Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara joining everyone for work. Devyaani is happy seeing Naman and gets emotional. Naman asks her not to cry as he is guy, not girl who goes away after vidaai. Bhabhimaa says she is emotional as its her son’s marriage. Naman lies in Devyaani’s lap. Rajshri says its happy and sad moment. Naman sees all ladies crying. He leaves. The wedding planner comes and asks what happened, get emotional later, as its mahurat time. Karishma thinks and her mum asks her to get ready. Nandini waits for Mohit. She tells Varsha. Varsha says even I m trying Shaurya. Naitik makes Naksh and Yash ready. He says Mohit left me here and went to have fun. He tells Naksh not to remove the plaster. He checks it and applies ointment.

Anshu says I searched everywhere, they are not here. Shaurya and Mohit come back and give excuses. They all get ready. Muskaan falls and says its confusion by theme. Nandini feels weak and they ask her to take rest. The oldies like the clothes and say its light colors. Devyaani says sometimes we should try new. Akshara looks gorgeous and everyone compliment him. Devyaani asks her to find Naman. Akshara says she has to go to Karishma too. They go to find Naman. They all see him sleeping on the sofa and laugh. Bhabhimaa says see him, he is Kumbhkaran sleeping here. Akshara pinches him and says how can you sleep here by troubling us, come fast. Naman says sorry.

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Devyaani does his tilak and aarti. They make Naman ready and go to Karishma. She says she is ready in prink bridal dress. Devyaani says we have sent red bridal dress. She scolds Karishma for always being unique and not keeping their respect by going against them. Akshara says I think we should understand Karishma, she has worn this according to theme, and she is looking good. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani argue. Akshara says we will make her wear a red dupatta. Karishma says no, I will not wear it, it will look funny, I don’t want to become a joke. Devyaani says fine, lets go for rasam now. Akshara asks Devyaano to do the rasam by her heart.

Devyaani sings Banno jab ghar aayegi………… and Akshara and others sing. They tease her and scare her that they will make her work and rest themselves. Karishma believes it and gets worried. Akshara makes her wear a long necklace. Karishma does not like it. Rajshri says lets go out now, everyone is waiting. They all leave. Karishma drinks juices and Akshara sees she already had many cans. Naman feels heavy in the sherwani and everyone smile. Naitik says I recalled my marriage seeing you. Naman says yes, I can see my future seeing you all. They all give him strength that he can do it. Akshara asks what ideas are he giving him. Shaurya says some tips. Varsha jokes on him and laughs.

Akshara says its baraat time, come. She goes to see kids. Naksh says my plaster is itching, how will I dance. Yash says what can we do. Naksh says I will remove it. Yash says no, doctor said no. Naksh says I m fed up. Yash says fine, I will help you. Akshara sees hem cutting the plaster and is shocked. She stops them and asks them not to do any mischief. The ladies ask Karishma to come. Her mum asks her friends to stay with Karishma. They say even we want to come. Karishma is worried. The girls decide to take money from Naman as nek. Karishma recalls everyone saying about life changing after marriage. Akshara sings lo chali mai apne devar ki baraat leke……………… Everyone dance in the baraat. Naman smiles.

Karishma asks her friends to go, she is fine here. They all leave to see the baraat. Karishma’s mum welcomes the baraat. Karishma packs her bag and leaves. The girls stop Naman and ask for the nek. Naman says he won’t give anything. The elders like the arrangements and talk about fast generation. Jasmeet and Varsha like the beach wedding theme. Karishma leaves.

Akshara says Karishma is not here. Naitik says did she sleep like Naman. They are shocked seeing Sorry, I can’t marry written on the mirror.

Update Credit to: Amena

We recommend
  1. show some Alok and Muskan scenes.

  2. Why doesn’t this show end and why does akshara have to be the center of attraction in every episode and stupid over acting romance sceans.

  3. How come askshara always has the nicest outfits at a party or function and all the others dull ones. The whole show seems to revolve around her and natik. What ever the problem askshara will say something or do something to save the day. Everyones eles are dimwits.

  4. for every function/marrg even they gona mary agan…huhhh…once/twice these thngs wil look btr bt nt alwaz

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