Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik vents out his rage

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vedika going on a call. Naira and Kartik see each other. O jhoke…plays… They hug. Naira says I want to tell you some truth. Kartik asks what. Naira says Vedika has cheated all of us, she didn’t donate me the kidney, my kidney was damaged, Umesh has donated the kidney to me. Everyone is shocked. Naira says Umesh did this for money, Vedika and Pallavi did this operation drama, that’s why Pallavi did Vedika’s tests, she didn’t let nursing staff touch Vedika, Vedika had a deal with Kartik that he will never leave her if she saves my life, so he sent me away, Kartik doesn’t love her, but he is helpless. Kairav and Vansh shout Vedika is very bad.

Naira says Vedika took Kartik to Dargah intentionally to delay the divorce, so that our marriage doesn’t mean anything, we regarded her a friend, she doesn’t feel guilty, she doesn’t realize her mistake, she wanted to take you on honeymoon. Kartik shouts on Vedika. Vedika cries. Kartik says I will not be with her now, Vedika can go anywhere, but not come in my way, get out. Kartik hugs Naira. He says now no one can separate me from you and Kairav. Vedika cuts her wrist. Everyone runs to her.

Vedika says I told you Naira, I won’t let you get Kartik, I have tried before also, I will die, but what about you, I had sent my suicide note to Pallavi, I have written that you both are the reason for my suicide, that Kartik has an affair with his ex wife, sorry to do this, Naira you can’t see my happiness, you both can never unite, I m going. Naira shouts Vedika…. Her dream ends. Vedika asks are you dreaming of Kartik. Naira says I already have everything. Vedika says you lost and still don’t want to lose, I won’t get scared, Kartik is my husband, you are indebted to me, I got Kartik here for Kairav, I may stop him as well, don’t pressurize me to become bad. The curtains fall over Naira. Kartik recalls the Dargah accident and shouts Naira. He runs to her. Everyone asks are you fine. Kartik hugs Naira. Vedika looks on.

Kartik asks are you fine, shall we go to the doctor. Naira says relax, why do you worry so much, it was just a cloth, are you fine. He says yes. Kartik says if everything is fine, we shall fly kites. Vansh says challenges will be fun. Naira says yes, its fun to challenge people. Vedika holds Kartik’s hand and smiles. She says its good we stayed back, its fun with everyone, we will go to the airport from here. Naira goes. Samarth says if we break this til papad equally, then wish gets fulfilled. Gayu laughs. He breaks it into pieces. He says my mood spoiled. She says let me try. She breaks it equally. She says I wish your wish gets fulfilled, I know your wish. He says I wish to give everything to you and Vansh. Naira calls Naksh and asks did you find anything, Vedika is talking of leaving. Naksh says I couldn’t find anything, why would police help us about Umesh.

Dadi asks what will we do now. Manish sees the papad and laughs. He says I just remembered what happened. Suwarna says Kartik was saying Papad instead papa. He asks what shall I do to make his Sankranti special. She asks him to keep praying. Kartik says we will start the competition now. Udi udi jaye…plays…. Kartik sees Naira and Vedika. Samarth, Gayu dance. Kartik takes care of Naira and kisses her. Naira imagines this. She thinks Vedika can really do something wrong. Kartik gets a call. He gets shocked. Kairav gets scared and hugs Naira. Kartik throws his phone and goes.

Gayu says maybe he is worried for office work. Vedika says right, don’t know what calls he is getting since morning. Samarth says maybe there is some problem in factory. Vedika says I will talk to him. Kartik hits the things. Suwarna says its surely something big. Samarth says everything is fine in factory and office. Dadi thinks is it because of Vedika. Someone stops Kartik.

Naira says some hours more. Kartik takes the bag and leaves. Vedika goes to see. She sees Kartik hugging Naira.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Dramaqueen Naira…pehle sirf khud bhaag jaati thi, iss baar kartik ko bhi bhaagna sikha diya…too good…made for each other couple…. Abhi vedika ko apni zindagi se nikaal kar shaadi kar lo dono, 2 sàal se zyada to sath rehna nahin hai, itni understanding hai donk k beech mein aur itna zyada pyaar tabhi to misunderstanding ho jaati hai dono k beech..

  2. Krati fauzdar

    I do not understand that why so much importance is given to karthik and naira.Thease two do not value relationships and separate and remarry everytime .Vedika was a good person.This naira made her like this and now she is doing all this drama.Pathetic this naira is.

  3. i can,t tolerate these vedika anymore, shameless girl.

  4. It was Vedika who give kartik divorce & it was her who unite kaira then what now she want to be with him. Everytime kartik tells her he love naira why she still hold him. Love isn’t about hold on is about let go give space be true, if someone doesn’t love u the way u want doesn’t mean they don’t love u with all they have

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