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Rahul drops Manvi to her house safely but does not leave. Manvi notices Rahul outside their house. She goes outside to check. Manvi pulls Rahul aside. You came to drop me. now you can leave. Upmanyu and Shilpa look out from the balcony. Rahul says I will leave as soon as police protection is here. Manvi requests him to go. Baba will not like it. Rahul offers to talk to Baba. I don’t want to take a risk after what happened recently. I will leave as soon as they come. Shilpa tries to make Upmanyu understand how much Rahul cares for Manvi. He took the bullet on himself to save manvi. Can we not forgive him for Manvi? His life is also in danger but he is here for Manvi. Thinking about someone else over you is true love. Upmanyu agrees with her. They decide to help Sonali in bringing Rahul and Manvi together.

Sonali notices Yamini / Sandhya lost somewhere. Yamini lies that she was thinking about her mother. She isn’t well. She is old. I am a lot worried for her. Sonali notices the blue colour on her clothes. Yamini lies that she just washed clothes. It maybe soap or of a cloth. She excuses herself to clean it. Sonali finds it weird. She met her mother when she went to temple yesterday. She spoke of letter last night and of phone today. She recalls seeing blue dots on the floor and Rahul’s convo. Rahul said terrorist’s blood was blue. Something is wrong somewhere. Is Sandhya connected to terrorists? She looks shocked.

Rahul paces outside Manvi’s house. She looks at him. Sad song plays in the background as past memories flash before their eyes. She wonders what he wants to prove. Do you want to show you regret Dada’s death? We cannot come together even if you do anything. Rahul thinks she has full freedom to think wrong about him again but he wont back off from his duty this time. Two constables arrive finally. Rahul confirms with them if commissioner has sent them. They nod. Rahul introduces them to Manvi. A delivery boy comes there. Rahul is about to go when he finds the constables gossiping. He hears Manvi’s scream and rushes inside. Rahul scolds the constables for letting the courier guy come in without checking him. They have no idea what he was saying. Rahul reprimands them for their lax in security. What if Manvi was attacked? They apologize to him. we will just catch him. Rahul scolds them yet again. Manvi stands there all scared. Rahul says someone must have sent it to scare you. There is nothing to worry. She suggests him to leave as everyone will be extra alert now. He tells her not to tell him what he has to do. This is useless. I am not going anywhere. I will be outside only. He gives warning to both constables too. They agree to be alert now. Give us one chance. We wont repeat it again. Rahul tells them to make sure they know when even a bird tries to come close to this house. They nod.

Sonali is sure there is some connection behind everything here. I have to find out. She notices Yamini / Sandhya cleaning blue blood off her hand with cotton. Oh God, it means I was right to doubt Sandhya. How is this possible? What does it mean? Was it Sandhya in that terrorist’s attire? But why? Chotu calls out for Sonali. Yamini hears it and is surprised. I had closed this door.

Chotu asks Sonali if she needs something. She declines and dismisses it. Yamini feels Sonali has seen her. I have to find out what she has come to know. Sonali goes to Rahul’s room but he isn’t there. She tries his number which is switched off. Sonali calls driver. Take the car out in 5 minutes. we have to go to Manvi’s place asap. Yamini wonders what she got to know that she wants to meet Manvi. I have to find out. Yamini hypnotises the driver and takes him to a corner. She takes his form.

Manvi asks Rahul to leave. I am safe now. Please go home. He refuses to believe it. I wont leave till I feel you are completely safe. Baba is inside. Please go inside. I request you. it looks awkward. She complies.

Baba asks Manvi what happened. Did he listen to you? She shakes her head. Shilpa says I knew it already. Rahul is here since long and it is night. We should ask him for dinner. Baba nods. Shilpa asks Rahul to have food. He politely tries to decline but then Manvi sends her mom inside. She is holding a plate of food in her hands. She tells him to sit or she will forcibly put food in his mouth. He says I don’t want to bother you but she insists upon him to sit down. He complies. She does not take any of his tantrums and makes him eat food. Constables say no man has been born till date who can win over his wife. We have the same case. Rahul is a Rock Star for the world but Madam ji takes care of it inside the house. Manvi smiles while Rahul stares at them.

Yamini takes the wrong route. She calls it a short and old way so Sonali can reach there on time. Sonali nods. Yamini thinks forget about rush. It will be a thing to wonder if you can reach there alive sooner of later.

It starts to rain. Manvi asks Rahul to come inside. He says I wont be able to see from the window then. What if someone attacks? She says attack is about to happen. If you don’t come in then I will attack you. He asks her if she thinks of it to be some joke. I am dying thinking your life is in danger. I don’t want to let you go out of my sight for even a second. She vows to take him inside with her as it is her duty to protect him also. He tells her to go in but she steps down the stair. She stumbles on her way. Rahul holds her. Romantic song plays in the background as they stand close, sharing an eye lock.

Precap: Manvi sees another Manvi. Sonali panics seeing two Manvi’s.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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