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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 4th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul wonders what happened to Manvi. She was trying to help me only even after what happened. Plus why was Baba crying. I will have to go and check. Yamini turns herself into someone else and mixes with the crowd.

Rahul comes to Chatterjee House. Rahul asks Baba what happened. Upmanyu begins to cry. Someone tells him that Harsh is no more. manvi takes Rahul outside. Why did you come here? Did you come to celebrate your victory? He is confused. what are you saying? She continues to blame him. Police report has come. It is clearly written in it that some wild animal has killed Dada. It means it will be the tiger. He reasons that she only locked him in the outhouse. She points out that the door was broken. The lock can only be broken by someone powerful like the tiger. He tries to explain to her but she tells him to stop it. I don’t want to see you! You said you will kill my Dada. You lived up to your word. You killed Dada as a tiger. Yamini smirks. A rift came in between these two finally. They wont come close ever again once Manvi leaves the house. I will kill them both one by one. No one will be able to stop me now. I will complete my revenge!

Rahul comes home. Sonali asks him about manvi. Don’t tell me you both are still not over your fight. Rahul shares that Harsh is dead. They are shocked. He was fine last night. Rahul wonders how to tell them that Harsh died by the hands of some animal on the night of Purnima. Raj says how it happened. Sonali says there is no time for it. We panic so much when Rahul even gets fever. They have lost their son. I am worried for Shilpa. Let’s go. nisha thinks mom is great. She can only think of her favourite son all the time, who is actually not her son. She reminds them that Harsh was a rapist. A rapist is given death penalty. It was bound to happen one day. Raj rebukes her for talking like this for Manvi’s brother. Sonali nods. Harsh was like our son too. We have to go. Plus nothing was proved against him. Court dint pronounce him guilty. We cannot and must not say anything. She stops Nisha from coming with them. You will only worsen the situation for everyone there. Rahul heads upstairs. Sonali notices him thus. I am sure there is something that he isn’t telling.

In his room, Rahul thinks of what he saw (Harsh molesting Protima) and of Manvi’s words. Was Manvi saying truth? I was really angry but did the soul of tiger actually kill him? I don’t know how it happened. Yamini comes there. Keep thinking and pine for it. It will only end with your death now. Some people come to use alive while some come to use when dead but Harsh came to use both the times. I am so happy at what my mind did. It was good that I chose that tiger’s avatar to do what I did. Tiger means Rahul to Manvi. She goes to talk to Rahul and acts sympathetic. You should be with Manvi Bhabhi right now. She must be needing you. So much has happened to her and her family. Sonali seconds her. Rahul will also go with us. Rahul is speechless thinking of Manvi’s words. How do I tell mom what Manvi said? Yamini thinks to do something to accompany them to Manvi’s house. I want to tell the truth to Sonali. She requests Sonali who allows her to join them.

Someone asks Manvi to speak to police as they have to leave for ghaat. Manvi nods. Sabharwal family comes. Manvi calls Inspector. When will you send Dada? She controls her tears. When will you send Dada’s body? Does it take so much time for post-mortem? Inspector rudely replies that an animal attacked her brother. We have to check it thoroughly. Surprisingly, how did it come in your house? Manvi thinks that animal is still amongst them. I cannot do anything right now as Ma Baba are here. She tells the Inspector to do it fast. You have done enough to Dada’s body already. Will you question the dead body now? Inspector tells her not to teach him his work. We will send the body once our work is done. She cries as he disconnects the call. I cannot break down for I have to look after Ma Baba as well. Rahul thinks to let Manvi do what she is doing. I will check the preps of last rites. Manvi looks at him. He thinks she may not share her pain with him but he will be there for her.

Raj speaks to someone in the police department. You are harassing my relatives badly. Speak to someone who can help. Upmanyu hears his convo. He folds his hands before Raj thankfully.

Some senior officer (IG) calls Inspector who agrees to send the body right away.

Manvi thinks to speak to doc in hospital. Inspector is doing it all intentionally. She gets a call from Inspector. They have sent the dead body home. Yamini is at the door. Her phone rings just when Manvi turns to look at her. This idiot calls me at the wrong time always. She goes aside to speak to Agni. He compliments her game. She says humans are like that only. They don’t care about their own pain but about the pain of their loved ones. I am so happy to see Rahul and manvi going away from each other. I wont let them come back together ever. Agni asks her about the horn. She shares that she dint get time to look for it yet. He loses his cool for a second asking her to use her magic. She corrects him. If that horn is special then it will take time to find it. Don’t ask me the same question again and again. She disconnects the call irked. Agni thinks this woman does whatever she wants to. I cannot go in that house till she is there. I will have to wait!

It is time to take the dead body. Shilpa cries. Don’t take my son please. Manvi looks at Rahul angrily. The men get up to lift the dead body when Manvi shouts at Rahul to stop. Don’t dare to touch my Dada’s body. Only the well wishers of my Dada can lift his body in his last journey and not you, who has killed my Dada! Yamini smirks. She thinks of her promise to Yugant. I am fulfilling my promise to you. I am sending them all above one by one. Rahul looks on sadly as Harsh’s body is taken away.

Precap: Manvi vows to punish Rahul for his misdeeds even if I have to bring out his truth before veeyrone. Saloni slaps her. Don’t forget your limits next time before saying something like that.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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