Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 20th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rami and Arjun objects about Aru’s work at the factory. Aru hears from outside how Mukhi defends Aru. Mukhi says they all work when the crops are cut, Aru is used to work hard. Arjun says the work here is difficult in the village, women are used to hard work here. Mukhi says an ant holds the burden double of her weight, it’s about the hard work and not about strength. Mukhi says no one is less of any money, it’s only that one’s own earned money is valuable to a person.
Outside, Aru asks Arjun about the timings of factory to follow.
She comes in cheerful and thanks Mukhi. Mukhi asks her not to create any fuss in the factory, then asks her for some files as he can also not sit idle. Aru tells him not to push himself, he is injured. Mukhi finds Aru’s long lost diary.
In the corridor, Arjun warns Rami that Aru would now work in factory, he wouldn’t spare Rami if some blame comes over him afterwards.
Mukhi watches Aru sleeping on the couch. She fell down on floor in quest of picking up her ringing phone. Mukhi wonders if she has faint? He calls her name, then throws their handmade phone towards her. Aru sits up at once, Mukhi reminds she has to go to work. Its 7 am, and she has to go to work at 8am. Aru complains for not waking her up in time. Mukhi hides his mouth under the sheet, then calls Mastana for some task.
Rami comes to factory, she greets a lady Santu and informs her about Mukhyani coming to work in their factory. Santu was angry wondering if someone would come to order her 28 year experience. Rami warns Arjun that Aru is really cunning, she attempted to get her off her way but couldn’t. Arjun says Aru would now confront him.
Aru gets ready to leave. Mukhi calls Mastana and offers Aru brown sugar as a symbol of success. He tells Aru she is the first lady of the house to go out and hands her a pack of pen, narrating Gandhi that pen is powerful than a sword. Aru smiles and calls Mukhi cute. Mastana smirks he knows the meaning of cute, Mukhi smiles that their Chammo is cute. Mastana brings her a huge tiffin, Mukhi says this is lunch. Aru compliments Mukhi turned her day as special, she would always keep the pen with her. After Aru had left, Mukhi takes the diary to read.
Arjun welcomes Aru and asks the workers to welcome. He calls for the protocol for her, an umbrella and a drink. Santu introduces herself as the supervisor. Aru forwards to shake her hand with Santu as she is the chief here. Santu instead joins her hands. She minds Aru she doesn’t want any interference in her work, and leaves without listening to Aru. Aru calms herself down as everything would get fine in a while. Aru notices the workers were doing gossips. Arjun says the machine got out of work, mechanic is just coming. Aru asks to look for it, she might understand the problem.
Mukhi reads the diary. Sanvi brings food for him and notices he was lost in the diary. She snatches it off his hand and asks what’s in the book. Mukhi says its some quotations and poetry, he found the diary in a bus in Ahmedabad.
Aru looks at the machine. A lady asks if she is really thinking to keep the heavy stone in the machine. Aru was determined to do it and calls the other ladies with her. Aru was unable to hold the stone, Arjun forbids her to attempt so as it might twist her wrist. Aru calls for more strength. She was finally able to pick the stone and calls for other women for help. Santu watches this curtly from a side. The bunch of ladies were able to hold the stone back into the machine. Arjun was shocked, Aru confronts Arjun as none of the wrists were twisted.
At night, Aru was finding signals to tell the whole day story to her mother. Mukhi brings her a glass of water. Aru asks why he got out of the bed. Mukhi says the doctor came and told him to walk a bit. He asks her about her day at work. Aru asks if he really wants to hear her story of the day. Mukhi asks hadn’t she narrated the whole story to her parents. Aru narrates the whole story about the day. Mukhi reads a verse from the diary about success, Aru reads the rest of verses. Mukhi asks how she knows about it, Aru says this is her favorite poem. Mukhi thinks the girl had also written it to be her favorite poem.

PRECAP: Aru comes across Lal ji on the way. He hides his face before leaving but Aru recognizes him. She tells Mukhi ji about having spot the green eyes man again.

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