Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 22nd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 22nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shilps knocks at the door hearing some smell. Manvi steps out but closes the door from outside. Manvi lies to ehr mother that she was taking bath. Shilpa asks about her clothes and hairs. Manvi thinks Rahul is right. It is our family habit to ask too many questions. She cooks up some story for her mother.

At night, Manvi is in corridor when she hears the sound of kids laughing happily. She comes in the room but finds no one except the kids. Who are they talking to? She asks the kids who they were speaking to at this hour. Who is there? They say Ma. Manvi asks them about her. Where is she? Piya points behind Manvi but Aditya tells her not to. Manvi is taken aback. Your mother is in almirah? Aditya says she is joking. No one is here. Manvi opens the almirah but it is empty. Who is here? There is no one inside. You were lying to me? Who is there? I don’t see anyone. Aditya says I told you no one is here. Manvi asks about what Piya said. The spirit appears behind Manvi and extends her hands to strangle her. The kids get scared seeing their mother behind Manvi. Manvi notices the panic and fear on their faces. Is someone behind me? Who is it? The kids point at the spirit. Manvi asks them if it is their mother. She turns but the spirit disappears. Manvi closes the almirah. You have troubled me enough. She makes them lie down and puts them to bed. Poor kids miss their mother so much. I don’t know if I will ever be able to fill it or not. I will try my best though.

Manvi notices Rahul still sleeping peacefully. She wakes him up sweetly as they have to go to hospital. She troubles him playfully and turns to go when he holds her hand, pulling her closer to him. She is startled. How did you wake up suddenly? He replies that he was doing this only in dreams. She tries to go but he doesn’t let go. Why did you come so close to me? Why were you playing with my lips and looking sweetly at me? She declines. He points out that this is called romance. Why wont I respond to my beautiful wife when she is in romantic mood? Manvi scolds him for not thinking about his mother as she is in hospital. You are thinking about all this? He asks her if this is the time to talk about mom. She nods. He makes a sad face so she sweetly kisses him on the cheek before running downstairs. Manvi rushes downstairs.

Manvi comes downstairs. She apologizes to her mother and Dadi for being late. I will just ready everything. Dadi points at the food. Shilpa and I did it already. Manvi thanks them profusely. Your presence here is really a blessing for me. I will check on kids. Dadi asks Manvi if the kids are happy here. Manvi thinks not to tell her about Piya seeing her mom. She is a kid after all.

Raj comes home. Manvi asks about Sonali. Raj replies that she is fine. She wanted to come home but I made her understand that she should stay there for a while more. Raj asks Manvi about the kids. Did they say anything about their past? Manvi says they dint say much. They sometimes speak about their mother though. Raj excuses himself on the pretext of a headache.

Rahul gives up on making a braid of Piya’s hair. Manvi does it instead. How did you start this? Rahul shares that it started with her kiss. I felt like kissing someone. Dad wasn’t interested. I thought to spend time with kids. They dress both the kids. Manvi looks at the mirror and is shocked. Rahul and Manvi look up. They find the words, Ma is alive, written on the mirror. Rahul gets angry but Manvi calms him down. It will only scare the kids. Rahul vows to find out who is behind this. I wont spare the one who has done this. Raj comes there. What happened? Who did what? Rahul points at the mirror. Don’t know who did this. Raj walks out without saying anything. Rahul sends Manvi and kids outside. He walks away from the mirror. The spirit can be seen right behind him.

Chotu tells Manvi to believe him. no servant can do this. Manvi reasons that no outsider knew about the kids’ history. Warn the servants not to joke like this again. Shilpa takes Manvi with her. I cooked too much food today. I wanted to make one dish of everyone’s choice each. It will go waste. Manvi tells her not to worry. We will distribute it in the locality where Rahul sends food. Nothing will go waste. Shilpa is relieved.

Upmanyu is with the kids. He explains to them about music and harmonium. He tells them about Sargam. Aditya repeats after him but it is completely unsynced. Manvi and Piya smile. Piya tries to tell Aditya through gestures while makes Manvi a little sad. Wish she could talk too. Raj asks Manvi about Piya. Can she still not speak? Show her to doc if she needs some kind of treatment. Manvi says she saw her mother getting killed before her own eyes. She is in shock. She says nothing except ma. Aditya told me about it. Raj asks her if Aditya said something about his mother. How did that accident happen or anything? Manvi declines. He looked really scared so I dint want to scare him anymore.

Manvi thinks to call Rahul. It will be good if he will come in that locality too. She is surprised to hear her mother shouting. Everyone goes to her. Shilpa shows them a dish which smells foul. I cooked them today only but see what has happened. Manvi asks her if everything else is fine. Shilpa says everything else is fine. Only the rice has turned this way. Dadi takes Upmanyu aside. I feel something isn’t right here. Sonali fell from the stairs and now this. These aren’t good signs. I want to hold a Shuddhi-puja in the house. He speaks of logics but she isn’t convinced. Something is surely wrong. He calls it fear. It might be because of what happened recently in the house. Dadi stays put. Get pundit. Baba leaves to bring pundit ji. Dadi prays that everything goes well. I don’t know why I feel it is a very bad sign.

Precap: Manvi hugs the kids telling them not to fear anyone till she is with them. Their mother spirit appears in the almirah. Kids back off a little seeing that. Manvi notices the fear on their faces and asks them if it is their mother who they are looking at. The kids stay mum. The door of the almirah closes on its own.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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