Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 15th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 15th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The lady (mother of the little girl) thanks Manvi for her help. I think I have seen you somewhere. Manvi tries to avert the topic but the terrorists hear them. They are intrigued to find out that Manvi has been on tv. Manvi is worried that they can make use of it if they figure out her truth. Chieft terrorist (RK) asks her if she is a reporter. Manvi denies. I am a singer, an ordinary one. The lady recognizes Manvi to be Rock Star Rahul’s wife. Manvi tries to manage the situation but in vain. The terrorists think to use this info to their benefit. They ask Manvi to stand up. Manvi complies.

Inspector tells commissioner of the demands of the terrorists. Commissioner says he is an international terrorist. We cannot let go of him. Rahul urges them to take some action. Do something. People second him. Police tries to explain to them. it is good that they are here together. we can nab them. Rahul says whose security do we come under then.

RK speaks on speaker. He keeps his demands before police who refuse to do so. RK knew it already. You don’t care about the lives of ordinary people. We have a famous person here. We have Manvi Sabharwal here with us. Accept our demands or you will get all the dead bodies in 15 minutes. rahul loses his cool knowing Manvi’s life is in danger. Police calls Home Minister.

Rahul decides to not lose a chance to save Manvi this time. He goes with the compounder aside. Compounder knows about a door which is closed since a year. Yamini hears them. You cannot hide anything from me Rahul. The best thing is that you show me way all the time. She turns herself into a man. She approaches Rahul to take him inside with him. my wife is pregnant and stuck inside. Rahul allows him.

Manvi thinks of the situation. I have to do a lot right now. I cannot die now. These people cannot kill me. RK reminds her she only has ten minutes left to live. Having connection with the
Manvi replies the one who is an enemy of people like you will save me. RK ask her if she is speaking of police. Manvi says it is God who will save me. They both have a heated argument. Manvi mentally prays to Durga Ma. I have full faith in you. you will save me from this problem.

Shilpa, Sonali and Raj are concerned for Rahul and Manvi. Raj is worried thinking about Rahul. Hope he does not get stuck in some problem while trying to save Manvi.

Rahul, the compounder, one other guy and Yamini are headed upstairs through the secret passage when a terrorist comes to inspect the place. They hide seeing him. The terrorist goes back inside. Rahul and his team come up seeing the way all clear.

The terrorist lady suggests killing everyone one by one. We will start with this girl (Manvi). We have already lost 15 minutes. RK says we will give one last warning before doing so. He announces the same on mike. You only have 5 minutes now. Rahul hears it too. Yamini follows him quietly.

Outside, Police discuss the issue.

Rahul and all the other 3 people get inside a room. A terrorist comes to that side after hearing a noise (of colliding with a vase). Rahul overpowers him and kills him (most probably). Rahul comes out in the getup of that terrorist (covering his face with a cloth). He tells the others to stay inside and goes. Yamini sends the compounder and the other man inside. She turns herself into the form of the same terrorist who Rahul just killed.

RK asks Manvi to get up. It is time to show that I live up to my words. Manvi stands up feeling scared. Rahul comes downstairs and looks at Manvi. He is asked to bring her to the chief. Rahul holds Manvi’s hand who asks him to let go of her hand. Let me go. She recognizes his touch and goes quiet. They look into each other’s eyes. Rahul tells Manvi to wait. She takes his name. He shouts at her to be quiet. RK tells him to kill her instead. Rahul takes out his gun. He aims it on Manvi’s head. RK tells him to go ahead and kill her. We have to throw her body outside. Shoot her. Did you fall in love with her like that Rock Star Rahul too? Rahul keeps looking at manvi only as he turns the gun towards RK. RK drops the mike in shock. Are you mad? I will kill you along with her. Yamini comes there in terrorist’s avatar recognizes Rahul to be someone else. Rahul wonders how this man came here. I am wearing his clothes. How did he get them then? RK asks them to kill this man. Rahul removes the cloth from over his face. Police hear Rahul’s voice. Compounder and the other guy come as well with sticks. We wont spare anyone. RK begins to fight with Rahul. Common people tackle and fight with the terrorists. Manvi slaps the terrorist lady. Rahul is also fighting with the terrorists. Police also go in. People run helter-skelter in panic. Yamini looks at Manvi. How do I lose such a good chance? Goodbye Manvi. I wont get a better chance to shoot you. She shoots at Manvi but Rahul steps in between. Manvi looks at him in shock. Rahul is hurt on the hand.

Precap: Upmanyu comes to Sabharwal House. Why did you come here without my permission? She tells him about Manvi. She is in the same hospital which the terrorists have taken under them as hostage.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Please enough of this yemini track, exposed her is time

  2. first of all I like and love this cute actually very cute terrorist karan kundra ab mudhe ki BAAT pls kuch ESA ho jaye ki yamini rahul ko goli mar ke yeh samajh jai ke voh mar gaya fir voh hamesha hamesha ke liye Ravi ke zindagi SE chali jai ESA ummeed karti hu . ummeed pe duniya kayam hai said by ooshi

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