Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 29th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Aliya’s plan backfires

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 29th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone getting a shock seeing Baazigar with the baby. Aman shouts Baazigar. Baazigar drops the baby to Aman. Aman gives baby to Aliya. She asks did you release Baazigar. Salma asks why did Baazigar pick the baby. Aliya smiles and recalls sending the snake to scare Baazigar. She thinks now Aman and Roshni’s misunderstanding will get high. Chotu shows the big snake and says Baazigar was protecting the baby, he should get an award. Aliya thinks my plan failed, I wanted to make Baazigar a villain, he became a hero. Dadi asks Sara to take Chotu inside. She asks Aliya is it true whatever you said. Aliya says sorry, Aman was pacifying me and we committed a sin. Dadi asks Aman is she saying the truth.

He says I don’t remember. Dadi asks how can this happen. Roshni says I will tell you, Aliya did this, she gave him drugs at night and fainted him. She gets the glass and shows them. She says there is leftover powder in it, see this letter, she is sending threatening notes to herself, see the same handwriting, she is a big liar, she did this so that she can stay here, she lied to you. Aman shows the clear glass. Roshni asks how can this happen. Roshni gets shocked. She says I had seen it myself, trust me, I m not lying.

Aliya cries and says I didn’t cheat Aman, else where will the proof go. She recalls the snake changing the letter and clearing the powder. She says you hate me, I hate myself, I m going away from this house, don’t let your relation spoil. She asks Aman and others to take care. She thinks someone stop me. Roshni stops her and thinks to stop the enemy home to keep an eye. She says you said baby is in danger, please stay here for baby’s safety, truth will come out when you stay here. Phupi asks them to change her or baby’s name. Roshni says we will keep baby’s name, his truth has to come out, right Aliya. Aliya says yes. Dadi says we should keep a name for the baby, we will keep the function today. Aman sees Roshni.

Tabeezi comes to her room. She sees some glowing heart fallen and gets shocked. Parveen says I had to leave Kabir’s heart there to get saved from the trap, all my powers ended, I have become a normal human, its worst than death for me, I have to sacrifice that child to get my powers back, I have to think of something. Dadi says I don’t believe this Aman. Aman says I don’t remember anything. Salma says you broke my daughter’s heart, you forgot, but I remember everything, you ousted my daughter, all rules are for wives, are there no rules for husbands. Aliya says sorry Aman, I should have not told this to Roshni. He says you know what you did, I can never do this. She asks don’t you trust me. He says I trust myself, I can’t cheat Roshni, there is no relation between us, we helped you for baby’s sake, you told such a thing, I fainted. She says it happened what I said. He says I can give my life in love, I can’t cheat, tell the truth. She says I can never say such a cheap lie. He says I can’t do this cheap act, tell me the truth. She asks why will I defame myself.

He says you said this, I was unconscious, but you were in senses, why did you do this, knowing I m married. She says I felt safe in your arms, I m tired of running away, every girl has a dream of a family, I felt my dream is turning true, I couldn’t stop myself, I felt you also want the same. He says I love Roshni. She says fine, if you want me to deny this, I will say that nothing happened between us, I have to stay here for my baby’s safety, I m ready to lie, nothing happened between us. She cries and goes. He cries.

Roshni cries. Aman comes and looks on. He says I don’t know how to apologize. She says its easy. He asks what do I have to do. She reminds the three things she asked him to do. He asks what. She says I know you did those three things, but I wasn’t alive, do that again and matter is over. Aman holds ears and says sorry Roshni, you are world’s most beautiful girl, I love you. She says its not easy to keep love, love and self respect are on different place, love isn’t letting me go away, and self respect isn’t letting me coming close to you. Tabeezi says its Sifriti’s heart, it will show to whom it belongs. She says it means its Kabir’s heart, but why couldn’t I hear it, its lifeless heart. She sees the rings forming. She says 14 rounds, it means it didn’t beat since 14 nights, it was star shower night, it means Kabir died on that night, then who had his heart and why.

Roshni says promise me, you will trust me. Aman promises. Aliya says Roshni is coming between Aman and me.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Okay wtf
    Why people are so easy on men who sleep around.
    I mean
    Sleep around
    Say sorry
    Call me beautiful
    Say I love you
    And I will forgive you
    And for girls
    You danced at some party
    Imma assassinate your character

    1. Hecdidnt slept with her
      Roshni ki fana unki support karniki chkar mei itna andhe aur dumb mat ban k
      It was very clear aman didnt do anythn
      Nd dis salma y cant she just shut up
      She s,keep on taunting,aman
      She s changed iska yeh matlab bahi ki yeh aman ko itna taunt marogi.atlst aman was,an outsider wen he broke roshnis heart
      Tum maa hoke apni laalach keliye apni khudki beti ko nachadi aur yeh shadi shuda aadmi ki saath jhodraha tha jabardasti
      Roshni s such a dumb
      Aman ki pyar ko ignore ka rahi hai jealousy mai hokar

  2. Nothing much to say about today’s episode????.

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