Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 24

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Hi guys my 23rd update is here.
Its morning,
Rv’s house.
Rv:Raman bhai, bhabi, Manik, Ruhi beta….will miss u all.Manik tell abt my business trip to Nandu and Ishu also okay?
Manik nods.
Raman:When will u return?
Ruhi:I will miss u boyfriend
Rv:Bhai next week…I will return on Friday (after 4days).Rest 3 days I am staying with mom nd dad.I will miss u too girl friend.
Manik shake hands with Rv and hug him and also wish all the best.
Ishi:Ranveer anybody is joining u frm office.
Rv:Yah my assistant Sharman (MATSH)
Raman:Ishita I hav Sharman’s number dnt worry.
Murty house,
Mrs. Murty:Ishu beta is it important to go?
Ishu keeps her hands on her moms shoulder and says:Amma….I know u are worried as its my 1st business trip ever.But dont worry I will be alright….afterall my boss Mrs.Nyonika(KYY)is there know.
Nandu:Amma…..iss museebath se 4 din chutkara to milega na jaane do. (Atleast 4 days we can have peace right)
Ishu beats her
Mr.Murty:Call us whenever u are free ok?
Ishu:Yes appa…can I go now? Or else I will miss my flight.And Nandu say abt my trip to All in Manik’s hse especially Rv.
Nandu winks.Ishu smiles and leave from there.
After 1 hr Ishveer reach Mumbai.
Nyonika:Ishani….there will be many other ppl for the conference. U might hav to help them also.Especially my close client Mr.Arora.
Ishu nods.When she heard she wished it to be Rv.
Ishu (to herself):It cant be Rv as he didn’t mention anything abt it yday.Even I didn’t mention anything abt the trip…Ishu dear focus on ur wrk
Its evening,
Manik is sitting in his room bored.Nandu enters saying she is getting bored sitting alone.
Manik:Where is Ishu?
Nandu:Where is Rv?
Manan:Business tour.
Manik:Rv dint know abt Ishu going on business tour.
Nandu:Tht would hav been too exciting.
Manik:When they meet…I know whats gonna happen
Nandu:Me too.
In Mumbai,
Rv take his room keys, just after Rv left Ishani and Nyonika take keys.Rv is in room no.110 And Ishu in Room no.111.Both in same floor opposite sides.Rv opens his room keeps his luggage and goes to freshen up.Ishu also go to freshen up.Rv comes back freshened and Ishu also comes after freshening up.RV decide to go 4 a walk.Ishu decide to check for staircase and lift to clear confusions in the Hotel.Ishveer opens the door together and see eachother get shocked and close the door again.
Ishu (In mind excited):Ranveer.
Rv (In mind excited):Ishani
They again open the door and move towards eachother.
Ishu:Hi Ranveer.
Rv:Hi Ishu.
Ishu:what are u doing here?U didn’t say anything abt this.
Rv:U also dint say abt this.
Ishu:Woh…actually Mr.Kurana was supposed to come but last minute he got unwell.So his wife Nyonika came.I am her assistant.And wat abt u?
Nyonika:Ishaani whose out there?
Ishu:Maam its…
Nyonika comes and says:Hi…u are Mr.Arora’s son right?
Rv: Yes I am Ranveer.Arora.
Nyonika:Where is your father?
Rv:He had to go to Dubai for a 3day conference. So I had to come

Ishu:Acha Ranveer it was all so soon ah? Just like me? (laughs)
Nyonika stares and says:Mr.Arora. get that dear?
Ranveer:Dnt call me Mr.Arora. She have all the rights to call me Ranveer.
Rv:She is my…..ah….my
Ishu interrupt:Best friend.
Rv:And to be wife.
Ishu shocked. Nyonika congrats.
Ishu:Maam its nothing like tht he is simply saying.
Nyonika:Dont be shy Ishu afterall look at him he is handsome right?
Ishu smiles with mixed emotions of shock and happiness and surprise. Rv winks at Ishu.Ishu shows him her fist as if she is to hit him.
Rv:Ok then Mrs.Khurana and Ishu I am going for a walk.
Ishu waves him bye with a hifi.
Nyonika:Ok then Ranveer. Wil meet in the conference.
Nyonika goes inside. Rv moves forward turns back and give flying kiss to Ishu.Ishu blush…..
Next day morning,
Manik:Ishu called me nd told abt the meeting.
Nandu:Rv tld to her boss tht she is his to be wife (laughs)
Manik:Nandu what will u do whn u see me like tht.?
Nandu:Ah….I will give u a kiss and say’hi! to be husband’.And what will u say?
Manik:Maam nothing like tht she is simply saying (winks)
Nandu:Acha beta……u will copy Ishu and ignore mee.
Manik:Arre baba how can I ignore u afterall u are my love.
Nandu does her drama and says:Ayyapa! I am flattered.
Manik:Tum Ayyapa se drama kyun dhika rahi ho? (y are showing ur drama to Ayyapa? )
Nandu:Simply for fun.
In Mumbai,
Its meeting Ishani has to explain abt a project to the members. Rv is sitting opposite Ishu.While Ishu is explaining Rv is constantly trying to disturb her.He gives her flying kisses, shows faces, says I love u etc.After the conference Ishu pulls Rv to a side,
Rv:Woh….Ishu u are becoming naughty ah?
Ishu:Shut up idiot (pulls his collar)….It was the question of my life and u were playing with it.If I had made any mistake just because of u I must hav lost my job…..
In the mean time Rv had hold her waist after she finished he pulls her closer.
Rv:Ishani. ….I will gve u job.So everything will be fine.I can hav lots of fun in office torturing u.
Sharman enters and clears his throat and says:Sir…
Ishu push Rv and stand there embarrassed.
Rv:Yes Sharman say….
Sharman:Actually Mr.Ashish (imaginary char) want to meet u.
Ishu:God! His asst had askd me also to call Nyonika maam for a meeting with him….bye Rv, Sharman.
Sharman (tauntingly):Sir….its hot in Mumbai na? I can see sweat coming from Ishani’s head.
Rv:Sharman she is ur to be bhabi….dont call her by name.
Sharman:Whaat? God! She is really talented sir…will u ask me to leave job for her?
Rv:Never….at tht pnt I will gve u promotion.
Sharman:Tnx Rv.

Precap:Ishani shocked to see someone . Manik is shocked hearing abt tht person
Who will be the man?Wy is both Manish shocked? stay tuned…..
#spread happiness
#spread smile
#love all

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  6. Amazing episode!! You are an awesome writer! And thanks for the ishveer moments!

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