Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 23rd January 2020 Written Episode Update: Aman and Roshni miss romantic time

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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 23rd January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parveen thinking I will give Aman’s child to Sifrit jinn and get my power back. Aliya senses something and stops. Parveen goes to the baby and says you will be useful for me. She sees Aliya coming. She thinks how did Aliya come here suddenly. Aliya takes the baby. Parveen goes. Farah pacifies Roshni. She says when baby comes in the relation, such relations never break. Roshni says Aman and Aliya had relation before, not now. Farah says the baby is with them. Roshni says if the baby isn’t of Aman then. Farah says if its your hope, then it will be broken. They hear some sound and rush to see. Baazigar attacks Aliya to get the snake. Everyone comes there. They see the room ruined. Aliya says don’t know how this bird came here, make it out. Roshni says he is Baazigar, this is his house. Aliya says Baazigar is attacking my baby. They say he never does so, he can’t do this.

Aman says maybe he sensed something. Aliya says I can’t take any chance, can you keep Baazigar away from baby, please. Aman nods. Everyone leaves. Roshni says Aliya you got hurt, I will get medicine. Aliya says no need, its a small wound. Roshni thinks something is wrong.
Roshni looks for Baazigar. She sees him and goes to him. She asks do you think Aliya is fishy. He nods. She says our IQ is same, we have to find her truth, come. Aliya tries to make baby smile. Aman does magic to make baby smile. She asks how did you do this. Aman says magicians don’t tell their secret. She asks how did you learn it, you are part time magician. He says from internet. She says babies feel safe with mums, but stay happy with dads, its injustice to keep you and baby away, its complicated, you are married. He says stop thinking, you and baby are safe here.

Baazigar flies over Aliya. Aman stops him. He asks Roshni did you get him. He says I punished him to stay outside. Roshni says there will be some reason for his behavior. He says don’t know. She says maybe he is sensing something wrong. Aliya asks what. Aman says Baazigar, you will stay out of the house. Aman takes him. Aliya says I know its tough for you, but trust me, I didn’t come to snatch your right. Aman says I have caged Baazigar. Aliya holds his hand and thanks him. Roshni sees them holding hands. Dadi says baby is supercute. Parveen thinks Aliya doesn’t leave baby alone, I feel she isn’t so innocent. She sees her finger turning red. She says ring is away from me, its showing affect, I can’t stay in my human form without the ring. Its morning, Tabeezi is with the ring. Roshni comes to meet. She tells about the curse. She says our married life got ruined, Aman and I can’t touch each other, I feel bad, do something. Tabeezi smiles and says I m trying to find a solution for this, Aman also asked me twice. Roshni asks really. Tabeezi says he called. Roshni says he is desperate to touch me, I don’t care. Tabeezi laughs and hugs her.

Roshni and Aman see each other. Roshni teases him for his desperation. He says I didn’t call Tabeezi again and again. She says I went to meet her to get solution. He says you are also desperate. She says I m jealous, everyone can touch you except me, Farah was saying one who gets a baby, their relation is strong. He says you said we have a heart connection, no bond isn’t stronger than that, I will be always yours, don’t feel insecure. She says I feel… He says send your Ayana sense away, there is nothing between Aliya and me. She asks why did you cage Baazigar, you may need him. He says yes, but the danger on Aliya and baby isn’t supernatural, we have to find out the people who are after their lives, I will settle the matter, they won’t be here forever. They have a moment. He asks her to make a wish. Khairiyat pucho…plays… She makes a wish. They dance and share an emotional moment.

Roshni cries and says I feel like an outsider. Aman says you are in my heart. Aliya looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It’s boring
    Do something interesting

  2. Boring episode of yjhjk🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 but I love his cute moments

  3. Stupid episode…all family members are they are normal to Aman and alia as if getting pregnant before marriage was so normal for them. If this same happened would have been happened with roshni just imagine their reactions and aman’ s reactions..abhi tak suna suna k maar Diya HOTA usko.. completely non sense track…
    It’s no more a fantasy drama…

  4. Except Roshan cute moment there is nothing to watch.I feel this episode was complete waste of my time😬😬. How can the family members be so normal with aliya 😑😑😑😑,they treat aliya like she is the wife of aman,as the story progress they all started acting dumb.totally ridiculous. This episode was totally boring and nonsense,except the Roshan cute moment when they teases each other about their desperation 😘😘,that was something good in the entire episode I think so🤔🤔.Loved the way aman says “Ek kaam kijiye ek railway station jayiye aur apni iss aayaana sense ko kisi door wali train mein bitha ke aa jayiye”😆😁😆😁.And roshni’s conversation with baazigar ,when she said “mere paas aayana sense hai apke paas baazigar sense hai aur khan baba’s ke paas nonsense hai”🤭🤭🤭🤭.
    I request the makers not to spoil the story as day by day the story progress they all begins to act dumb and if the story continues on the same track I think I will going to lose my interest of watching yjhjk

  5. Total rubbish episode.But Roshan moment is so cute I loved it.

  6. End the serial…Instead of showing this crap…We watch the serial for aman and roshni

  7. I have a doubt..
    Who is Kabir actually?
    Is he sifriti jinn or elder brother of Aman
    Bcoz Aman’s father asked sifriti jinn a wish of becoming rich and the same sifriti jinn is after Aman.. so that’s the reason that sifriti jinn came during Aman and Adaa’s engagement and Aman locked him. But sifriti jinn came out and took a form of Kabir..
    But now they are showing Kabir as elder son…how can he be ? Bcoz sifriti jinn was there before itself
    So please if anyone could clear this..

  8. poor roshini,first Aman ne forcefully Shaadi kiya,then after marriage roshini se misbehave Kiya then Ghar se Nikal Diya then roshini was died just because of him then he was in relationship with another girl who was devil,even he has a dummy baby also,roshini felt outsider just because of blo*dy aman,kafi kamzor dikha Diya gya hai ek lady ko Jo ayana hai..roshini please leave Aman,left country,produce baby,be a single mother,laat maar Yaar aise insan ko Jo tujhe tere he Ghar me outsider hone Ka ehasas dilata hai..misbehave karta hai..jiske Jane kitne aur relation hai apni wife ke alava bhi..

    1. @nabomita
      Same feelings it’s frustrating to watch her suffering so much…don’t understand whats the problem with makers…isse better Roshni ki Kabir se Shadi ho jati…Kabir is far better than him..wo roshni ki respect bhi deta..Aman Ka character is completely ruined..he is behaving so normal with alia and baby…WTF!!..pehle roshni ki Sameer k liye Kitna insult Kiya and now he is like him..hypocrite man..😠😠

    2. @nabomita
      Whatever you said was right, I also has the same feeling.except roshan moment this ep was frustrating.

  9. Boring episode 😒😒😒😒😒 but loved the ROSHAN moments 💖💖💖💖💖🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍and the funny parts of Roshini talking to Baazigar about 🕊️🕊️🕊️ayaana sense and 🦅🦅🦅baaz sense and Aman’s non sense😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Oh my [email protected] is the jin😂Starplusrubbish shows are endless

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