Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sirat loves Kartik’s gift

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvir calling Kartik and saying we will take the single order, because you have given a lovely order, we still value emotions more than business. Kartik thanks him. Ranvir asks him to send the size, for whom is this gift, his girlfriend or wife. Kartik says my fiancee, I will send the address, you can send anyone to deliver. Ranvir says I will come to deliver and meet a person like you, what name to write on it. Akshu cries. Kartik says send the package, I will write the name myself. Ranvir says what I couldn’t do for you, someone else is doing this, I m glad to see it. Sheela says Mukesh is still my husband, I want to celebrate Gangaur, I don’t have any new clothes, if you have….. Suwarna nods. Sheela says its Sirat’s first Gangaur, I should get ready, if there is any jewellery… Suwarna says yes. Sheela smiles decked him in jewellery. Suwarna gets a saree and jewellery for her. Sheela says its fine, I will adjust, thanks. Suwarna goes. Sheela says she is a miser, she doesn’t want to give me anything. She turns and sees Rhea. She asks did Mukesh tell about that guy.

Sheela says he didn’t say. She goes. Rhea says Sirat and Kartik’s rasams are happening, I can’t let this Gangaur get happy for Kartik and Sirat. Ranvir packs the shoes and gloves. She says I don’t know your name, you are special for the one who is giving this gift to you. Nani and Sirat welcome Kartik. Nani says Sirat’s mum will apply the tika to Kartik and ward off the bad sight. Suwarna says you are her mum, you do it. Sheela says I m her mum, don’t snatch my right, I realized my mistake. Kartik says stop, I just know Sirat’s Nani, its better that she does this rasam. He says Sirat, Nani’s love and position will be double. Nani does the rituals. Yeh rishta….plays… He takes Sheela’s blessings. Vansh and Kairav like the sweets. Dadi says I will also taste it. Kartik feeds the sweets to Sirat. Sheela angrily goes. Rhea says we will be left watching this. Sheela says now Mukesh has to do something. She calls Mukesh. Sirat sits looking at the idols. Kartik comes. Manish looks at them. Sirat says I feel good to sit here. Kartik says you are lying, you are scared that the idol may break. Ranvir is on the way. Kartik asks Sirat not to find a reason to get sad. Sirat says sorrow finds me, how does it look when something gets ruined in the last moment. He recalls Naira’s death.

He says Naira was very close to me, still I couldn’t save her. He says you would also have fear in your heart. Ranvir asks for Goenka villa. A man guides him. Sirat says I feel life will snatch things from me. Ranvir reaches Goenka mansion. He messages Kartik that he has come. Kartik asks Sirat to go and check, someone has come, his leg got numb. Sirat goes. He says I wish she gets happy seeing the gift. He also goes to see. Ranvir gets a call. Sirat’s dupatta gets stuck there. She opens the gate. She says you, my Jaan… Dadi and Nani pray. Sirat asks Kartik to come and see, her first love. She gets the gift. She says this is my first love, Mr. Gloveshwar. Ranvir leaves. Kartik comes to look for him. Sirat likes the gift. She says thanks for saving my love. He smiles. She says now I understand why your leg was numb. He asks did you like it. She says a lot. She checks the gift. Bandhan aise banjate hai….plays…. She says its really good, thanks a lot, you are so good. He says enough, don’t praise much that your first love gets jealous.

Ranvir says I have given the parcel to the security guard. Kartik says you made a big favor, she wants to thank you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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