Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 7th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 7th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

episode starts with
maanvi tries to get away but the goons surround her
Mr. joy, upamanyu and harsh’s friends group uo to save maanvi
They get there just in time to save maanvi and beat the hell out of those goons
upamanyu questions how maanvi ended up here
maanvi recalls what rahul said and cries to upumanyu
sonali questions why raj supported rahul’s decision
sonali and raj’s discussion and yamini overhearing them
yamini blabbers again
rahul feels bad for his behavior and decides to call back
rahul calls Mr joy mukhargee
Mr joy informs of what had happened with maanvi
rahul gets worries and runs to get to maanvi
upamanyu and maanvi arrives just then and upu questions rahul’s responsibility as husband
upamanyu lectures rahul
raj comes and raj-upamanyu old fights resumes
raj and upu fight heats up and rahul maanvi stops them
upu feels sorry to misjudge rahul
maanvi questions rahul of how could he let this happen
upu declares that he will not let maanvi live with rahul any more
upu threatens rahul to stay away from maanvi and for making her cry like this
raj reveals that rahul already kicked maanvi out earlier
upu in shock and curses rahul but maanvi stops him
maanvi and upu leaves
maanvi and rahul both feel badly hurt
**Kal ho na ho playing in background**
rahul watch maanvi leaving from his window
upu maanvi return home and shilpa inquires
upu plays back what happened at sabarwal mansion
upu sits in front of goddess idol asking why so much suffering in his daughter’s life
rahul conversation with his mirror reflection
rahul feels guilty and wrong for what he did to maanvi on same day she lost her brother
**Jag suna suna lage playing**
Rahul restless and guilt eats him from inside
rahul drinks to try bury the feelings and breaks the bottle
episode ends

yamini brings the suitcase with maanvi’s stuff
yamini says that rahul was throwing all maanvi’s stuff out so yamini convinced them and brought the stuff here

Update Credit to: sweetcathy29

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