Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Prabhakar Gets Upset With KK knowing Airlines Deal, KK Feels guilty

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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant tells Sweety that he is not easy to get. Sweety asks him to say sorry to Khattar. Siddhant says I will not say sorry and back off. Anushka thinks of Prabhakar’s words asking her tp guide him. She comes to Sweety and asks if he is Siddhant’s friend. Sweety asks do you have a doubt. Anushka asks did you agree when he said no and asks him to convince him. She leaves. Siddhant returns. Sweety asks Siddhant to apologize to Khattar for their friendship. Siddhant agrees for him. Anushka hears them and signs Sweety. Prabhakar thinks about Anushka and Siddhant and thinks what he might have told that she changed so much, thinks to make them sit infront of each other and talk. He calls Anushka and sent the manuscript and says that KK praised him a lot. He invites her for puja and says then they will go to Patna. Anushka says she will definitely come.

Prabhakar asks Gayatri if Siddhant will attend Puja. Gayatri says yes. Siddhant thinks secret will be out today. Sweety asks Siddhant to say sorry to khattar and leave. Gayatri calls Siddhant and asks him to come home for puja. Siddhant says I will try and asks her to do the puja till he comes. They come to Khattar. Siddhant says he is sitting with his hands bandaged. He tells him that he is apologizing, but can’t hear anything against his father. Khattar tells him that your father took bribed 18 years ago and was fired from public prosecutor job. Siddhant says you are corrupt and think everyone as corrupt. He beats them. Khattar asks him to go and question Prabhakar to know his black crimes.

Siddhant runs after him and beats him. Khattar goes to judge and asks him to save him. Siddhant beats him infront of him. Judge asks them to respect him. Khattar asks him to ask the judge about Prabhakar. Siddhant says what he will know about my father. Khattar asks Judge to tell him. Judge tells that it is truth and says public prosecutor was Prabhakar Sinha, govt lost the case and lost crores of rs. He tells that it was said that Prabhakar took bribed and that’s why his licence was cancelled, but with KK’s help, he got his licence back, but he stopped his practice and started working with Reddy Corporation. Siddhant is shocked.

Sweety tells siddhant that uncle can’t do this. Gayatri shows puja things to Pandit ji. She asks Purva to switch of TV and sit for puja. Prabhakar says I will switch off TV. He is about to switch off TV, but just then he comes to come that KK Reddy has won the airlines deal and everyone is congratulating KK. Prabhakar is shocked and recalls KK respecting him and their friendship. He switches off TV and sits shocked. He then gets up and goes to his room. He asks Gayatri to do the arrangements and goes to his room. He thinks about KK and his conversation. He opens his laptop and writes letter to KK that he has broken his trust and now they can’t be together.

Anushka comes there. Gayatri says Siddhant didn’t come till now. Purva asks her to call Siddhant. Prabhakar takes the printout of the letter and signs on it. He keeps it in envelope. Anushka comes there. Prabhakar says I am happy to see you. KK is in shock as he comes to know that they have won the bid. Karthik and Srikant comes there. Karthik says I am happy that you have supported us. KK says but I have not done right with my friend. He sits in shock and says KK has broken Prabhakar’s trust for the first time. He says I will tell sorry to my friend and asks Rao ji to take out the car.

Siddhant says I have to talk to you. Prabhakar says even I want to talk to you and calls Anushka near him. Just then he suffers heart attack and faints, Siddhant holds him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Medha

    Kabhi kbhi chije jaise humko dikhti waise hoti nhi…. I hope Prabhakar innocent ho… ?
    Plz Siddhant put your whole efforts for proving your father innocent… ??
    Thanks MA for the update…. ?

  2. Fenil

    “Hum Piche hatne walo me se nahi hain” that attitude and Anushka remembered Prabhakar’s words, Sweetyji ke jariye apna kaam kar ke chali gayi , hahaha sweetyji same dialogue about Dost , Superb plan to reconcile between SidKa salute Prabhakarji , “Aap bhi jara Pooja ko khinch ke rakhana” beta pooja bhagwan ki hain Pooja Ladki nahi hain yaar , kya fight ki sid ne phirse Khattar se , Adhura sach lag raha hain mujhe about prabhakar , Kabhi kbhi chije jaise humko dikhti waise hoti nhi…. I hope Prabhakar innocent ho… ?
    Plz Siddhant put your whole efforts for proving your father innocent… ?? , Airlines deal won by Reddy’s again Prabhakar shocked His letter for KK shocking more, Anushka in yellow she is slaying it , KK is also hurt by hurting his dost Prabhakar this music is too touchy ,!! Precap is emotional !!

    Will Siddhant able to proves Prabhakar innocent ?
    Will KK able to meet Prabhakar ?
    Bhavandar aa gaya hain ab dekhna yeh hain yeh Bhavndar kya kya udaa ke le jata hain aur kya kya bachega?
    Thanks MA for the update…. ?

    1. Medha

      Hahahahaha itne sare questions ek sath……
      Well bavandar to sachchi ka aa gya hain… sab kuch le jayega ye apne sath ???

      1. Fenil

        feeling Sad !!

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