in ghunghat and smiles. He says I don’t need a mirror to see you, you look beautiful. Naira says Kirti didn’t let me see the mirror. Kartik says we will start the rasam, she looks restless. Surekha jokes on him. Kirti says give me big nek. Kirti lifts the ghunghat and asks Naira to open her eyes, say how much nek she should get. Kartik and Naira see each other and smile. He does haaye…. yahan wahan…..plays… He gives a flying kiss. Kirti says we got to know the truth, give my big nek. He says why, my wife is already pretty, even if you put a bindi, she would look great. She says if you told before, I would have just applied bindi. Everyone smiles. Dadi asks Kartik to give nek to Kirti. Suwarna gets a box. Kartik says this is for you. Kirti sees sindoor. Naksh sees her. Naira asks how is it. Kirti says really good. Naira says Varsha has made a video call. Dadi says don’t take much time. Varsha says baby is lovely. Naira says you should have been here, we will meet soon, you had seen me, did I look like her. Varsha says a bit, she looks more like Akshara, I had seen her childhood pic, who knows she has come as your daughter, when you miss someone a lot, then he comes around in another relation, Rajshri would say she looks like Akshara. Naira cries and says I also miss mum. Varsha says sorry, I have made you cry. Naira says its fine, I m glad to talk. Kartik looks on.

Naira says you just look like your Nani, baby. Everyone comes to write the name suggestions. Samarth asks Vansh to be careful, Vatsal is in Gayu’s lap. Manish asks Kairav to come to him. Kairav goes to Kartik. Pandit says we shall start rituals. Dadi says yes. Kartik says Krishna didn’t come. Naira calls out Krishna. Krishna says I m here. She brings some pot and says its for naamkaran puja. Dadi says we don’t need this. Pandit says jalpatra is always auspicious, let her keep it. Manish says if everyone’s wishes have fulfilled, can we start the rasam of this family’s baby. Naksh says we shall start rasam, smile everyone.

Dadi and everyone sign Kirti. Kirti says I will keep a beautiful name for baby. Naira thinks. Pandit says I have to get the alphabet according to Rashi, till then you decide some nickname for the baby. Kartik and Naira talk to the baby. Naira says one day, your surname will also change, but name will be same. Kartik says yes baby, so we want the name to be world’s best, it should be meaningful. Kairav says keep matching name, Kitty. Krishna says its cat’s name. Kartik signs her to stop. Naira says Kairav used to play with a kitty in childhood. Kartik says this name is amazing, it matches with my nickname, Kittu and kitty, you can call her kitty, what will everyone call her. Surekha says we got bored, we should sing and dance. Manish says yes. Everyone sings and dances. Cutie pie…..plays….

Pandit comes and says alphabet is A. Naira and Kartik see each other. Naira sings Naam aisa ho…. She says Akshara….. Everyone smiles.

Kartik sings cutie pie totally….. They all dance. Kartik shows the name Akshara. He asks everyone to come for family photo. Kairav gets upset.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Akshara was one and unique, her era was golden and ending a tragedy😞.
    I know it is common to rename children after their parents or grandparents but makers can show some originality and give unique name so characters can curve their own path instead of being in the shadow of previous characters.

  2. I’m not trying 2 be mean but like I don’t think they should adopt Krishna I mean look at the way they treat her god knows how they’re going to treat her if they actually adopt her that poor girl deserves better…Plus I get the feeling it’s going 2 end with Kairav hating his parents…

    1. Cannot agree more, sometimes Kairav seems like a brat earlier he was polite and sweet

  3. I think Krishna will turn out to be their first child that got stolen. If that’s the way the story will go, all those hating on the poor child will eat their words. Especially the Manish character and the troublesome Dadi.

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