Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – Fan Fiction – Chapter 5

Chapter 5
Raman: Adi, I heard your conversation with Vinni and I know you think that Ishita-

Adi: No papa, I am not worried about Ishi Ma. I know Ishi Ma loves me and Ruhi a lot. It is you that I am worried about. I mean you and me don’t spend time more. You are always so busy.

Adi is uncomfortable and he leaves. Raman looks after him in thought.

Raman’s thoughts.
Well he is right, I don’t really spend time. I am such a bad father. He knows Ishita and trusts but he is worried about me. I must get rid of these thoughts in his mind. I should spend more time with him.

Shagun comes out of her room and is surprised to see the living room decorated with flowers and roses. Manoj comes and sits on one knee holding a rose, nervous. (He is behind her).
Manoj: Shagun.

Shagun spins around, startled. She gets relaxed when she sees Manoj but a whirl of emotions change on her face when she sees the rose.
Manoj: Shagun, I love you. Will you marry me?
Shagun is shocked. Manoj stands up and tells Shagun that he heard her feelings for him and wants to marry her. Flashback shows Shagun saying I love you in a drunken state. Flashback ends.
Shagun: Yes Manoj. I will marry you. Teri meri kahani plays.

Raman and Adi are bonding over cricket and are fighting about the best team with the neighbours while Ishita and Ruhi are laughing. (They aren’t letting the neighbours say anything. ) The neighbours walk away and Adi high fives Raman.

Precap: Ishita, Ruhi, Adi and Raman bond over ice-cream.

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Credit to: Pari

  1. Its to much goody goody have some twists

  2. good gng loved it…..

  3. nice one pari…….
    happy family

  4. Thanks a lot pari dear for using my suggestion….. cmg back to ur ff dear it’s mind blowing…like seriously cuz I left watching yhm after they started rinki’s change in behavior but now m reading ur ff… and it turned out to be awesome…. loved it… and u told that u will show some father son moment… I’ll waiting for it cuz ik u will write it nicely… with a feel and making it more realistic to us…. and one more suggestion dear….use some bg music to make it more awsum like IF u are showing some romantic moment then use two lines ON song then describe the scene in bracket after writing two lines of song then it make ur readers imagining it… u can do same with some emotion moments ie: write the song lyrics
    Tumse dil ka rishta juda…
    Pal do pal mein mit ta nahi
    Bandhan dil look ka tut ta nahi
    (Ruhi hugs ishi ma and says i luv u)
    Then again second line of song and scene… this will make scene more realistic to readers…. hope u’ll use it in future ok ok ik i said too much anyways cont soon stay blessed
    Love prads

  5. Very nice pari…
    Ya have some twists BT pstv…. Plsssss

  6. Plsssss reunite mihir mihika soon ….

    Nd a new character for abhishek also…. He is also very nice ..

  7. Very good pari… Loved it soo much….

  8. pari, thanks so much dear. it’s very nice. i luv it. i like 2 have mihiku with abishek. plz……..

  9. Guyyz plz app mein se koi bta skta hai kii vo konsa episode tha jisme ishra night walk ke liye jate hai???mein app ko ek hint de skti hu kii vo episode old bhalla house mein shoot hua tha…please koi bta do…

  10. Are these real scenes or just spoilers

    1. Dear its a fan fiction on yhm it has nothing to be related to ongoing tracks…. but this ff is damm good read it from starting

  11. Yeah pari pls show mihiku with abhi… they both are soooo cute… pls start their track in ur own way

  12. very good pari .you always bring good stories.

  13. It’s fab luv da way ur writing its so gud 2 read u shuld hv been the director yaar…

  14. Guys..I am really lucky to have such supportive readers. Thanks for the brilliant comments. Guys..I am really sorry but I can’t update today because of a family emergency. I will try update tomorrow or whenever I get time. I am really sorry,:-(:-( I hope you understand.
    Pari 🙁

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