Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

As Mukhi blows the candles Aru asks what he wished for. Mukhi says he knows one shouldn’t share what one wish for. He cuts a piece of cake while Aru claps singing the birthday song. Mukhi ji brings cake piece to Sanvi. Sanvi says he must give it to Aru but Mukhi insists that it is her right as well. Rami thinks she got the weakness of Aru now, she will enjoy make her suffer. Aru moves forward to push Mukhi ji’s hand and throw the cake down. Everyone was shocked at the reaction. Mukhi picks up the piece asking if she disrespected the food so much. Aru complains she has been preparing for party since morning and he holds her rightful to take the first bite. Mukhi asks what this childishness is. Aru says what he did was wrong, why he didn’t offer her the first piece. Mukhi asks why? Aru says because she is his… then says she prepared for it. Mukhi couldn’t understand the reason she was complaining, he explains Sanvi and he celebrate their birthdays since childhood. Aru says what she came to know what, Mukhi never celebrated his birthday; or is there something she shouldn’t know. Mukhi shouts at her to stop it here now. Aru leaves the room.
Uma and Mastana come to make up Aru who was angrily crying. Aru complains that Mukhi shouted at her so badly in front of everyone. Mukhi comes there. Uma signals him but he nods at them to leave. Aru was about to continue her sentence and sit up, she confronts Mukhi ji at once. Mukhi says a sorry to her. Aru goes to pour a glass of water for her, slap it hard on table and turns around. Mukhi stood right behind her, they confront each other closely. Mukhi says he said a sorry, what else she needs? Aru tells him she is here for another five days only, then he would get comfortable. She is suffocating here now. She goes to the balcony and shuts the door. She says Mukhi ji even doesn’t know why he is apologizing. Mukhi ji gets annoyed saying she can show the ego as much as she wants to. Aru cries at the other side of the door.
Rami comes to Aru’s room and hears her cry in the balcony. She thinks Aru’s jealousy would now make her do what she couldn’t. Aru asks Rami if she sent Mukhi to apologize her. Rami says Sanvi must have; Rajay do only what Sanvi tells him to. It doesn’t matter you give a name to their relation. She says he must be speaking to Sanvi about what happened here. Rami smiles Aru doesn’t have to live here for long, if there was Mukhi’s wife she wouldn’t have bear their relation. She tells her to spit her anger and live peacefully for the rest of her days in the village.
Mukhi was angry and tells Sanvi he couldn’t understand Aru. Sanvi insists it’s about understanding the women wrong. She makes him sit comfortably, she tells Mukhi that Aru prepared for the birthday since morning; he didn’t compliment her and instead brought the first piece of cake to her and not to Aru. She tells him to go and apologize. Mukhi complains he went to say a sorry, slapped the door at his face. Sanvi asks if it was by heart. She tells him to go and do it by heart, can’t she ask him this much today? Mukhi agrees and goes upstairs. Sanvi gets dizzy at once as she tries to stand up.
Mukhi brings food for Aru and knocks at the door asking her to eat. He then throws the other end of tin phone to balcony. Aru hears. Mukhi says it seems all lines of this route are busy. He says he would also eat if Aru does, she knows all the rituals of birthday like cake, candles and wishes but doesn’t know one must not mind the birthday man and not keep him happy at all. Aru thinks about Rami’s words.

PRECAP: At night, Aru finds Mukhi ji sitting outside with a lady’s head over his shoulder.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I am hating the show now

  2. Mona146

    they said sanvi is a widow and is pregnant with someone’s child and then they never revealed anything. why? she appears to be positive now but i read in spoilers that she will turn into negative in future.

  3. Drama has started in this serial too like every serial… Plz god save us…..

  4. Barbara Caruso

    OK, Mukhi and Aru are both morons. I hope they never have kids.

  5. Huraira Adamu

    Please let us enjoy this relationship of a young lady and middle age man. Let it not be like other show with spoilers.

  6. I agree with you guys this serial too is going towards the routine & boring track.

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