Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 5th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Aman learns Roshni’s truth

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 5th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone staying upset with Aman and missing Roshni. He gets a call and asks Khanna to do the payment. He angrily throws his phone. Phupi says I feel my illness to forget things is good, I will forget this, how will you forget it. Parveen says its good to know the truth. Dadi says Ayana can’t be like this. Aman says she was such, what proof do you want now. Parveen says what can we expect from her. Aman recalls Roshni saving him and Baazigar. Dadi says Ayana left the house, red moon night is coming, Aman is still in risk.

Roshni cleans her room. She gets Salma’s reports. She gets shocked. She says Salma lied to me, she was never ill. She sits crying. Salma comes. She says I was greedy for money, scold me, I wasn’t ill, you can make me out of the house, I didn’t know this would happen, forgive me. She cries. Parveen and Dadi have a talk. Salma comes there to talk to Aman and says I m Roshni’s mum. Parveen insults her.

Salma says you are my relative now, did this hurt you, why did you make the relation forcibly, call Aman, he can see my truth but not Roshni’s good heart, I won’t go without meeting him. Parveen asks her to go. She shouts Aman. Aman comes and says I m here, why did you come hre. She says you think Roshni isn’t suitable for you, you are not suitable for her, you got her for your selfish motives, you broke her heart and she always came back, you know why. He says yes, for money. She says she never did anything for money, she did it for love, maybe she is in love with you. Aman and everyone gets shocked.

Aman asks what do you mean. Parveen says nothing, girls like Roshni don’t know meaning of love. Salma says she knows love, she is the best girl but has a bad fate, she got a husband like you and a mum like me. She stumbles. They hold her. Salma says she didn’t know that Sameer is married and has a child, she did not know that I had taken money from Sameer, she didn’t know that I faked illness, she didn’t wish to dance at Mla function, I lied to her that she has to save us from getting homeless, so she went to dance, I have always done wrong with her, I have hurt her but you have broken her, Lord will never forgive you. Dadi says we always gave her love and respect, when she accepted it… Salma asks did you agree, you have seen the world, how did you believe, Roshni didn’t do anything bad, she lied to you, she always lies to save others, I have raised her, she has always lied to save me, she can’t hear a word against me, I took advantage of her goodness. Aman asks what do you mean, you raised her, you aren’t her real mum. Salma says no. They get shocked.

Salma says but I would have done something good that Lord gave her to her. Parveen says its a good drama, why did Roshni take money if she is really so good. Sara and Saima come. Saima says for me. Aman asks what happened. Saima says I had done a mistake, I didn’t had courage to tell you, so I told Roshni. She says Roshni ruined herself to save me. Aman recalls Roshni’s words. She says Roshni didn’t take my name, she has taken all the blames on her. He asks what happened. She says I met Aftab before marriage, he had a video, someone was blackmailing me, I was scared and wanted to end my life. Aman gets shocked and hugs her. Sara says we didn’t know that Roshni used that blank cheque to pay the blackmailer, we didn’t know that blackmailer is Sameer. Aman is shocked.

Tabeezi opens the book. She says rain of fire, it means red moon is coming, we just have a month time, then everything over. She goes out and sees the rain fire. The fire gets on her taweez. She says its time to give this taweez to Aman, it will help him increase his powers. Raakh jinn comes there from the magical powers. Tabeezi says I will never give it to you. Raakh jinn asks her to see once. Tabeezi sees Farah in danger. Raakh Jinn snatches the taweez. Farah wakes up and sees Tabeezi lying unconscious. She gets shocked and rushes to her. Raakh jinn wears the taweez. She says there is less time and much work. She leaves. She makes her replicas and gets them to work.

Aman says I have come to take Roshni. Salma says she went. Aman gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    13. MaddieDaddie9966

      @Emily and Lisa,
      Please be calm…
      Emily, everyone has got their own rights to express their opinions…Lisa was criticizing about Roshni’s character…And she has the whole right to tell her opinion…At the same time you also have your right in expressing your opinions…But it doesn’t give you the right to shut up someone else’s mouth…You cannot tell someone else to keep quiet just because the other person is saying something negative…Lisa said something negative about Roshni’s character…She is not doing any mistake, instead she is just telling her opinion…
      Opinions can be positive as well as negative…AND EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TELL THEIR OPINIONS…
      So, Emily, please stop acting DUMB, instead learn to ACCEPT and RESPECT others opinions…

    14. @Maddie
      So sorry about my language ???, the thing when she was acting so dumb and abusing me, I got irritated. I’m extremely sorry ??☹️. I will try to calm myself ??? next time more.
      And thanks dear for understanding ❤️??? me and supporting with I actually meant ??? ?

  2. Now abt the episode, HATS OFF to SALMA???, she did something FABULOUS???, which I really wanted Roshni to do 4 so long???, I thought salma was just a SELFISH, GREEDY WOMAN, who has no motherly affection for Roshni , but today she proved tat she LOVES ROSHNI just like herown daughter.???
    Even Saima did a gr8 job???, I was really frustrated at her, 4 staying dumb yesterday???, but today so happy to see her CONFESSION✌✌✌
    Even tho I’m happy with Salma’s confession, I don’t agree with all tat she said???,
    I agree Roshni is kind and generous hearted person???, from the way she helps poor even shown in the previous episode, ???
    But her telling LIES just save someone ELSE’s crimes is WRONG???, I’m not saying LYING is wrong, LYING or HIDING THE TRUTH is good???, if there is a VALID REASON behind it,
    Whatever reasons Roshni were not at all valid except for SAVING SAIMA’S MARRIAGE?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️, tat 1really ACCEPTABLE, but other than tat she was just covering up for someone else’s crimes?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️, which is absolutely CRIMINAL and DUMB, and in a way, it was a complex within HER that is PROVING she wants to become MAHAAN later in front of everyone.???
    Anyways, gud tat the whole Khan FAMILY know everthing abt Roshni including the truth of her birth and the truth of her dancing in MLA’S FUNCTION???, thank you SALMA!!!!???
    Even tho I always support Aman’s character more than Roshni???, I liked the way he is pleading for Roshni to come back to him, which i really wanted to see from him???!!!
    “THE PROBLEM WITH PEOPLE IS THAT THEY VALUE SOMEONE ONLY WHEN THEY LOSE TAT PERSON”???‍♀️, and Vikram’s ACTING has really improved✌✌✌, coz it is very well shown in the precap, Aman is regretting ROSHNI’S LOSS.???
    This episode was really good!!!!

  3. Idk why people are abusing Lisa lol
    1. It’s just a serial guys
    2. Lisa may be abusing alot but her points are valid
    You can’t be like ohhhh I did this, that , yes that also
    I did Everything
    Not share anything with anyone
    And then be like
    Trust me
    Believe me
    Give me a chance

    I maybe have agreed with this logic if roshni and Aman were married for few years or if they were ever in love.
    But they had no such connection
    Infact Aman already hated her
    Then how can you go ahead with this logic.

    I am not saying Aman is right
    But roshni is also dumb

    And Lisa
    I am guessing you don’t like Naira
    Give me a high five ?

    See my problem with Indian serials is how they project women
    Sacrifice for breakfast,lunch and dinner
    And then the old aunties expect the real girls in the real world to do the same
    Why can’t main leads have
    Self respect
    Common sense
    And logic

    In Serial it’s like
    Tum mujhe 100 bar insult karlo I will come back
    Coz pariwar
    I will become villian for them to save them
    I will give up the guy I love for my cousin who has been nothing but evil to me

    Self respect kaha hai ?

    And naira toh I can go on and on about
    Matlab Kartik asked you something
    He is wrong
    But Iska Matlab ab Marne ka drama karke
    Goa bhag jayegi ?
    Karthik toh chhod
    Apni family kp bhi punish karegi 5 saal ?
    And fir victim bhi nanna hai
    I can’t with Indian serials
    And their leads

    1. Thanks a lot for your support Vidu,
      And I totally agree with you regarding the concept of SACRIFICE???, of which INDIAN SERIALS & especially characters like NAIRA has made a MOCKERY of.???
      Just by crying ?? all the time, she shows herself to be a great SACRIFICIAL FIGURE???, while everything she does is so UNETHICAL???.
      Same thing is happening to this Roshni’s character ??? here.

  4. Vidu U are right. It’s soo annoying sometimes

  5. I saw one episode that salama join hand with jin and ada she become evil to separate aman and roshini
    Then now she become good how

  6. Thank you Lisa and Diya
    You know the only female lead I have liked is mouni of silsila
    But other than that
    It’s only parivar, sacrifice, Rona dhona , tolerate karna bakwas

    Arey stand up for yourself

    And naira toh one of the worst characters in the history of serials

    I was thinking the same thing

  7. MaddieDaddie9966

    I just don’t agree with the way Roshni tells lies and takes the blame on herself…Whatever the situation might be, everyone has got something called SELF-RESPECT…How can one just say lies and let others to have a bad impression about oneself?? Whatever let it be, the wrong ones must be punished while the good ones must be rewarded…There is no use in taking the blame on oneself..Its just increases the intensity of problems and tensions…This tactic is used by most of the bahus of Indian serials…Bahu will be ready to sacrifice her wishes and self respect for her in laws…This is what happens everytime….And I literally HATE such type of Indian Bahus…Literally in most of the Indian TV serials, they make the bahu to sacrifice everything and lets the bahu get scoldings and shoutings from mother in law…This is what is happening in YJHJK…Roshni is sacrificing everything and Parveen shouts at her..The same old drama..and as usual, the heroine sits crying…
    Roshni’s character must change from the typical Indian bahu to a bold, brave girl who values self respect…She must tell her decisions boldly to others…She must be firm in her decisions…And instead of being the cry baby she must stand bravely against the wrong and fight against the odds..This what we viewers want….
    Well, coming towards the episode, it was just fantastic…
    Hats off to Salma and Saima for revealing the truth..Love u Saima for revealing the truth without delay…Salma proves that she loves her daughter a lot (I hope so its not another drama set by Salma for her evil plans)
    Aman literally regrets for his actions…He finally knows the TRUTH!
    Super excited for tomorrow’s episode..Promo is giving me a lot of expectations..
    One thing that I like about YJHJK is that they introduce problems and solves those problems quickly..This is what makes YJHJK special..I have seen some serials where they drag some problems for literally a year and make the show a crap… This is why I lost interest in watching Kumkum Bhagya on Zee TV as they dragged and dragged and made the show a crap..
    Anyways waiting for tomorrow’s episode eagerly…

  8. Wow finally the expected episode has come

  9. I cried alot… what an episode??? just loved the scene between salma and roshni….

  10. Now aman has realized his mistake. Roshini is that girl who saved aman family and saima . doed roshini will save aman from jinn . im eager yo see their love story

  11. U ppl r realistic in ur thoughts unlike some feminists whos just support female leads like they r some godess ne women s always right shit.
    Hats office diya lisa vidhu
    Ne lisa i have seen most oru ur comments in other serial sections tooo if im nt wrng.
    Girl u ho dont stop chlm oru these fake feminist nd IMALWAYSRIGHT type female lead supporter
    My point mayb wrng bttr today b honest i dont like roshni dat much evn amans family sometyms
    Like they r supporting roshni evrytym nd gtn angry in aman like they r protraying roshni as some mahan gudness kita moorthi
    Honestly i dont like character glorification nd mahan type ppl in shows
    Amana family s literally jumping on roshni nd doing chamchagiri fr her as if aman doesn’t exist nd blaming him fr her exit wen she was one acted like insensitive b4 evry1 n saimas marriage.
    Ne they r showing her as some dumb character blabbering nonsense which aman family finds cute ?

    1. Thank you ???❤️ for understanding me, Priya. You got me ?? so well, and I agree with your opinions on Aman’s family of doing chamchagiri of Roshni ??? and abt NAIRA, u gave the exact thing, she is not considered HUMAN but GODDESS???

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