Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai Review: A simple tale of re-discovering love

Sony TV’s new show Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai brings a tale focusing on the present era. The characters are of modern times. The relationships have taken a back seat, since the young generation is running for materialistic satisfaction and success. The show presents the issues of the young generation, like they are commitment phobic, egoistic, and get scared with the thought of marriage. They want to make a career to prove their worth. They also deal with their ego issues at timely basis. The show revolves around the story of two such individuals, who are in love, but struggle to confess it to each other. They have their own issues, beliefs and ethics. They had a break-up seven years ago. Since then, they are running away from each other.

The show brings two fresh faces as leads. Namit Khanna and Palak Jain play the lead roles of Siddhant and Anushka. Siddhant is very much ambitious and wants to achieve everything. He wants to earn fame and success. He still feels emptiness in his life. On the other hand, Anushka is a business tycoon’s daughter. She has everything she would want, but she feels tough to give up her feelings for Siddhant.

Main Characters:

Anushka Reddy:

Anushka is a young, smart, strong and educated girl. She is the daughter of a rich business tycoon KK Reddy. She has everything she could desire in her life, but doesn’t let her richness affect her thinking. She takes unbiased decisions. She is very much sorted and sensible. She has been away from the family for seven years. She returns to her home country from US after completing her studies. Anushka is born rich, but still believes in making a name by hard work and talent. She doesn’t show her tears and weaknesses to anyone. She parted ways with Siddhant due to some misunderstandings.

Siddhant Sinha:

Siddhant is a smart, confident, good-hearted and determined guy. He is Prabhakar Sinha’s son. He is a lawyer by profession. He gets arrogant about few things in life. He is very much sensitive when its about the people he loves in his life. He can’t get over his bond with Anushka. He still has that longing for Anushka. His unforgiving ego makes him part ways with Anushka. Siddhant believes in making a name and getting successful. He feels its justified for receiving credits if person has worked hard to draw profits. Siddhant’s ideologies doesn’t match with his dad.


Namit Khanna as Siddhant Sinha
Palak Jain as Anushka Reddy
Manish Choudhary as KK Reddy
Anuraag Arora
Alka Amin
Ankit Raj
Shahana Verma
Vishal Malhotra

Story So Far:

The story is about Anushka and Siddhant. They had always known each other because of the connection between their fathers. They were childhood friends and then fell in love. They had loved each other, but then Anushka decides to leave the country. Anushka went abroad, while Siddhant didn’t wish to follow her, even when he had a chance to be with her. Siddhant makes his profession as a lawyer. Anushka gets educated and shapes her career. She returns to India after many years.

Siddhant gets ready for his jogging session. Anushka is KK Reddy’s daughter, while Siddhant is Prabhakar Sinha’s son. Prabhakar is Reddy’s friend and most trusted employee. Siddhant reads the headlines in newspapers about Reddy’s success and rising wealth. He gets upset that his dad’s name isn’t mentioned anywhere in the article. He knows the amount of hard work his dad has put in. He wants his dad to get some credit. Prabhakar is happy with the way Reddy treats him with love and respect. He doesn’t want any credit from Reddy. He is content with his work and friendship with Reddy.

Siddhant doesn’t agree with Prabhakar. They get into an argument over the importance of name and getting credit when the person is really deserving. Prabhakar doesn’t want to fall in Siddhant’s words. He wants to just be hardworking and loyal towards Reddy. On the other hand, Reddy is a smart, influential and rich businessman with a good foresight. He loves his family a lot. He gets a good surprise when Anushka comes home. Reddy values relationships knowing its worth on long term basis. He always takes a stand for Prabhakar and insults those who speak against Prabhakar.

Siddhant recollects how Anushka gave up their relationship and went ahead for shaping her future. Siddhant and Anushka couldn’t forget each other till now. Their ego stops them from bonding again. After returning home, Anushka tries to avoid Siddhant, but fate brings them together. Siddhant wants to know more about her and stays curious to meet her. He deals with his emotional conflict, knowing Anushka was the one who didn’t keep their love. Siddhant has interesting theories about life. His ways to success and fame are different than that of his dad. Anushka and Siddhant’s paths cross again.

Our Take:

The story presents various colours of unspoken love, romance and struggles. The modern era brings the freshness in Siddhant and Anushka’s unexpressed love story. Leads performances are decent as per the start. Their chemistry could get better ahead. Manish Choudhary deserves a mention for his natural striking performance. He looks the best in both his roles of a smart business and a doting father. Rest of the supporting cast is also good. The story nicely conveys the shades of first love. Even if the love seems to be out of the heart, it stays in some corner and keeps conflicting with the present. The lovers Siddhant and Anushka yearn for each other. Their romance nuances are presented by the past glimpses.

The show follows the line of Ek Duje Ke Vaaste and Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi, since its similar to the modern day characters and simplistic approach of storyline. The story isn’t complex or crowded. It sticks to the plot and tries to convey the subject in a subtle manner. The lovers are rooted in their love, and yet distanced. The USP of the show is simple, crisp and light scenes. There are no melodramatic or head-aching loud moments. The leads neither find ways to confess their love, nor move on for accepting new relationships. Apart from the story, the locales deserve a mention. The scenes are shot at real locations, unlike the studio sets. From cinematography to the screenplay, the makers try to make it a film experience for the viewers. The story is much relatable with the young generation because of its realism and practicality.


The show makes a decent start with its simple story. Characters are much relatable. The story would win viewers’ interest with time. Its’ another good attempt from Sony.

Our Rating:

3 out of 5

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We recommend

    good story with south Indian characters……
    aur Namit khanna ki baat ki toh he his already work with Vikram bhatt web series TWISTED.he is very good actor. palak jain she is new in TV but, dekh ke toh aisa nahi lagtha she is also very well acting. Manish choudhary kuch movies bhi dekha hoon ,bahut badiya actor hai…..
    abi iss serial ko main 5 out 5 detha hoon

    1. Fenil

      Bro do check last comments…she is asking something in Tamil !!

  2. Fenil

    Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai ? !!
    I am in Love with this show !!
    Namit has already worked with Vikaram Bhatt’s web series i love that Twisted webseries also…..really fablous work he is doing as Siddhant Sinha !!
    Palak Jain is newbie but didn’t felt like she is doing first time doing best as Anushka Reddy !!
    Manish Chaudhary as Kk,Anuraag Arora as Prabhakar, Alka Amin,& Anikit Raj all are doing fantstic job!!
    My Score : 5

  3. Okay! I was waiting for this article since long time to express my views!
    I LOVE the serial! And the teenage story is too good and the younger actors also have a good chemistry.
    This serial reminds me totally of EDKV and I know it is the same production house.
    But I have an issue. As far as I know Reddy is a caste and their mother tongue is Telugu. And in telugu we call dad as “Nanna” and not Appa. And the father’s character has too much of accent, but it’s acceptable. But that “Appa” thing didn’t go well with me.

    1. Fenil

      i think it’s Tamil not telegu !!

      1. SANTHOSH

        sss bhai… actually Reddy caste toh jyaada majority Andhra Pradesh aur telangana mein hai..kuch Reddy families bhi kerala aur tamilnaadu mein bhi hai… yeh serial toh 100000% tamilnaadu se hi related hai….. not telugu states..?

  4. Medha

    Wonderful show…
    Entire cast is just perfect specially the actor which are playing KK and Siddhant’s character….
    Fantastic dialouge delivery by Siddhant.. his performance is so marvellous…
    Not agree with your score atleast you should give 4 point to this lovely show…. ?

    1. Fenil

      wow Medhu Your comment made my day !!

      1. Medha

        Are you making me fool???

    2. Fenil

      not at all medha !!

      1. Medha

        So glad after getting to know that my comment made your day!! ?
        Golumolu Bhaiya……

  5. Hey SANTHOSH! Can you just tell me what do you say for “sit down” in tamil.

    1. Fenil

      Tamil- Utkar



      1. So, in an episode where siddhant comes to KK’s house to give his father’s medicines, then KK says “kurcho” which means “sit” in telugu.

  6. Shiksha

    It’s wonderful!!!

  7. I like this show. This is a good love story so far and I love the acting of Palak Jain. I will give it a 4. Best of luck for YPNTKH. ???

  8. Nivika

    Wonderful……just loving lead pairs…… ????

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