Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bau ji and everyone having a talk in the bus that Devyaani takes lots of tension, even when they will keep the marriage at home now. Devyaani says we should tell Akshara and Naitik. Bhabhimaa says let them sleep, we will reach till morning. Naksh is on the way and asks when will we reach, and says we will have food at Dhaba. Naitik says whatever you say. Akshara says she will drive if he is tired. Everyone come back home and Naman teases Muskaan.

Bhabhimaa rings the bell and they wait outside, saying where did they go at this time. Devyaani says don’t know, and worries for Naksh. Bau ji calls Akshara and says they came home, where are they, open the door. She says we left early to give surprise. He says what and asks where are they. Naitik says we are going to village, why did you come back. Bau ji says we are here as marriage will happen at home, as village has swine flu. Naitik says you should have told us. Bau ji asks them to come soon.

Akshara talks to Bau ji and says Devyaani’s keychain will have one main door keys. Bau ji ends call and asks Devyaani about keys. She sees the home keys and he says Akshara kept it. Bhabhimaa says she is smart, whatever she does is by thinking. Naksh asks why are we going back. Akshara says marriage will happen at home. He asks why. Naitik says the village has swine flu. Naksh says I wanted to go. Akshara says we will go later.

Maheshwaris have a talk and they are tired of the trip. Varsha says she will go to help Akshara after resting for a while. Devyaani and everyone have a talk about Alok’s mum saying her wish is to do marriage infront of Kuldevi and maybe she is annoyed with us. Akshara says maybe Kuldevi decided this and asks her to rest. Naksh says his sleep is completed in car and asks what can he do. Akshara asks him to take care of Naira, till everyone is sleeping.

Naksh asks why is she so warm. Akshara says she has fever. He says we will show her to doctor. She says we can’t get doctor now, and Karishma asks about Naira. She asks her to take care of Naira, and she will handle about marriage arrangements. She says I got my team, I have handled events too. Alok’s family likes the home and compliment Rukmani.

Rukmani is annoyed as she has to serve guests, she thought to go to village and make them serve her, but they are making her work. Bhabhimaa asks them to do arrangements. Karishma’s team comes and Naman asks them to charge less. The team asks for just blessings and sweets. Bau ji says Devyaani that her worry is gone now. Bhabhimaa says we have helped that pregnant lady, so Lord has sent them to help us.

Rukmani makes Daal and the lady asks her to make it in vessel, not pressure cooker. Other lady comes and sees the onions. Rukmani says from where is this fumes coming. The lady says Tara is making bad sight off. Rukmani says what should I do now. Naitik says he is feeling good that they all came back. Akshara says yes, this is our life, we can’t be without them for few days, see how we got bored yesterday.

He says yes, when they are here, we feel we don’t have time, when they are not here, we feel we have much time. She asks him to do his work, and did he give order. He says yes. She says no one should know. Varsha, Shaurya and Ananya come to help them. Rashmi says kids are charged too. Ananya greets the kids. Naksh says we have to take care of Gayu and Naira.

Akshara asks Karishma and Devyaani what to do. Akshara says Naira has fever from vaccination. Karishma asks her to inform guests that marriage is happening here. Akshara says fine, we will take Naira. Naksh says no, we have to play. Rajshri has neck strain and tries to correct it, even when Dadi says the thing we don’t like stick to us. Rajshri gets Devyaani’s call and says she is fine. They talk about marriage arrangements. Rajshri says I m sorry, I could not come and sent Shaurya.

Devyaani asks why did she not tell her, she would have told them about her pain. Devyaani says I m sending a lep, use it and don’t let air touch it. Rajshri thanks her and says she will tell her from next time too. Devyaani asks her to take care. Chitti says he has much work, and he has to make coconut Barfi. Naksh and kids hear this and Naksh smiles.

Muskaan is stunned knowing 108 coconuts will be broken vefore marriage. They are shocked seeing something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Precap is funny

  2. No marwadi would be bride goes for her wedding in tight western clothes with no shringaar and bindi. Atleat on her wedding day. Muskan was too casual knowing fully well how traditional her in laws are. Is this her careless attitude towards her in laws ? She has a masculine face and looks with a receding hairline as if she is balding.
    By the way has her real father who loves the two Naman and Muskan been informed about the wedding ? Or is Naitik’s father taking all the decisions and even doing kanyadaan? That is too bad. Mr. Suresh Agarwal should have been informed.

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