Yeh Jawaani 20th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Jawaani 20th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Cheeku has fallen asleep. Sid knocks the door and he wakes up. Cheeku wonders why his head is spinning and he remembers about him drinking. He tries to remember all that happened. Just then he receives a video call from Kimaya. He tries to remember what he talked to her, but can’t. Dodo and Sid keep knocking the door. They tell him their maid didn’t come today and they have to clean entire house before their parents come. Cheeku asks for 2 minutes and he video chats with Kimaya. Kimaya says good morning to adult cheeku. She asks him what he was trying to say last night. Cheeku once again tries to say he loves her, but fails. He ends up saying he talks to her a lot. She says she talks to him a lot as well because he’s her favorite. Sid threatens Cheeku he’ll break the door. Cheeku tells Kimaya he’ll chat later.

Dodo tells Cheeku his birthday is over. Sid and Dodo chill and make Cheeku clean everything. Sid and Dodo discuss the party. Sid says Devika played games with him, she wanted to kiss him, but kissed Cheeku to make him jealous. He asks Cheeku if he couldn’t say no. Cheeku says next time. Dodo says his plan failed big time as Radhika’s dad came in end. Cheeku says in his mind, he would have been happier if he had gotten kiss from Kimaya. He asks himself what he’s saying. If he’s in love? Sid and Dodo leave to meet Devika and Radhika. They tell Cheeku to clean everything. Hansraj comes in to help Cheeku. He tells Cheeku how he told him about Kimaya. He asks whether he’s in love? One sided love? Cheeku gets lost into thoughts.

Sid calls Devika’s driver. The driver yells at him. Sid says he’s from yesterday’s party and asks him to give phone to Devika. Devika talks to Sid. Sid flirts with her and then says she forgot something at his house. He asks her to meet up and he’ll return.

Dodo is trying to stop some students from going to tuition and rather buy exam papers from him. Radhika comes out. He shows her movie tickets and tries to take her to the movies, but Radhika’s dad comes there too. He tells Dodo he will surely fail him and one day, he’ll have him heart attack as well if he sees Dodo near Radhika again. He asks security to take him out. Dodo tells Radhika he will free her from that villain one day.

Devika comes to a restaurant to meet Sid. She asks him what he wanted to give. He first asks her to sit. She tells him to be quick as she doesn’t have time. He shows her various different things, but none of them are Devika’s and all outdated stuff. She understands that he just called her like that. She tells him he’s so dumb, he could have called her to show pictures. He says pictures are at his home and his parents are not at home either. He asks her to come to his home, but she refuses. She’s leaving. He stops her and asks for how long she’ll hide her feelings. Even she knows that she likes him. Devika holds his hand and asks if he wants to know how much she likes him. He says yes. She bends his finger and says that much. She then leaves.

Cheeku’s parents return home. He asks them how was the marriage. His mum asks him about Dodo and Sid and his dad tells him to get water. Dodo and Sid return with sad faces. Their mum makes them sit and tell them what happened in marriage. She also gives them credits for keeping house clean. Cheeku wants to say it was him who cleaned, but can’t say it. He gets a message from Kimaya to come for a chat. Cheeku says himself to be careful about Hansraj’s warning.

He video chats with her. Both look and smile at each other. She asks him how’s her dress. He says very good. Before he asks her, she understands his question and says yes she wore it for him as he said she looks pretty in pink. Cheeku wonders what’s happening to him, but tells himself to think about love for a little while. His mum calls him outside. He tells Kimaya he’ll be back. Kimaya receives a call from someone. She says, she laughed little and he fell for her. He’s so dumb, he got impressed with her one top. Cheeku comes back and hears it.

Cheeku thinks she’s referring to him and he’s heartbroken. Kimaya tells her friend she will talk later. She goes back to video chat. Cheeku ignores her saying he has some work. He shuts his laptop. He recalls her words and is very hurt.

Precap: Cheeku hesitates to chat with Kimaya and tells her he doesn’t want to talk to her, never. Dodo asks Radhika for makeout, but she slaps him. Devika intends to teach a lesson to Sid for posting her photos online without permission.

Update Credit to: Tina

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