Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Ruhi falls unconscious

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone having breakfast. Raman says I m talking about Karan, why did Ruhi say yes to marry him, she didn’t tell me. Ishita says their marriage didn’t happen yet. Raman asks didn’t the marriage happen, then he is always here, did his house get sold. Ruhi says don’t make fun of him, he loves all of us, so he runs to us to help. Karan says yes, you can make fun, but you won’t get a better son-in-law than me. Ishita says yes, he is super talented. Mrs. Bhalla says then get Ruhi and Karan married soon. Karan says I love you Dadi, but mom is getting treatment done in London. Ishita says marriage can’t happen without her. Karan says we will go to London for destination wedding.

Raman says we will go to moon, doctor said I can’t travel. Ishita says we can’t take baraat to London. Karan asks how will I marry Ruhi. Ishita laughs and says we were joking, there is a surprise, Sudha is coming back soon, we have to keep preparations ready. Karan says you are great. He asks Yug to book any venue. Raman says the marriage will happen in our house. They agree. Mihika says I will call Romi home, he can’t miss Ruhi’s marriage. Aaliya asks how will we manage it soon. Ruhi says its fine, I don’t want expensive lahenga and jewellery, I just want family. Simmi says but we will shop. Raman says I m very happy. Ishita says even I m happy, I will tell Shagun. Ruhi gets ready and asks where is Ishita. She goes to see. Ishita smiles seeing old memories. Ruhi comes. Ishita asks remember these… Ruhi smiles. Ishita says you were talented since childhood. They see pics, bangles, toy and laugh. Ishita hugs her and says you will be getting married and become someone’s wife. Tere dil ka….plays… They get emotional. Ruhi says I feel nervous. Ishita says you will handle everything, I feel proud of you, you are my diamond.

Ruhi says Karan is really good, he loves me a lot, I want to be like you and dad. Ishita says you can’t handle so many fights, I kept these safe to give to my granddaughter. Ruhi says there is much time for it. Ishita says I also used to get embarrassed when Amma spoke like this, I want to cuddle your baby, negativity ends in life when baby comes. Karan comes to call them. He sees Ruhi’s toys. He says pack these toys, when we get a daughter, we will gift this. Ruhi says why so soon. He says I want to become papa soon. Ruhi says its my decision. He says it will be my decision also. Ishita asks them not to fight like kids. Ishita jokes. They laugh.

Karan says we will need this soon. Ishita says lucky you Ruhi. Ruhi says lucky boy… Mrs. Bhalla asks did you shop everything. Ishita says yes. Raman asks how do you get so much energy for shopping. Ishita says we just started. Ruhi gets a call. She says I have an imp meeting, I have to go. Yug says its your marriage, stay back, I will go. Ruhi says I worked hard for this, I have to go. Karan says you go for meeting, I will shop for you, I know your taste. Ruhi says I know your taste is good. She goes. Raman says Ruhi is lucky, Karan respects her work. Ishita says I m really proud of her. Ruhi drives. She says why am I getting stomach ache suddenly. Ishita is busy shopping sarees at home. Ruhi calls Karan. He doesn’t see. Ruhi stops the car. Karan shows the sarees. Ishita says this won’t suit you. Karan says I have to do this for Ruhi. Raman says let him do, its his marriage. Ruhi gets down the car and falls down.

Mrs. Bhalla says mum gives saree to daughter and gets happy. Karan says its nice idea, I will buy this for Ruhi, she will give this to our daughter, I will convince Ruhi. They all smile. People gather around Ruhi and take video. A lady comes and checks Ruhi. She scolds the people for not helping the girl. She says help me in taking her, I don’t know her, I m a gynac, I will take her to my clinic. She takes Ruhi and also picks the phone. Ishita worries and goes to call. Karan says pack all these. Simmi says Ruhi doesn’t wear sarees. Karan says it will suit her a lot. Ishita thinks Ruhi isn’t at home, shall I call her.

Simmi asks Ishita to explain Karan. Ishita gets a call from Dr. Pankhuri. She says I got a girl unconscious on the road, I got your number from her phone. Ishita asks what happened to her, did she meet with any accident. Pankhuri says she is fine, she is at my hospital, come and meet her. Karan asks what happened. He asks is she fine, I m Karan, Ruhi’s fiancee. Pankhuri says she is fine, come and meet her. Nurse says patient got conscious, she has stomach ache. Pankhuri says prepare her for sonography, we can know her problem.

Raman asks what happened to Ruhi. Pankhuri sys Ruhi can’t conceive, I m here there will be some solution. Raman and Ishita get shocked. Sudha comes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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