Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: After Postmortem, Siddhant Does Prabhakar’s Last Rites

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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

KK tells Prabhakar can’t go like this, his postmortem shall be done. Srikant says it is a natural death. Hira says exactly, media will make unnecessary news and will dig past. KK says Prabhakar can’t leave me like this, he had told me that he had proofs which will expose many, and says he wants to enquire if someone conspired to kill him. He says but Siddhant has the right to take a final decision. He says I am just his friend, but you are his son. Siddhant says you are right, we shall get postmortem done. Gayatri cries. KK asks Rao ji to call commissioner and says postmortem shall be done under his doctor’s supervision. In the hospital, Siddhant recalls Khattar’s words. Anushka holds his hand and calls his name. He takes back his hand. Sweety asks will you drink tea?

Siddhant doesn’t reply. Anushka asks KK if postmortem was needed. She says Gayatri and Purva were very upset and asks who can be Prabhakar’s enemy. KK says enmity is not from human, but from his thinking. He says many people were afraid of his thinking. He made more enemies than friends. Siddhant hears him. KK says if anything wrong happened to Prabhakar then it is my responsibility to find out, I feel guilty with his thought and can’t live with it, I have to find out. Purva talks to someone and tells that cremation and mourning meet will happen tomorrow. Gayatri sees Patna tickets and tells Purva that they will go to Patna surely and will fulfill all his wishes.

Neeta asks Srikant if he told to Riddhi about Prabhakar. Srikant says she knows, but she can’t come. Karthik says she don’t need to come here and tells that there was no need for postmortem, but Dad insisted. He says he was in the hospital since morning and got my meeting cancelled too. He gets a call and goes. Goel and his assistant have champagne and celebrate for Prabhakar’s death. He says Prabhakar is punished for snatching airlines deal. Anushka thinks about Prabhakar and cries. KK pacifies her. Siddhant looks at her. Sweety brings water and gives to Siddhant and Sweety. Doctor tells KK that they have thoroughly done postmortem and the death cause is massive heart attack, there is no chance for anything wrong. KK says time has come to say him good bye. Siddhant do the rituals for last rites. Everyone pay their respect. KK keeps the wood on Prabhakar’s pyre with heavy heart. Siddhant lights his pyre on fire. KK is shocked and is about to fall, but Srikant holds him. Siddhant recalls his conversation with Prabhakar and cries.

Media comes to KK’s house. Srikant and Karthik ask Media to wait for KK to make a special announcement. KK comes there and says before starting anything, we shall have 1 min silence for Prabhakar. They all close their eyes. KK thinks of Prabhakar. Karthik gets call on his mobile. KK asks him to maintain silence.

Reporter asks KK why he didn’t go to office for 15 days or comment anything for the airlines deal. KK says don’t ask me why I didn’t go to office for 15 days, but ask me why I came here. He says I came here to fulfill my friend Prabhakar’s dream. He says it was Prabhakar’s dream to see Reddy Corporation big, if I don’t fulfill his dream then I will feel bad. Reporter asks who will be CEO. KK says Karthik will be the CEO, and Srikant Reddy will give 10 lakh rs to the airlines victim each. Anushka comes there. KK excuses himself. Anu asks don’t you think this is strange. KK says life is to move on irrespective of the happening. He asks Anushka to come and asks her to smile. He tells that they are Reddy’s Next generation. Media clicks pics.

KK offers Prabhakar’s job to Siddhant and says if you accept then I will think that Prabhakar is with me. Gayatri asks Siddhant not to take Reddy Corp job.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Why did Prabhakar leave ….
    One of the best character
    Love the relationship between Siddhant and Anushka

  2. Yvonne Codner

    This serial has started to grow on me…There is something “fishy” about the sudden massive heart attack on Prabakhar…Those “SHARKS” are not to be trusted including KK’s sons. I am not too certain about Siddant taking his Dad’s place in Reddy Corp. but let’s wait and see.

  3. Soo fishy

  4. I too feel that the doc who has done postmortem is hand in glove with the Goels. Anybody who is celebrating the death of somebody with champagne is under the vicinity of doubt. Prabakar was not feeling well in the last two episodes. That only hints something. That probably, he was slowly poisoned. Siddant has many tasks in front of him. He has to clear his father’s name, find out what he was upto regarding airline crash, and find out who has killed him.

  5. Fenil

    Prabhakar KK ko aise chod ke nahi jaa sakta “kk’s belief on his friends makes sense “mere dost ke saath kisi ne khilwad toh nahi kiya” aaj usko apne hindi words khud dhoondh ke use karne pad rahe hain Aa Aa… More right goes to Prabhakar’s son its so great that KK don’t want to snatch any right or thing from Sinha family…SHARKS ke toh totte udd gaye when Siddhant gave his consent !!Siddhant is still in deep shock uski toh jaise duniya hi ulat pulat ho gayi hain…

    100% sachi vaat ” Dushamni insaan se nahi hoti uski soch se hoti hain” each words of kk is very true !! Siddhant’s expressions on KK’s words he left in thinking !! Gayatriji just nailed episode “Patna zaroor jayenge,tere papa ki har ichha puri karenge”

    like really Karthik kal galti se teri tarif kar di mene Goyal ki wajahs se ab toh tum usse se bhi gaye gujare ho damn it horrible ! Anushka was crying so painful siddhant’s look, !!

    how does it happened Nothing found in reports something is really fishy ..ITS VERY BIG GAME PLANNING FOR PRABHAKAR !!

    Prabhakar ko alvida kehne ka time aa gaya !! sun ke hi ruh kaamp rahi hain !!

    Kabhi na Bisru Ram ko chahe Duniya bisari jaye….

    can’t write more….

  6. i feel that prabhakar has dead by heatattack but doning kill him from kk promise. breaking trust to friendship.

    1. sorry, i think that prabakar has dead by heartattack but indivisually killer kk becouse he breaking trust to friendship.

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