Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 11th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 11th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi and her family are tensed to know of the loan that Harsh had taken. Manvi agrees to fulfil her Baba’s dreams. I will sing. Upmanyu is happy and hugs her.

Raj is shocked to know something. He asks Rahul to make his wife understand. She went to seek work for herself from some rival company. Tell her against it. Rahul denies. she is a talented singer. There is no harm if she wants to use her talent. It is a good thing if she wants to be independent. Raj is worried as the news can leak, bringing out the fact before media that something is wrong between Rahul and Manvi. Rahul says this is what you wanted. I don’t think it affects reputation. It doesn’t matter if she wants to make a name for herself on her own. Raj says it takes efforts of lots of people to make the image you are enjoying. I have more experience than you. Make your wife understand or I will have to use my power. I know what I have to do otherwise. You know me well. Sonali has heard their convo. It is only getting worse. I have to do something soon.

Shilpa asks Manvi to think through once. The companies you are calling for work are rival companies of Raj. Manvi reasons that she cannot think of them all the time. Rahul himself has sung for many of them. I will be left with no option if I don’t think to go against Sabharwals. I am atleast not working for Kabir. She gets a call and agrees to come for the interview.

Manvi thanks the guy for calling her for audition. He tells her to take her spot. She goes inside the studio and looks a bit scared. She dons the headset. I have to get this job at any cost. I have to help Baba at this point. I want this contract at any cost. She sings the song. The guy ends the audition mid way. Manvi panics. Give me another chance. I will sing better. He tells her to relax. You don’t need to give audition anymore. You are too good. We will hire you. it will be a fool who wont take you. I will just get the contract. Manvi thanks him. She thinks it will clear Dada’s loan yet get them some savings. Baba will be happy.

Rahul thanks the guy for helping him on short notice. The guy says it is not required. I understand the problems you are going through. Manvi sings so well. She is a fab singer. She will become a great star like you only. Rahul smiles. She will become a bigger star than me. He thinks this contract will help Manvi and her family very much. It will help them gain financial stability.

Manvi meets Sonali in the restaurant. Sonali thinks to end the misunderstandings between Manvi and Rahul. Manvi asks her if there was something. Sonali says I miss you very much. The house looks empty without you. manvi feels sad. Sonali says I understand you are upset. I would have felt the same if I was at your place. I am sad as I couldn’t stop what happened that day. Forgive me. Manvi tells her not to say so. You are elder to me. Don’t apologize. Sonali requests her to come home with her. Manvi denies. Sonali asks her if this means this relation means nothing to her, and if this marriage is over for you. I know it isn’t so as you are still wearing the mangalsutra. Manvi tells Sonali I understand I am your DIL but I have to be Baba’s daughter as of now. My parents have been talking about finding a job at this age. I cannot let them do it. I gave an audition in a music company. I got selected. I can help my parents with this. SOnali nods. I willn ever ask you to step back from your responsibilities. Keep your parents happy. Which company is it? Manvi tells her. Sonali congratulates her. it is a really good company. Do good. Manvi excuses herself as she has to go home. Sonali repeats the name of the company to herself.

Sonali is at the office of Urban Records. Rahul meets her there. What are you doing here? She replies that she came to confirm something. It is done now. He asks her why she is smiling. She looks at him. I know you still love Manvi. Why don’t you say it? Rahul says please don’t tell her about this. This company really liked her voice. It is just my way to say sorry. She assures him. Why don’t you tell her when you love her so much? He tells her that his decision is same. I am only fixing some things for her.

Yamini / Sandhya notices SOnali coming home. Her family is breaking apart. Rahul sent Manvi out of the house yet she is smiling? She asks Sonali if there is some good news. Is Manvi Bhabhi coming home? Sonali thinks she cares so much for Manvi as well. There is a good news. She tells everything to Yamini / Sandhya. I am happy as Rahul thinks so much about Manvi even today. Make sure this does not reach Manvi Bhabhi till things calm down. Yamini nods. I created so much hate between them yet they find a way to stick together. I have to break their tie or Sonali’s words will come true. Sonali asks Sandhya / Yamini what she is thinking. Yamini lies that she wishes that Manvi comes home soon. sonali thanks her as she feels better sharing things with her. she heads to her room. Yamini thinks she is a foolish woman. I came here so I can get all the inside info and use it against you all.

Precap: Nisha asks Manvi if she thinks she got this contract because of her talent. You got it because of Rahul. Chatterjee’s look shocked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. yeh kaha aa gaye Ravi pls rahul change ur mind and decision I hope ki yeh track jaldi khatam ho jaye

  2. yaar isse achcha toh kabir ka track tha atleast ek passionate luv triangle toh tha…huh! hate this yamini….!

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