Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 18th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 18th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul stands in between Manvi and Yamini. He gets shot on the hand. Manvi is stunned. People run helter-skelter. Rahul takes Manvi with him. She is concerned as he is wounded but he insists. Police comes in to tackle the terrorists. Yamini is irked that the couple escaped again. Rahul isn’t dead. The bullet just touched him. I will end their chapter tonight. I wont sit quietly tonight after coming this far. Police arrests all terrorists. Rahul and Manvi escape from the back gate avoiding everyone’s eyes. Yamini changes her avatar to original so the police do not catch her. You have run enough. You ran away from the hospital. But you wont be able to run away from me. I wont let them reach home or it will get difficult to end Manvi. I will have to end their story on the way only.

Raj instructs someone to check everywhere (on the roads and every possible place). Call me back. Raj tells Shilpa and Sonali that the couple dint reach their car. Shilpa is highly worried for Manvi. I cannot just sit here and wait. I have to go to save manvi. Sonali calms her down somehow. Call Upmanyu ji again. we will decide together what is to be done. They see the news again. Sonali notices Yamini in the background. It cannot be Sandhya.

Yamini thinks to change her avatar once again (seeing a dead man). This is perfect. Rahul and Manvi will think that one of the terrorists is following them if I take his avatar.

Rahul and Manvi cannot see any taxi or auto anywhere. They notice a car coming their way. Manvi and Rahul seek lift from the guy. Yamini sees them going in the car from far. You cannot escape from me today Manvi. A biker stops his bike next to Yamini. She hypnotises him. He willingly gives her his bike and helmet and leaves walking. Yamini has turned herself into that terrorist.

The guy (Akhilesh) turns out to be Rahul’s fan and is really happy to help Rahul and Manvi. Rahul and Manvi get down from the car at a secluded place as they know they are still being followed by one of the terrorists.

Raj requests commissioner to find Rahul and manvi from anywhere. Upmanyu comes to Sabharwal House. Why did you come here without my permission? Sonali politely requests Upmanyu to come in thinking of Shilpa’s condition. Raj tells his wife not to beg Upmanyu at this time. He does not even know the gravity of the situation. Sonali tells Raj to stop. Upmanyu asks Sonali to let it be. He again asks Shilpa to come with him. She tells him about Manvi. She is in the same hospital which the terrorists have taken under them as hostage. Upmanyu panics for both the kids. Sonali apologizes to Upmanyu for whatever Rahul has done with Manvi. We have to be together in this situation for our kids. Their lives are in danger. I request you to come in. Upmanyu steps inside Sabharwal House. Sonali asks about Yamini / Sandhya from Chotu who tells her she has gone out. Sonali recalls seeing Yamini in the live telecast of terrorist incident.

Manvi and Rahul are walking in the jungle. Yamini gets down from the bike and begins to look for the couple. Manvi suggests going towards the main road so Rahul can get some help. His pain is increasing. Yamini thinks they can try to run as much as they want but they wont be able to save themselves today. Manvi asks Rahul to try harder. It is really important to find a doc. He is beginning to fall weak. We cannot go too far. The terrorist is anyways after us. We will be killed then. She tries to encourage him whereas he asks her to go. Don’t put your life in risk. She refuses to leave him alone. Let us try again. we will be there soon. Yamini thinks Rahul and Manvi’s death is following them today. Hide wherever you wish to. I will find you.

Nisha and Shaleen are going to some party. They stop in tracks seeing Manvi’s parents here. They had vowed never to enter here again. What are they doing here then? Raj is speaking to someone on phone. He got shot? I want every second’s report. Shaleen and Nisha ask Shaleen and Nisha where they were. Is this some hotel? She tells them about Rahula and Manvi missing since the terrorist attack. She cries. Shilpa asks Raj about the update he just got. Shaleen suggests going to commissioner. Raj agrees with him. Nisha tells him against it. Shaleen says Rahul is my brother. It is about our family. I care for him. He goes with Raj. Nisha makes faces to act to be sympathising with everyone else.

Rahul and Manvi find a hut. He is feeling dizzy as he has already lost a lot of blood. There is no one there. She makes him lie down on the cot. He begins to lose conscious slowly while talking. She brings water for him but in vain. She asks him to try once again. we have to find a doc. He denies. we don’t have time. Please take this bullet out. She has never done it before so she is scared. He requests her to do so. You have always supported me. if the poison spreads me then it will be a big problem. You have always helped me. I know you are upset right now but please help me. She reasons that she isn’t saying no because of their fight. What if something happens to you? He requests her again to take out the bullet or he will die. She gets worried. Don’t say that. I will do it.

Manvi finds a knife and heats it as per Rahul’s suggestion (to avoid septic). He worries for her as she gets hurt in the process. Romantic song plays in the background. Rahul screams out in pain when she touches the knife on his wound. Yamini hears him. It is the perfect location, away from people and your home. Plus you gave me the perfect chance yourself. What would you have said if press was here? Rock Star Rahul died begging for his life in a hut. You can try to save yourself if you want but I will take revenge for Yugant’s death.

Manvi repeats that she wont be able to do it but Rahul again asks her to do it. Ignore my screams. He holds onto her and the cot in pain. She tears her saree’s pallu and ties it on his wound afterwards. He looks at her while she wipes the sweat off his face using her saree.

Precap: Yamini takes out the gun and is about to shoot at Rahul. Manvi sees this and panics.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. last scene was superb . I just love the chemistry of rahul and maanvi and yes good news pata hai kisi ne naveen (raj sabharwal) ne kisi fan ko yeh kaha hai ki yeh track jaldi hi I mean in two weeks me khatam ho jayega if u all not believe on me then check in YKAGH instagram . I am so exited oh god and he also say that upcoming track also going interesting oh after a long time I got some good news

  2. R u sure soniyaa thzz track is going to endd end……I hope this news iz confirmed….:)

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