Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Mukhi ji agrees to take part in Savan Utsav

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 4th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mukhi ji comes inside to take Aru along. Aru asks about his asthma and medicine, he says he has taken it already. She reminds his medicine had ended. Mukhi ji stammers, they then hear drum beating. Village ladies had come with flower garlands, ladies than Mukhi ji for agreeing to take part in the Utsav. Aru join the ladies as they all dance around him. Mukhi ji was angry, hands the garlands to Aru and leave. Sanvi takes Aru aside and says what should have happened in front of spouses happened between everyone. She sends Aru to speak to him. In the room, Mukhi ji gets angry at Aru for not listening to him. Aru says he himself boasts about his health, the fresh air and homemade oils. She asks the reason for what he did. Aru says she understands him, he doesn’t need to do any drama of asthma but change the point of view. The difference between them would always remain; it can only be spared when they have got separated from each other. He looks towards her in astonishment. Aru says this pains them both, because they love him. She doesn’t care about this difference. Mukhi ji sits on the bed, face turned away. Aru asks if he doesn’t want to participate. He doesn’t reply. Aru says alright, she won’t insist. She sits beside him and reads a poetry, Neither there is age limit-nor any connection to birth; when heart loves only soul can feel. They have to be each other’s strengths, not turn into weakness. Mukhi ji says sometimes she speaks really childish but other times she leaves him speechless. It would take him some time to change his thinking, would she give him the time? Aru agrees. Mukhi ji says he must eat early and get to sleep. Aru taunts that forty three year olds eat earlier. Mukhi ji says its Hawan tomorrow, if they have to participate for Savan Utsav. Aru cheers.
Rami was standing outside and notices this is Amavasya. She thinks its time for her to play her game; Aru would suffer now.
The next morning, DMO join the Pooja. Sanvi was worried, then watches him from a side but doesn’t join for Pooja. Abhay appreciates Mukhi’s efforts fifteen years ago to keep foundation of this fair. He promises to be a part of these games as judge. Abhay promises as he already has deep relation with this village. A car passes by in high speed and a bag fell off it. Mukhi ji opens the bag, the hand of a girl and her purse appears from within. Everyone had gathered around. Aru was shocked to see it was Dharmi.
At home, the doctor says he had given him medicine. She might only be mentally effected by the way she had been kept. Aru cries beside Dharmi that she called mummy about being happy with Anshu. She notices the bruises over her hands and asks who did this, she was determined not to forgive her culprit. When everyone had left. Aru says she knows police doesn’t come to their village, but in this matter police needs to investigate. They must inform police about it. Rami says police would investigate and remind Dharmi of the culprit again and again. Mukhi ji says they must let Dharmi’s condition improve, maybe she herself recognizes the culprit.
At night, Aru and Mukhi ji were both awake. Aru asks him for a glass of water, he was lost in some thoughts. She moves him abit. Aru says it’s been in months that he didn’t hear her voice, she understands his awkwardness about Dharmi’s stay here. She remembers Rami cursed them sisters. She cries what she must do, she can’t take her anywhere; not even her parents. Her father doesn’t want to see her face. She is unaware what she has suffered. Mukhi ji removes the curtain between them and consoles Aru by holding her hand. He wipes her tears and says she is the Mukhyani of this village. Her family has equal right to stay in the house, she can keep her till the time she wants.

PRECAP: Aru denies taking part in the Utsav. Sanvi insists she must try to cheer her sister.

Update Credit to: Sona


    Ab pakka dharmi vo ka kaam kregi aru and mukhi ke bich me.. and slowly show will look like film aaina

  2. Yes it will be like ‘Aaina’. Movie.

  3. Now definitely ,it will be going like a Ekta mania type .dharmi crocodile tears makes Aru to give her mukhiji back.Nowadays Aru looks like she is not interested in mukhi.she is not giving mukhi to touch her& she always maintained distance with they might be chance she will be fall for other guy.

  4. some what some where boring

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