Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Family faces problems

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dr. Sharma says its fine now, lets continue with the operation. Kartik stays out. The men ask for gate opening. Naitik says my daughter’s surgery is going on. Manish says we will talk to them. They go to talk to the men. Manish says our daughter is admitted here. The men ask them to take her away, hospital has to get shut. Naitik says all hospitals are not same. Naksh asks them to go to police with complaints. Naitik says maybe your reason and demands are right, but the way is wrong, its wrong to put all patients in risk, I m saying this for humanity, don’t stop the treatments. Akhilesh says go and do this with peace.

Kartik hears ward boys talking about protesters. He goes to see. He says what’s this new problem, Dr. Sharma should just focus on

surgery. The men threaten. Guard chains the gate. He asks Naitik and Manish not to worry, no patient will be troubled. The men shout. The man signs the other one. The light goes. Manish says Naira’s operation. The man asks will you treat her without electricity. Dr. Sharma asks sister to go and check. Kartik asks what’s happening, why didn’t generator get on. She says I m going to see that. Dr. Sharma says patient is on table, such a big risk. Kartik asks what’s happening. Patients feel unwell.

Naksh says I will see them. Manish and Akhilesh scold them. Naitik says my daughter’s brain surgery is going on, if anything happens to her, I will beat you all. The men ask them to open the gate and run. Suwarna calls police station and asks police to come at city hospital fast. Everyone goes upstairs to see Naira. Dadi asks Kartik how is Naira. Kartik says I will see. Kirti says you can’t go in in these clothes and shoes, patient can get infection. They ask how is Naira. Ward boy says generator’s connection may have got cut also. Kartik asks how is Naira, did her surgery happen. Dr. Sharma says she is stable, we have to do operation. Kartik asks him to do it. Ward boy says patients are worried, we have less staff.

Kartik sees Naira, asking him to save her and all patients of the hospital. He asks how much time we have. Dr. Sharma says just 10 mins, else Naira’s life is in danger. Kartik says no, I m going to switch on the generator. Akhilesh says this is going on in all hospitals. He gets Surekha’s call. She says there is no light in OT, Naira’s surgery stopped, Kartik went to check generator, we have less time, anything can happen to Naira. Naksh says no, Kartik will restore power and we will stop them, nothing can happen to Naira and other patients. Dr. Sharma waits for lights. Kartik falls in darkness and runs. Dadi asks everyone to calm down, nothing will happen if they shout. Rajshri says tell us problems, we will solve it.

Suwarna says my son has gone to switch on generator, just sit. Kartik checks the hospital map. He asks ward boy about the back side door. He rushes. Rajshri and others help patients. Dr. Sharma says we have less time, just hurry up Kartik. Kartik checks the door. He says there is no back door, what shall I do now. Dr. Sharma says we can’t give up. Doctor says we may lose her. Dr. Sharma says she is sinking…. Kartik runs and gets hit by the glass wall. He falls down and faints. The men ask Manish to go home. Manish says we promise till our daughter comes out of OT, we won’t let these men come in. The men say you are compelling us, its your responsibility now. Dr. Sharma worries and asks Naira to hold on. Kartik gets up and sees time. He sees the glass wall. Naitik says we won’t get back. The man says then die here, hospital will get shut.

Manish and everyone hold hands. The men open the lock and get inside. The women join hands and stop them. Dadi says we will beat you to pulp. The man says don’t come in between, we don’t raise hand on women, don’t force us. The women beat them. The men apologize and say sorry, we are going. The women scold them and make them run away. Manish and everyone look on. Naksh asks someone to switch on light. Ward boy says we need 10-15 mins to repair the connection. Dadi says we couldn’t do anything for Naira. Rajshri says what you did for others, Naira will get blessed for it. Kartik takes a vase and throws to break the glass wall. He jumps across and goes. Dr. Sharma says what if power isn’t restored in a min….

Dr. Sharma sees Naira. Kartik switches on generator and asks Naira to fight now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sad indeed,I hope she pulls through this surgery,it was a nice episode today totally enjoyed it.

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