Yeh Jawaani 21st June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Jawaani 21st June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Cheeku comes to Kimaya with flowers and tells her that he likes her the most in this world. He smiles because of her. He gets lost into her thoughts. Everything stops when he takes her name. Those flowers are nothing in front of her. He gives those to them, but Kimaya laughs and asks him what happened to him. How he even thought that a guy like him deserves a girl like her. Neither he’s genius nor he’s cute. He’s a big “dhakkan” (dumb). It was Cheeku’s dream. He wakes up and sees Dodo looking out from window. Cheeku says in his mind, if he thought girl like Kimaya would like him, then he’s really a dhakkan. Dodo is frustrated as his neighbor is not showing up in her balcony, nor picking up his call. Sid comes and goes to Cheeku’s laptop. He stops him, but then lets him use as he thinks Kimaya doesn’t like him, so no use of stopping anyone from using laptop. Sid says he’ll upload Devika’s photos and she will see how good photos he takes.

Dodo meets his neighbor (Gattu) in school and asks her why she was not picking up. She says she was busy and tells him to go on date with her, she will say everything. He says he wants to go on date, but with someone else. He asks her for tips to impress Radhika. Gattu makes plan with him to meet up Radhika at 4pm.

Hansraj has reserved a seat for Cheeku. A girl comes and asks him to move his bag, but he doesn’t. The girl tells him that students die to sit with her and today it’s his lucky day, but Hansraj still doesn’t move his bag. She sits elsewhere. Cheeku comes and he doesn’t sit with Hansraj. Hansraj invites the girl back, but she doesn’t move now and everyone laughs at Hansraj.

A boy comes to Dodo and asks if Yo Yo Singh came in party. Dodo says it was his party, so yes. He asks him to get his photo with Yo Yo. Dodo says sure, but it will cost. He gets message from Radhika and she confirms meeting at 4. Dodo gets excited.

Cheeku sees some students having fun with each other. He says to himself, it’s so much fun having friends, but sadly he doesn’t have anyone. He then comes to the cafe and orders a sandwich, but there are no more sandwiches. He sees one on a table there. Hansraj says he ordered for him, but Cheeku gets mad saying even he will leave him one day. He bumps into Devika. She asks him about Sid as she wants to teach him a lesson for uploading her pictures online without her permission. She tells him to let Sid know if he sees him. Hansraj comes to Cheeku. Cheeku apologizes to him and tells him that Kimaya called him dhakkan. Hansraj tells him no matter how he reacts to him, he will always be his fan. Cheeku receives a call from Kimaya, but he is not sure whether to pick up or no.

Cheeku meets Sid and tells him about Devika. Outside, Radhika meets Dodo. Gattu is not there. Dodo is not sure what to say. He remembers Gattu telling him to just say whatever he wants to. He goes ahead and tells Radhika that he wants to make out with her. Radhika asks what? He says, he will first propose her, make her realize that he loves her, and then they will make out. She slaps him and asks never to see her again. She leaves. Dodo says he got slap because of Gattu and decides not to spare her.

Another student tells Sid that Devika is calling him. Sid thinks he’s dead. Devika is mad at Sid. Random boys are coming to Devika and say nice pictures. Devika’s friend tells her that her popularity is increasing because of Sid. Devika agrees. Soon Sid comes and says pictures got uploaded by mistake, he will delete them now. He asks her to say something. She asks him not to delete pictures and next time take permission before uploading anyone’s pictures, that’s called good manners. She leaves with her friend. Sid is happy.

Dodo tells his sad story to Cheeku. Cheeku says it looks like he’s missing Gattu more than Radhika. Dodo tells him not to take Gattu’s name. Sid comes there all happily and talks about Devika. Dodo runs after him asking how it happened. Cheeku gets a message from Kimaya to come online. Cheeku feels like talking, but says there is something called self-respect as well. He is not sure what to do.

He’s using his laptop. Kimaya is calling him. He finally accepts the call. She asks him where the hell he was. She was so worried. She was calling him since so long. Cheeku remembers her harsh words and says, one second, Kimaya. I don’t want to talk to you ever. He disconnects the call. Kimaya is confused.

Precap: Cheeku is leaving the house and hears his mum using dhakkan word. Dodo meets up Gattu and tells everything messed up because of her. She again tells him to take her on a date if he wants to hear her tragic story. Sid seems to be showing some girls photos to his friends and Devika sees it. Later at home, Sid says he talked to her and cleared up all misunderstanding. Dodo agrees with Sid that you must talk. Cheeku strikes something and runs to the bathroom with his laptop.

Update Credit to: Tina

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