Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Ranvir and Sirat cancel their honeymoon

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvir calling Sirat and asks did you get an auto. She says no, Kartik met me and offered to drop me, but his car broke down. He says send the location, I will come to pick you both. She ends call and says he is coming. Kartik says I will check. She asks do you know to check it or acting. He says I was trying, but didn’t understand, Naira and I also got stuck like this, the day passed and we didn’t know it, when partner is good, everything looks perfect, sorry. She says you didn’t say anything wrong. He says sorry for shouting on you.

She says I m also sorry to call that girl without informing you. He says I know your intentions aren’t wrong, you would want to see me happy, you don’t want me to stay alone, I m not alone, Naira’s memories are with me, always, if I close eyes, then I will see her. She says you are filmi. He says it happens, you close your eyes and see, the person you love the most will come in front of you. She says I can’t do this. He asks why, try. She says I don’t believe it. He says even then try it, you will see Ranvir. He goes to get some water. She recalls Kartik and Ranvir’s words. She closes eyes. She thinks of Kartik and Ranvir. She sees that person… Kartik. She gets shocked and opens her eyes.

Ranvir comes in front of her and calls her out. He claps and asks what…. what happened. Kartik comes back. Ranvir asks are you fine. She says you weren’t here, I didn’t feel anything right. He says Kartik was here. She says yes, but you weren’t here. Kartik signs what. She signs nothing. Ranvir says fine, I got the mechanic along, we will go and have tea, till then car will get repaired. She says no, we don’t have time, Ranvir and I are going to Mary Kom’s city. Ranvir says I don’t know why she is so happy, to go with me or meet Mary Kom. She says to go with you. Ranvir says come Kartik, I will drop you. Kartik says I had called dad, he has sent a car, driver will repair this car. She says its good, okay bye. Kartik asks her to take the bag from the car. She takes her bag. They go. Kartik says don’t know what happened to her, she is behaving strange. He also leaves. She comes home and does packing. She thinks of Kartik.

Ranvir says keep some excitement for there. She says yes, its my first and only honeymoon. He says I m impressed, how did mum get this idea. She says she felt bad that we stayed away for two years. He says yes, but we came more close, right. She says yes. She thinks its imp to go away. She gets Kartik’s message, are you okay. She asks can we go and stay there for two weeks instead one week, just you and me. He says if you like that, we will stay there forever, but nationals are coming, we have to come back. She says I won’t forget boxing. He looks at her. She thinks I have to go away. He says you are giving priority to honeymoon than boxing, I understood now, you love me a lot, what happened to you. She asks then whom will I love, you are my everything, my love…. He holds his heart and falls back. He laughs. She smiles.

Kartik says she didn’t check my message, I hope everything is fine. Kairav comes and asks did you get the costume. Kartik says yes, its ready. Kairav says I will wear this dress and go when school reopens. Kartik says you will win, see, Sirat has fixed your boxing coach, we are going home tomorrow. Kairav says I m happy, Sirat’s house is close, we will go and meet her. Kartik says she is going out with Ranvir for a week, but I m here to teach you boxing, you will win the competition. Kairav says I will talk to her. He checks the low phone battery. He goes to call from landline. Kartik says she didn’t check my message, I hope she answers.

Sirat says Kairav or Maudi would be calling. She answers. Kairav asks are you going out for a week, I will miss you a lot. She says sorry, I didn’t know that your school will reopen, I will teach you on video call. He says but I can’t hug you. She says sorry. He says talk to dad. Kartik asks her not to worry, he will handle Kairav, just enjoy the honeymoon. She says yes, Amma is calling, bye. She disconnects. Kartik says she had come work, are you ready to learn boxing from me. Kairav says no, you don’t know it, I will learn it from Sirat. Kartik throws him on the bed and laughs. Kartik sees Sirat running in the lawn and smiles. She says focus should always be right, it should be on Ranvir, I m happy to go on honeymoon, it means Ranvir and I are going on our honeymoon.

Saroj ties mauli to Ranvir and Sirat. Nidhi says mum has packed many snacks for you. Ranvir says we can have food at the hotel. She says you got habitual to eat anything, but Sirat won’t like it. Ranvir says then keep her here. Sirat says no, we will go. Saroj gets up to feed them curd and sugar. She faints down. Manish talks to Dadi on call and asks her to take care. Kartik shows the letter from Udaipur boxing club. He says they want us to sponsor girls’ team, I m thinking to involve Sirat and Kartik, they won’t refuse, I know them.

Manish says ask them once. Kartik says Sirat will happily jump and Ranvir also supports the under-privileged. Manish asks him to still talk to them. He goes. Saroj asks Ranvir and Sirat to go, she will be fine till evening. Ranvir says you need rest, if we go, then we will think for you, its fine, we will go some other time, don’t worry, we have to shift to new house, work will be more. She says he is right. She asks Saroj to rest, she will unpack the bags and come. She goes. Ranvir looks on. Kartik says I will make a video call and see Sirat’s reaction, she will be so happy, its ringing, it means they didn’t board the flight. She worries seeing his call.

Ranvir says Kartik has come to talk to us. Sirat says you go, I have a headache, I don’t want to talk. Kartik looks on.

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