Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aru was laying in the bed and thinks about Mukhi ji, his care, stare and their moments. All of a sudden there is heavy winds. She sits up in the bed to see Mukhi ji standing in the door; he walks towards her, hold her hand and put some bangles in her hand saying there are few relations other than friendship, some that have no name but feels, some with no walls or borders connected at heart. He turns to leave while Aru laughs and dances around the room throwing all the cotton from the pillow. She comes out of her day dream and realizes she was fallen over all the cotton around her. Mukhi ji comes worried and asks how this happened. Aru says she also doesn’t know, then says she had been beating someone in her dream. Mukhi ji looks around himself and laughs that she even fights during her dreams. Aru had to speak to Mukhi ji about something, she asks if he is fine. Mukhi ji take a moment’s break then says he knows what she wants to say but she may continue. Aru was unable to speak to him. Mukhi ji promises to buy an Ambala ticket for her for tomorrow. He had known by her inquiry; but now he is fine and she doesn’t need to suffer anything else for him. She must go to Ahmedabad, live her life and her dreams. He leaves the room.
In the corridor, Rami stops Mukhi. He tells Rami he is going to buy a ticket for Aru, she doesn’t need to live here anymore. Rami says since Aru isn’t happy to live here, they shouldn’t stop her as well. Rami says since Mukhi must be tired she will get a ticket for Aru. Mukhi tells her to buy a permanent one as Aru must not be uncomfortable. Rami thinks she can’t let Aru leave with such comfort as she has ruined her life.
In the factory, Aru thinks this is her last day, she would miss everyone here. The ladies there greet her and talks about Mukhi ji‘s love and care for her. They say Mukhi’s proposal with Sanvi had broken only because Aru was in his fate. Aru confirms the news, the ladies say they were engaged fifteen years earlier and seemed to be made for each other but the relation couldn’t turn to marriage.
Mukhi reads a verse of poetry from Aru’s diary to Sanvi. She appreciates it, Mukhi says she writes such difficult things with such an ease. Sanvi compliments that Mukhi seems to be in love with this girl. Mukhi says even Aru thinks this way. Sanvi suggests about finding if this diary belongs to Aru. Mukhi denies the connection. Sanvi teases him about marrying Aru and falling in love with the owner of diary, she would tell everyone about it. Mukhi pushes her mouth shut, both laugh together. Aru watches them together, the words of ladies about their engagement echo in her mind. She comes to ask what they are laughing at. She asks if they are hiding something from her. Mukhi asks if they must tell her everything. Aru says she is his wife. Mukhi replies she jokes well, in the morning she had been fighting the pillow; now she shouldn’t try and being his wife. Sanvi notices Aru’s seriousness, she says she can’t understand them and asks Mukhi why he made fun of Aru, she is his wife. Aru strictly tells Sanvi not to interfere in their personal matter. Sanvi stands up there and agrees she has no right so interfere in the matters of spouses. Mukhi asks Aru what is this way, why she misbehaved with Sanvi; he was annoyed as her childish behavior. Aru was disturbed and wonders why she disliked if Mukhi and Sanvi were laughing together.
In the room, Mukhi was working with files. Aru goes to the closet and shuts the door trying to create disturbance. She wonders how to get his attention towards herself, then slips down deliberately. Mukhi only nods at her. Rami brings the ticket and notices Aru fallen on the floor. Aru stands up. Mukhi ji turns to hand the ticket to Aru. Mukhi notices this is of next week. Rami makes up that she booked air conditioned seat for Aru and found the seat after a week. Mukhi asks Aru to bear him for another week. Aru cheers taking hold of the ticket. She wonders why is she relieved, and happy. If she has fallen in love with Amboli or.. Mukhi?

PRECAP: Mukhi asks Uma about Aru. Uma blindfolds her and tells him to find her by holding hands of all the ladies. Mukhi passes by Aru and stops at Sanvi.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Uma blinds fold HIM (not her) !!!! Pls get your translation correct. TQ

  2. OMG what is happeing now, Aru started to love mukhi, but sanvi flashback is hurting to Aru, eventhough interesting show.

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