Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Abhimanyu is in a dilemma

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying you are our guests, let us serve you. Anand asks them to call the girl. Harsh says I didn’t meet your other granddaughter also. Akshu and Aarohi come there. Manjiri smiles. Anand and Harsh greet Aarohi and welcome her in the family. Manjiri says you are perfect for my Abhi. Akshu greets her. Manjiri says you both are equal in looks and Sanskar. Akshu thanks her and says you are also good. Aarohi and Neil argue. He says you look good today. She says you look nonsense. Parth says Abhi is on the way, he will come. Nishta says we will do the shagun till he comes. Anand says yes, we will give special shagun, we will give jewellery later, this special gift first. Akshu asks what’s inside it. Aarohi sees a doctor’s coat and her ID card. She says its very special for me, thank you so much. She wears the coat and also the ID. Everyone claps.

Harsh says now she looks a perfect Birla bahu. Manjiri wards off her bad sight. Neil says I will click her pic. He clicks the family pic. Dadi cries and says a girl raised in our family goes in some other family. Mahima thinks how did any confusion not happen there. Parth says Abhi messaged, he wrote sorry, there is much traffic. Dadi says its fine, we will sing and dance till then. Manjiri asks Aarohi to sing a good song. Aarohi says I don’t sing. Manjiri asks her to sing. Neil says Akshara sings well. Manjiri asks Akshu to sing. Harsh says Manjiri got someone to match her tune. Akshu refuses. Neil and Aarohi insist. They ask Manjiri to say the song. Manjiri says I just have one fav song. Akshu says Piya tose…Manjiri says Abhi would have told you, you sing that later, you sing something of your choice.

Abhimanyu says the route got clear, we will reach there in 5 mins. Akshu sings O Kanha…. Everyone smiles. Abhimanyu and Mahima come home. He hears Akshu singing and runs inside the house. Akshu sees Abhimanyu at the door. Everyone claps for her. Akshu moves back and steps on some wires. The light goes. Vansh and Kairav go to check. Abhimanyu goes to Akshu. He connects the plugs. Lights come. He greets Akshu. Mahima says the groom has come, look at him. Everyone smiles seeing Abhimanyu. Mahima meets them. Aarohi thinks I will talk to Abhimanyu. Nishta says Akshara moved the wire at the right time by mistake, my brother had a grand entry. Aarohi compliments him. He says thanks, you also look good. Manjiri cries happily and hugs Abhi. Dadi says we will start the rasam now. Anand says yes, surgeons can get a call anytime, Abhi was busy in surgeries since yesterday. Akhilesh says we hope Aarohi also becomes such. Abhimanyu says I m sure, she will be a good doctor. Manjiri shows the ancestral bangles. Mahima says Abhimanyu’s bride will get it. Dadi says we will do tilak. Vansh says we will do it in special style, we will play a game, you have to give us the bangles. Manjiri gives the bangles. Abhimanyu says we will do rasam first. Mahima calls him desperate. Aarohi says I don’t like such games, Akshu likes it. He says I m ready. Neil teases him.

Vansh blindfolds Abhimanyu. He asks him to find his love and make her wear the bangles. Aarohi says he will make me wear the bangles. Parth asks him to touch hand and see. Abhimanyu says I don’t need. He goes to Aarohi. Dadi and Suwarna ask him to stop. He goes to Akshu and holds her hand. He makes her wear the bangles. Mahima smiles. He says I know I have held the right hand. Neil says remove the blindfold and look yourself. Abhi sees Akshu. Aarohi tries to remove the bangle. He asks what are you doing. Akshu says its just a game. Aarohi says I don’t like it. Akshu says stop this game, make Aarohi wear these bangles. Manjiri says yes, come for tilak. Abhi gets shocked.

Manjiri says Abhimanyu got his happiness today. Abhimanyu says this tilak can’t happen, I love Akshara and want to marry her. Aarohi gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Usually precap is misleading… but I think Abhi will angrily take Aarohi’s hand because Akshu will reject him 😐

  2. Silent Reader

    Hopefully the confusion gets cleared by tomorrow or day after tomorrow. I don’t think Abhimanyu-Aarohi will happen, he will get married to Akshu only…

  3. Annusha Singh

    ohooo god daily this how goes Roll a Coster Ride….. Just so much exicted….I ove to watch see Akshu and Abhi marriage.

  4. This may be a long and a messed up comment.
    First I feel Aarohi and Akshu are a lot like Mahima and Manjiri. Mahima is ambitious like Aarohi and wants to stay on the top whereas Manjiri like Akshu…. Abhi liked her because she was his mother’s shadow.
    Secondly why did they rush the story?? As far as I remember, Akshu used to say that this all happened because of Abhimanyu Birla and we never got to know what he did and why was she so frustrated on him. I was literally expecting another love-hate track.
    Next, how to become doctor like Aarohi??? She literally just passed the entrance exam and is already a doctor? Where did the 5 years of study go?
    And how to live a life like Akshu? She does nothing but sing and that to just because she likes and roam.
    Tbh I feel Aarohi is realitu and Akshu is fiction. Though Aarohi has a bad behave towards her sister, still she studied hard to fulfill her dream and didn’t even manage to get her love.
    Next, what was the need to introduce Sirat??? Her teack was short lived and all she did was get a step sis for Akshu who would cause trouble. I seriously feel there was no point in revealing the truth to the girls. It would have been better if we could see the two of them becoming each other’s happiness than sorrows.
    And I find it more similar to the Kartik-Naira-Gayu track than yrhpk. Because, Kuhu loved Kunal (who was the second lead) and Mishti didn’t, so it was a totally different track.
    Rest I’m loving the current track. Abhira are the cutest.

    1. Silent Reader

      1.I agree with your comparison of Akshu-Aarohi to Mahima-Manjiri. I beliveve that’s why Mahima wanted Akshu as Abhi’s wife so she can dominate her.
      2.Yeah, maybe they changed the plot or maybe it was never meant to be taken seriously. Who knows. It might be just to introduce the character of Abhimanyu.
      3. Akshu was interviewing in Mahima’s NGO (which she couldn’t give due to that kid getting hurt.) So maybe she works with other NGOs or is trying to find work in some NGO… Or maybe she helps with the Goenka’s business though I doubt it.
      4. I didn’t like the Sirat track but it could be that the third generation was planned since long. Since Naira was dead, they needed to introduce a third character for the love triangle, so it could be that.
      5. I feel it’s a mixture of the both. But Gayu was a good character who sacrificed her love for Kartik. Kuhu wasn’t very good to Mishti but I think she felt bad or whatever. And in the latter, Kuhu ended up with Kunal, and here most probably Arohi would end up with Neil. So it’s kinda similar? I guess…

    2. When akhshu came home, that day arohi’s exam results were about to come and she was that year’s state topper. Akshu mistakenly thought she is the first one who got about _(idr)_ marks. But then arohi searched up and it was Abhimanyu who scored 1 marks more than Arohi, then she fought with akshu that she knew it and tried to ruin her happiness by putting the “2nd” tag on her.
      And I guess it wasn’t entrance exam but it was the main final year exam, so she is a doctor now.
      I agree,Sirat shouldn’t have revealed the truth to them.

    3. Oh!
      And maybe that’s why Akshu kept telling that there was a problem due to Abhimanyu!

    4. Aarohi has topped in mbbs final exams and not entrance exam so she has completed her mbbs.
      Honestly, I also feel Aarohi’s character to be more realistic. I just hate the character of Parth and his father. They have so much male chauvinism.

    5. It’s not the entrance exam for MBBS she passed, it is the MBBS final result I guess. Or it should be NEET PG…
      Well,serials fail to explain things logically !
      I have never seen a male doctor marrying a younger female doctor anywhere. It’s very rare. And similarly, never saw a female doctor marry a younger male doctor.
      Firstly, MBBS = 5.5 years (4.5 years – course study and semesters, 1 year – Intern where one has to work for a year in the medical college’s own hospital or affiliated hospital or serve even more years depending on the ideals of that college e.g, AFMC locks medical students for 7 years after Intern to serve nation, and Vellore college locks medical students for 2 years after intern to serve in camps in remote villages)
      Secondly, after MBBS, you give NEET PG to choose MD (Medicine) or MS (General Surgery) – which is again 2 – 3 years.
      Means Abhimanyu must be atleast holding MS degree to be a surgeon. And also by seeing him, we can say that he has been working in Birla hospital for a time now. Say atleast an year or two.
      And many of them who did MS will not definitely stop there since MCh (Master of Chirurgiae where you have to choose a particular branch say cardiology,etc.) has more scope than MS. And MCh is again 3 years…for which you have to write NEET SS after MS.
      Which means if Abhimanyu’s family is a doctor family, he should have completed MCh too under family’s influence. Then his entire study period is – 5.5 + 3 + 3 = 11.5 years in whole. And as he is shown to be a scholar whose marks made the history of Rajasthan, he shouldn’t have taken any drops during his entire study to crack any exam.
      And most of them complete their 12th and give NEET UG at 16 – 18 years ~ 17 yrs (depending on students are early joiners at their initial schooling, mostly 17 is the age everyone write the exam). Which means Abhimanyu completed his entire study at the age of – 17 + 11.5 = 28.5 years.
      And as per my opinion, he is atleast working at Birla Hospital since an year or two which means – he is roughly 30 – 31 years now.
      And Aarohi as it seems, she either completed MBBS 4.5 years and 1 year intern may be remaining or she has cracked NEET PG and hence will enroll in Birla Hospital’s medical college to pursue her MS or MD.
      Suppose if she is 5th year MBBS intern then her age is – 17 + 4.5 = 21.5 years
      Suppose if she has cracked NEET PG and has entered Birla Hospital for MS or MD – she is 22.5 years.
      And I remember Aarohi and family members saying that it is MBBS result, so I assume her age to be 21.5 years, roughly, 22 years.
      And Akshara is 2 years elder to Aarohi so, she Akshara is 23.5 years old or roughly 24 years.
      Now as per story and unreasonable leaps 😂,
      After Aarohi’s birth – two leaps came – one of 8 years and present one of 12 years. So the leaps make – 20 years in whole. So, Aarohi is 20 years as per the leaps (which clearly says she is in middle of MBBS 😂)
      Now Akshara is two years elder so, 22 years (but our logic says she is 24 years 😂)
      So let’s sum up the whole thing –
      i) Abhimanyu – 30 – 31 years roughly
      ii) Aarohi – 22 years roughly
      iii) Akshara – 24 years roughly
      i) Abhimanyu – 30 – 31 years (age by logic and leap appears to be same)
      ii) Aarohi – 20 years
      iii) Akshara – 22 years
      Now, the headache I have is how come a well educated doctor like Abhimanyu and his family, look for a very young girl for marriage ?
      Atleast I must say Abhi’s choice for Akshi makes a bit of sense since she is nearer to his age than Aarohi. As age difference as per leap will be – 8 to 9 years and as per logic, 6 – 7 years
      But is this educated family stupid ?
      Means looking for the most younger girl which is Aarohi ?
      As per leap, Aaru and Abhi’s age difference will be 10 -11 years and as per logic, their age difference is 8 – 9 years which is quite more.
      And I don’t think any doctor wife and husband differ by age more than even 5 years since study itself consumes most of the youth of the doctors. 30 is the age where people’s health starts decaying slowly and speeds up at 45 – 50. And as per what I know doctors marry same age people or 2 years elder or younger than oneself. But 8 – 11 years difference is too much for atleast doctors if not any other professionals.
      So, @Avika dear, forget logic if you want to see Indian shows 😂
      My brain seriously cracks up when I apply logic to serials. Logic se dekha jaaye tho ‘love at first sight’ waale concept ko sheher se bhaga dena chahiye ham sabhon ko.😂
      Aur bhi dekha jaaye, tho overtime Akshara ko bhi nafrat ho jana chahiye Aarohi ke nafrat se, aur dhire se distance badh jaana chahiye unmein, but ye hua kya ? Nahi !
      Manjiri Mahima ki baat hi kyun sune, logic se socho 🧠😂 !
      Agar dimaag naam ki cheez ho unmein, tho naa hi Akshara ke liye aur na hi Aarohi se rishta jodhne ke liye wo logh aayenge goenka family ke ghar !😂🤪

    6. As rest of ur questions are answered by the silent reader,so i will answer ur only one answer tht is abt akshara hating abhimanyu,tht was bcoz jb aarohi ka mbbs ka result aaya nd akshu ne bola ki aarohi tune rajasthan me record tod diya h top krke but then aarohi surfed nd realised tht it was abhimanyu nd not her who broke the record of rajasthan last year with one more mark than aarohi nd fir aarohi ne akshra se jhagda kr liya tha ye kehkr ki tune janbujhkr record wli bat kahi kyuki tuze pta tha m 2nd number pr hu taki tu muze nicha dikha ske,tht’s y akshu kept saying tht they fought bcoz of abhimanyu,so logically nd practically it wasn’t any serious hateness for him tht’s why it faded away as soon as She met him

  5. Looks like indian culture supports sisters fighting for a man
    In many serials, they are putting sisters to fight
    Udaaryan, imlie, now this. Cmon

    1. That’s what !
      The Indian serials are degrading our majestic Indian culture like anything.
      Fights are everywhere but two sisters fighting for a man 😂, I don’t think if this thing even exists now.
      There are mostly property heredity related fights which may be common. But c’mon, this is common almost everywhere. And this is decreasing now anyways.
      If I really get a golden chance to murder the serial casts’ toxic brains, I will rejoice my act and will openly say that I am the saviour of Indian culture 😉😂

  6. Silent Reader

    Next (as seen in bts, promos and interviews): Abhimanyu will say he loves Akshu not Aarohi and confess his feelings. The family is shocked and Kairav gets angry on Abhi for playing with both his sisters’ feelings (which aint even true.) Abhi asks Akshu to say something or confess but she remains silent. He walks out o fthe house angrily and teary-eyed and his whole family goes. Akshu cries in her room and gets a panic attack again.

  7. I can’t understand what is actually happening why there is rush they should have met first like what happen with akshara and naira life

  8. Are yr shadi me to sari family ki sath le aao, dadi, chachi, madi bua mami, nani mama, choti dadi Or luv kush ki shaddi bhi nhi dikkhai yeh rishta me aisa kab se hone lag gya or na hi yeh shadi tradional wear se ho rhi h please pehle ki trah marriage function krwayie with entire goenka, singhania, agrwals, mehswaris, and birlas family

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