Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd January 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudraksh threatens Prisha

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraj lying to Prisha and crying. He says I will be going to jail now, I was becoming a jail, now I have become a murderer, I have done this for Saransh, he will be fatherless again, what will happen now, everything got over. Prisha worries. Police comes there. She asks who informed the police. He says Rajeev, its an accident, I have called the police, I will ask them to punish me, so what if Rajeev was wrong, if I wanted to do right, sorry Prisha, I couldn’t do right, I had many dreams for you all, its my crime, why would anyone take the blame, say sorry to mum and dad. Prisha cries and sits in his car. He gets shocked. He smiles and thinks my acting worked.

Rudra is on the way. He says I m coming Rajeev. He calls Bhatia and asks for Rajeev. He says you had a meeting with Rajeev, right, but Rajeev said so, okay thanks. He says it means dad lied to me. Yuvraj says you can’t take blame on yourself, think of Saransh, mum and dad. Inspector sees Prisha. He rushes to Rajeev’s body. Inspector goes to Prisha and says come out. Yuvraj says listen to me.

Prisha says this accident happened because of me, Rajeev died because of me. Inspector says arrest her. Yuvraj tries to stop. He does a drama and smiles. He says person does a lot in love, Prisha had to melt seeing my tears, I love you but so sad. Saransh runs somewhere and says sorry, I won’t leave you mumma, please come and take me. Rudraksh says something is wrong, is Rajeev fine. Yuvraj asks Prisha to say something. He says fine, take the blame, I will free you from the jail, I m a judge, I will take the case and save you. He acts. Yuvraj thanks her. Rudraksh reaches there and sees the accident and police. He says maybe an accident happened. Rajeev’s body is taken. Rudraksh says Lord give him soul peace. He gets shocked seeing Rajeev’s watch. He recalls gifting him the watch. He runs to the dead body and holds hand. He gets shocked seeing Rajeev’s face.

Rudraksh says this can’t happen, I have sang good songs, you have to come, you got late, I have come to you, why aren’t you talking to me. He shouts. Inspector says he is dead. Rudraksh says nothing can happen to him. Inspector says try to understand, he is dead. Prisha and Yuvraj look on. Rudraksh says sorry, I felt you are calling me, but I didn’t come, don’t punish me, get up for me once. He hugs Rajeev. Police stops Rudraksh. Inspector says Rajeev died in the accident. Rudraksh asks who did it. Inspector says we got a lady in the car, we think she did the accident. Rudraksh asks where is she. He sees Prisha. He gets angry.

A man asks Saransh what is he doing on the road, where are his mum and dad. Saransh says I m lost. The man says I have come to help, are you hungry, have a chocolate. Saransh recalls Prisha’s words. He says I don’t want it, mumma said don’t talk to stranger. The man says fine, you come with me. He scolds Saransh. Saransh bites his hand and runs away. The man runs after him to kidnap him. Rudraksh catches Prisha to suffocate her. Police stops him. Yuvraj thinks I got saved, I have to do this drama until Prisha goes to jail. He asks Prisha is she fine. He scolds Rudra. He says Prisha didn’t kill Rajeev, it was an accident. Rudra says you won’t say in between, I will kill her. Yuvraj says you can’t take law in hand. Rudraksh says I will punish her. Yuvraj asks Prisha not to worry, nothing can happen.

Maa asks about Rajeev. Rudraksh cries. Prisha meets Saransh at the police station. Rudraksh shouts Rajeev is dead.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Verma4

    How stupid could you be Prisha . You are suppose to be a Dr. Your as smart as a door knob. Did you get your MED licence from a cereal box ?? Rudra is correct to react that way.

  2. Yes, she’s so dumb!

    In a real world a mother would think of her child not her lover yet she says she loves Saransh.
    Is it really in India they don’t cordon off crime scene and inspect thoroughly ?

    I hope soon Saransh goes to Rudrasksh instead of being with dumb Preesha and evil Yuvraj.
    Will her parents know the truth that Yuvraj was behind the wheel? If so let’s hope they make her see sense.

  3. Usually it takes months to ruin a program, congratulations team of YHC managed to do it in a month.
    Making one of the dumbest characters ever

  4. Preesha is a sensible girl. At least With the way she adopted Saranch to cover up her sister’s misdeed. She is not so dumb. We should be patient. She must have her reasons. Keeping fingers crossed. Wept so much today when Ruderaksh was crying

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