Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 30th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aru gets hold of bottles and hit Lal ji with them.
Mukhi ji calls the police to file a complaint for missing person. Rami asks Arjun why he is breaking the rules he created himself. Rami wonders what if Aru had fallen a prey to that ghost creature. She calls the police inspector and tells him to delay. Mukhi was upset about Aru and says he has seen the old factory area, there is no clue even there. He recalls there was something shining on the floor of the old factory.
Aru fights Lal ji to her full. He slaps her hard and drags her across the floor, tearing her clothes. Aru cries and calls Mukhi. Mukhi notices the last time he came here, the door was closed. He finds a piece of bead on the blood then goes knocking the door. Aru throws spice over Lal ji’s face. Mukhi struggles to open the door from outside and calls Aru.
Inside, Aru struggles against Lal ji. Mukhi enters the old factory and calls Aru, she comes running but fell down watching Mukhi ji. He holds her crying face and supports her to stand up, then hugs her. He looks around and was shocked to see Lal ji struggling with spices all over his face. He clutches Lal ji’s neck. Aru slaps him hard on his face and cries telling Mukhi he tried to molest her. Mukhi beats Lal ji, then covers Aru with a sheet nearby. People had gathered around including Rami and Arjun. Rami was shocked to see Mukhi stare at her. She turns around and wonders who can be the man. Mukhi says its Lal ji. Arjun whispers to Rami they must do about this place, Mukhi has seen the place. Rami stops the men taking Rami, cries in front of Lal ji trying to wipes his face then goes away wiping her own tears. Mukhi ji takes Aru while Lal ji was called to the Panchait.
In the Panchait, Lal ji sat with his hands cut and his eyes bandaged. Panch there blame Aru for behaving wildly to this man, no one even behaves even animals this way. They say Mukhyani must get punished for this. Mukhi doesn’t let Aru interrupt but gives her a chance later.
Aru says this is the man whom people considered as ghost for so many years. Aru says she had spot him today on the way, he tried to take her to the old factory. She tried to save herself and saw his real face, then he attempted to molest her. She attacked him in an attempt to save herself.
The old men at the Panchait say its their right. Aru asks when they would have punished him, when she had complaint after being molested. Today she is standing here only because she defended herself, either right or wrong if someone else does this with her again she would do the same to him as well. The old man says this way Mukhyani is challenging Panchait. He tells Mukhi to be just in case of his wife. Rami speaks in Aru’s ear that Mukhi will take an action against her now. Mukhi comes to Aru, holds her hand and says Aru is mistaken here and the mistake is to have left this wild man alive. Had there been anyone else, he would have taken the decision for Lal ji to be killed. People mind Mukhi he walks on the path of Gandhi and loves peace. Mukhi says nothing is greater than a woman’s respect for him, they must punish such men. The old man argues this would bring disgrace to their village. Mukhi says their village would be disgraced when the world would know they never punished the molester of women, woman is a mother, a sister, daughter and a Goddess. He intends to provide protection to the women of his village. He is proud of Mukhyani who not only fought such wild person but defeat him as well. The Panch agree to Mukhi’s decision, women also announce their support to Mukhi. People clap for the decision.
Mukhi goes to Lal ji, unties his hands and drags him outside. Rami cries that Lal ji is alive and once again be punished in front of her, only because of Aru.

PRECAP: Aru tells Mukhi about all the boxes at the old factory and liquor there. Both go to see their but the boxes had been removed.

Update Credit to: Sona


    Why rami is so much trouble for aru and mukhi?? I don’t know about her past. Can anyone tell me??

    1. I think she was pregnant with laljis child and Mukhi found out how rotten he was doing some crime, he got lalji arrested and tole Rami her child died and got her remarried to a good man (I suspect Mishri may be Ramis child that she thought died). Anyway she wants him to suffer for separating her from her lover and sending him to jail


      Ok thank you

  2. Superb episode, mukhji aciting was Tremendous i loved it.

  3. Why does the update take so much of time.
    The show happens at 7 but we dont get the undate before 9:30

    Can u pls update faster


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