Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 19th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mukhi speaks to Papa that he has spoken to Muneem, they can stay here as long as they want to. He assures Papa that no one would know about it, even Aru. Dharmi comes there wondering why they aren’t talking about the proposal. She asks Mishri about the magazine, Mishri tells her she didn’t open the magazine. Papa stops Mukhi ji and hugs him, he loses himself. Aru gets a call in the auto, she hurries to the hospital looking for her family. Mukhi ji stood by the wall, a dead body nearby. Aru runs calling the body as Papa but the man on stretcher sits up staring at her. Mukhi asks Aru what happened, Aru questions how is he standing this way. She asks about Papa. Mukhi brings her into the room. Aru hugs Papa, but he assures he is fine. Dharmi tells Aru that it was because of Mukhi that Papa is fine. Mukhi ji hands Aru an herbal medicine for stomach. He points at a secret Aru is holding and advices Aru to share her heart with others, she will feel better. He takes Mishri to look around the hospital and signals Aru to speak to her family. Aru tells her family about the loss of her job. Papa says he has also hidden something from her. Aru asks if its about Kaki. Papa asks Aru if her job is endangered. Both cry.
Mukhi advices Mishri to never something from her owns. They watch Aru’s family together.
Mukhi speaks on phone to Kailash. Mastana comes blowing a horn, Mukhi understands he wants to speak to him. Mastana tells Mukhi Chammo isn’t fine, she is angry and doesn’t speak to him. Mukhi tells him to make Chammo up, and take care of her. Downstairs, he asks about Jamuna. Jamuna had gone to temple, Kailash wonders so late.
Jamuna sat with an astrologer, he says Mukhi’s time is changing along with Jamuna. Jamuna says Mishri is getting married in a few days, she is the biggest shield of Mukhi. His time would change when Mishri leaves. The astrologer warns that another stronger shield is ready for Mukhi. He warned her already not to let a girl in Mukhi’s life. Jamuna was sure there is no woman in his life, the astrologer asks if she is sure. He can see something else in his fourth decade. A candle nearby blows out.
At the Dharamshala, Mukhi tells Aru to take Papa but Aru was sure Papa can walk by himself. Aru hands the medicine to Mukhi saying he is also stuck for the work he had come here. She would surely find a girl for him till tomorrow evening, and tells him to come with her today evening to see two girls. Dharmi wish Mishri finds the note before leaving.
In the room, Mukhi was packing up. Mishri insists on him to wait, Aru has promised them. Mukhi mocks Aru for always ready. Mukhi finds the magazine, the note from it fell down. Mishri speaks to him about Dharmi. Mukhi holds his head and tells her to forget if Aru herself didn’t speak about it. He speaks about Chammo, telling Mishri if Aru felt it was right she must have hinted about it. He leaves to speak to Muneem. Mishri was curt over Mukhi and finds the note on the floor. She reads the letter and cheerfully goes to hug Aru. Mishri happily tells Aru what’s the problem if they are thinking about the same girl, Dharmistra. Mishri says when she spoke to Mukhi he was worried about Aru, but now he would have no problem. Aru was shocked.
Mukhi was speaking to Jamuna on phone. Jamuna asks if everything is fine, Mukhi assures everything is fine, she would herself watch it tomorrow. Mishri brings the note to Mukhi from Aru. Mukhi reads the letter and says Papa is ill and has no option than him. They had decided not to take advantage of any poor father by his proposal, he is denying. He goes to pay Aru her salary.
In the room, Dharmi cries in front of her parents. Aru calls her outside and interrupts Mummy angrily as well. Papa says Dharmi told them everything. Aru asks what did she tell, what had she written in the note. Dharmi was silent. Aru asks if by her name? Dharmi complains Aru has been looking for girls all across the city and doesn’t look towards her sister. Aru stops Dharmi there and finally announces this can’t happen. Everyone might be ready but not her. Mishri and Mukhi had come at the door and asks why she won’t agree.

PRECAP: Mukhi ji stops with his hand the whole village running behind a girl to kill her. He questions who are they to decide about her life. Aru watches him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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