Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Dadi plans to steal Shank

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh asking everyone to come to the terrace. Dadi asks Surekha to steal the shank from Bhabhimaa’s room. Surekha gets tensed. Kartik and Naira see them and think what’s going on. Kartik says it maybe top secret. Dadi asks Surekha to lie to everyone if she gets caught. Kartik tries to say Papa. Manish and Akhilesh ask him why is he happy. Kartik says we will fly the kites. Aryan looks on and thinks he never acknowledged his dad and mum, now he is claiming his rights, he is afraid that I can take his place. Surekha thinks how will I steal the Shank. Dadi says I had no way, I will give you any reward for this. Baisa looks on.

Surekha gets the shank and says this time Dadi won’t tell me anything, I did her work, no one has seen me. Bhabhimaa and Rajshri ask Dadi why is she worried. Baisa jokes on Dadi. Dadi doesn’t react angrily and wishes everything gets fine. Baisa thinks what is she hiding. Kids come and break Kartik and Naira’s romance. Kids tell them that they will become actor, Shubham said they can never become actors. Kartik and Naira ask Aryan why did he discourage the kids. Aryan says what did I say wrong, just superstar’s son becomes a superstar. Kartik says this doesn’t happen always. He promotes India’s next superstar. They go to fly the kites.

Kartik says everyone’s fashionable kites are here. Everyone likes the kites. Manish says my kite isn’t here, I like aeroplane kite. Kartik says no, actually…. Naira says its here. She signs Kartik to go to Manish. Manish says I think you forgot me.Dadi looks for Surekha. Baisa sees Dadi. Kartik says how shall I say Papa. Naira asks him why can’t he say Papa. They cutely argue. She asks him to just go fast. He says okay madam. Dadi looks on. Suwarna tries to talk to Aryan and help. He says you have always done such meaningless things in life. She folds hands and says I have realized I m guilty, I did injustice with you. She apologizes to him. Naira looks on.

Aryan says you got too late, nothing can happen now. He gets angry on her decision to keep him away from his identity and family. He congratulates her for her victory and goes. Suwarna cries. Naira comes to her. Suwarna says its fine, I m not hurt, I will keep trying. Naira asks did you hear what he said, you have always paid for his expenses, then why did he say this.

Surekha shows the shank to Dadi and smiles. Dadi scolds her and says this is a fake Shank, this is not that 150 year old Shank, I was foolish to expect this from you, I have to do something. She goes. Manish gets his kite and says Kartik knows my choice well. Aryan looks on. Kartik goes to Manish. Naira signs him. Kartik says Pa…. Manish turns to him. Kartik turns and says Papad…. Til papad, did you eat it, its so good, please have it. Manish eats it and says its really good, thanks for the kite. Naira and Naksh miss Naitik. Kartik says he will come soon, we will remember him with a smile. Dadi thinks to go to Bhabhimaa’s room. Everyone starts flying kites. Aryan challenges Kartik. He asks him to compete in flying kites. Kartik says it will be fun if we fly own kites. Aryan says tashan will double the fun, if I lose, you can make me do anything. Naira asks will you give a chance to Suwarna if you lose. Aryan says yes, but I win, Kartik has to do whatever I say. Naira asks what.

Aryan thinks Kartik has to stay away from dad. He says I will tell later, just tell me do you accept the condition or not. Kartik sees Suwarna and agrees for her sake. He says I know my reason very well, don’t know why you are doing this competition, I want your and mum’s relation to get a chance. Aryan says then lets compete, we will see who wins and who loses. He gets rude and goes.

Kartik asks are we doing this right. She says don’t know, our reason is good. He says don’t know what will he ask. She says we can’t stop trying. He says right, we have to take risks for family. Dadi thinks and makes the kids drop the juice drink on Baisa’s clothes. Dadi says sorry, they are little kids. Baisa goes to change clothes. Dadi says she got diverted, now I will go to Bhabhimaa’s room and do my work. Naira says I have a news, Kartik and Shubham will have a kite flying competition. Manish asks but why. Kartik says the competition would be friendly. Naira says its Shubham’s village tradition. Suwarna says Kartik should have refused. Manish wishes nothing wrong happens. Kartik sees Aryan.

Dadi takes the shank. Naksh shows the kite to Naira. They all get surprised seeing Naitik flying the smiley kite.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Just to show naira mahaaaan, they will make all the characters bad daadi, kirti, shubham
    Bass ek naira mahaan aur unka servant kartik……naira ji vaise aapke papa k sapne ka kya hua….dance academy ….bhool gayin kya?

    1. Behan tu ek baat bta ki tujhe itni problem kyu hoti hai female lead se.. Yha pr naira se aur wha pr somya se.. Kya chahti kya hai behan tu.. Lead character isi wajah se hai ki wo positive hai.. Aur agar tujhe itni problem hai behan to please ni dekha kr na.. Baaki teri marzi..

      1. Somya?? Who is she?
        I think you are mistaken Ishra

      2. Kaina1

        haan lead character ote hain positive baki sab janwar bhai yrkkh kabhi dekha hai?

  2. Now a days am only reading updates.. But this recent Jhoru ka ghulam tag to Kartik prompted to say this..

    It’s your duty to support your wife..But, a man not only have a husband’s job..He needs to strike a balance for all relations.. Here Kartik is the elder son of family & apple of everyone’s eye..But as for him his world only revolves around Naira..Naira’s family comes first before his own.. Let it be grinding haldi in their house when it is time to be with your own sister or always halting at their house, without giving a care to your family’s respect..All he does even though being an elder son, is just to follow naira’s idea and support her..He never seems to take efforts or see by himself the pain of his loved ones, let it be Keerti or his dad..All he does is just to talk and olay5with his brothers..But will take huge efforts for Naira, ler it be her b’day or for saying sorry for hurting her..

    That is the main difference between him and Naksh..He is always there for his whole family.. From his Dadi to his sisters and to his wife also..
    Can’t he see his dadi pissed off?? He comes to pacify her, but sings naira’s praise there also..Even loving inlaws will be pissed off, if someone behaves like Karthik..Naira is also definitely at fault..She accepts the blame for a huge thing, keeping her marriage at stake, without even considering her family or her inlaws respect in society.. Without even pointing that out, All he does is singing praises infront of everyone and singhanias also does the same..Even when Keesh wedding cards burnt in fire due to Naira’s over enthusiasm, he just jumps in to shut everyone’s mouth before even they start..

    In this episode also, It doesn’t seem he has any emotions or feelings for his father, he behaves as if he will be happy whether Manish is with him or not and only Naira is needed for him..Whether he is doing any charity by calling him papa? Don’t seem to have even a small regret for all those hurt and pain he gave him, all these years. Seems only yesterday he got to know his father is yearning for him. Not when he saw how much he loves him when he saw Naitik and Manish got drunk or how he saved his life during Matki pot or how he is always after him..He is definitely not an ideal husband or son, jhoru ka ghulam title fits well for him..

    1. I am truly sad reading your views on Kartik supporting Naira. When in laws are wrong a husband should not forget the duties he has towards his wife. She left her world for him…his parents and relatives didn’t move but are in their own house. Dadi threw naira out of the house…..who gave her the right to do so? A woman is a woman’s biggest enemy was proven in this show. Not only a husband but in-laws also have to learn to adjust with daughter in law. Please change your thinking that just because they are elder they have the right to say or behave which ever way they want. I dont like Naira but at the same time dont agree with they way dadi behaves. All viewers should accept that the show earlier was all about Akshara and now all about her daughters journey. If anyone in Naira’s place would have first left on her own and then taken the snooty rich people to the cleaners in the name of Alimony. World is changing and old people need to change with the times. The first day after my marriage when my mother in law told me that now i am in her house and i have to be like they want. That was the last day i let her speak to me like that. Never again has she tried to step over her boundaries….we are humans not donkeys so treat us like humans. I say great example kartik is setting for all men out there. Its not called joru ka ghulam but a husband who truly loves and respects his wife. If Nairas parents misbehaved with Kartik then she will also stand against them for his respect. One last point…you said that he is not an ideal son but to me he is…he did not trust his fathers move but now that he knows he is repenting and trying to make changes. you are just upset as you dont like Naira and Kartik scenes but also understand that rest of the cast is just supporting actors like they were when Akshara and Naitik were the lead pair.

      1. Kaina1

        to all those ppl who where saying that karthik is ideal son baccho ek baat baatao did karthik practise to call manish murderer ???? did he practise to misbehave with manish???? did he practise to insult manish it is not recent that he got to know that manish is innocent it was during janmastmi that he knew it but still it took him so so long to say PAPA seriously y u kidding ohk i got it kaira are leads iske sivvaye do u hav anything to say?? even naitik was lead but naitik was ideal husband and in the process of being ideal husband he never failed his duty as son he was always there for gaytri and raj banna ohk now coming to naira tell me ur grand MIL will throw u out of the house like a garbage what will u do ?? oh u will again go to that house and lick there ass and say sorry that means what dadi goenka did with naira was correct???and yas gal we can like whom ever we want be it supporting or lead u cant force us to like hypocrite 0 self respect leads

      2. Seems you haven’t understood me properly.. I hate Dadi for being selfish..But his family being imperfect did not give excuse to Kartik to only value Naira . If my hubby only values me and ignores his role of a son, grand son and brother,and if those people loves him most and deserve his love, I will never agree with him..You guys want Kartik only to play the role of a lover boy.. But does he value other relations??

        It was after Keesh marriage and also durong reception, even if he is the groom, Naksh found out his sister’s plight and was always there for her..Same in the case of Gayu or Bhabima, which is evident from tbe begining..Keerti was with Kartik, since his engagement.. He was in his own world with naira, while Keerti is always after him..During his sangeet, when he and naksh beat up aditya, Naksh came and apologised as a responsible son and brother, though aditya was wrong..And Kartik pacified Naira and apologised to naksh, did he even care to talk to his own sister once?? Just see the time of naitik and now naksh.. That is how a man should behave..He should strike a balance always..

        A Husband should support his wife not when she is wrong, that is exactly kartik does..He is the elder son of family..He should take up gis role and responsibility, while naira should support him as wife..Here everything is reverse..He just keeps quiet and let her talk and advise everyone..Sometimes it totally lacks manners.. He is shown working in goenka group, but found working once in a month, that too looking and smiling at naira, while Manish is shown working day and night..When Naitik was working, we saw they beautifully portrayed how he and akshara managed to spend time.. Apart from romance, all he does is playing video games or with luv kush or just going wherever naira goes, and naira (god knows what happened to dance academy), just cooks, flaunts herself, apart from romance..Do they have an on or off switch for romance..Romancing at every inappropriate situation as if it is a daily task.. Seems even if there is death in the house, they will cry outside, go inside and romance and will come out again with a sorrowful face.. The worst track is the plane haldi track.. Let it be forcing their decision on everyone or fighting infront of everyone childishly without manners or romancing at every inappropriate place and situation, No more words regarding their overdose of everything..

      3. I can only laugh at the comment on supporting actors..During naitik and akshara’s time, apart from their bond with others, values and feelings of all other relations, such as bond of Gayatri-Bhabima, Daddaji-Rb, Vishambar-Kaka, Rajshri-Sunaina, Varsha-Rajshri, Nani-Rajshri etc..even their differentiation of thoughts were beautifully expressed..

        After the power packed introduction of goenkas, now apart from dadi others have no roles..Either praising and smiling at kaira on whatever they does or standing mum when Dadi scolds or humiliates naira..Either this extreme or that extreme.. For the sake of promoting the leads, Manish, Suwarna, Keerti and all others have either turned pathetic or negative..

        Those who worship kaira as ideal lives in a world of fantasy.. I hope their lives do not face a problem due to this as such relations never exists in real life..

  3. And I doubt whether they will show any emotional scene between Naitik and his newly wedded son and Bahu, which is very natural..He is seeing him for first time after his marriage.. Probably will concentrate more on Kaira and Naitik scene, as if she is the only daughter or Kartik is more dearer to him than Naksh..

    1. Obviously this is going to happen.. after all its naira the mahan Devi Gyan ki Devi jisko sab kuch Ata hai.. and baki sab th andhe gadhe bewakuf hai.. jinke kuch Ni ata.. after Akshara’s death.. the show has been totally spoilt… There is nothing left.. and naira has always come across as a idiot selfish mean attention seeker and mannerless girl… She doesn’t know how to talk to elders.. bs jab dekho gandhi si shakal banakar chuhe jesi awaz mei chillane lagti hai.. and her dressing sense let me not comment on it.. ya th bilkul bacho wale kapde and make up kregi ya fir bilkul auntio wale.. kabhi apni age and relation ke hisab se Ni kr Sakti hai.. the day she shouted on naksh was the day when my hatred for her reached another level.. you can’t even compare Naitik and Kartik.. Naitik never supported Akshara when and if she was wrong.. he always put across his POV in a gentle way.. and here Kartik.. only and only keeps roaming behind naira and all these two idiots know is to do cheap and unrealistic romance..

  4. Naira jaisi beti hona toh bachche na hone ki barabar hai. I would disown my daughter if she behaves like naira.
    Better if kaira have a boy. Girl hui toh she will become like naira poking nose everywhere

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