Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Iyer sisters cooking and talking about their husbands expecting them to like the food. Raman asks Kajal to join them. She says her girl gang is here, and will call them. The guys ask Raman to grab this offer, and Raman shows Ishita calling. They get worried as they can get caught. Raman says if I message, she will start chatting asking where I m. Bala says go out and talk. Raman asks why, am I scared. Bala says she will know everything, Vandu is with Ishita and her sixth sense is sharp, they will know where we are. Mihir says I m not married, Iyer sister are very dangerous. Raman says fine, I m going out to talk, look good now, see the girls are coming.

Kajal and the girls introduces themselves. Mihika gets the phone from Ishita and says first you taste it, make other taste it, then make Raman taste it. Ishita says I did not think so. Raman calls her and Ishita says what will I tell him. Vandu says say I m missing you. Mihika says ask him why is the sky blue. Ishita takes the call and asks what is it. She says you were busy so I called, then you called back, so I ended the call. He asks but why. She asks why is the sky blue. He says join Ruhi in the school, you are fully mad, with incomplete education.

The guys and girls dance on the song Saturday Saturday…………………. Mihika signs Ishita and says Ruhi was crying and asking this, its very intelligent question, so I asked you. Raman says use your brain, use internet. Mihika signs again, that net was down, because of rain. Raman taunts her and asks is it over now. She says this is rude, I won’t talk to you now. He ends the call and asks Lord to maintain this. Mihir asks where is Raman, he is missing the fun. The guys leave the girls and dance together. The girls laugh seeing their funny steps.

The police comes there and asks Kajal and others to come with them, as he knows from which family she is. Kajal says she is from good family, you are misunderstanding. Mihir asks Romi at which place did you bring us. The manager tells inspector we have license. The inspector says we know about smuggling here, everyone will be checked. They take Mihir, Romi, Bala and Neil. Mihir asks Neil to use his law degree. Neil is drunk. Bala requests Neil to do anything. Romi asks Neil to go and do something. Neil talks to the inspector and says about their bachelor’s party.

The inspector does not listen to him. Bala tries his words and says I m married and have child. The inspector gets more angry. Romi talks to him about bribe. Raman comes and looks at everyone. He asks the waiter whats happening. The waiter says about police and asks him to leave. Raman turns and the guy call him, putting all the blame on Raman. Raman smiles and goes to them. Ishita makes Ruhi taste the food. Shravan asks Ruhi to taste first. Ishita wishes she passes. Ruhi says nice, but it has less salt in shahi paneer and spice less in bhendi dish. Ishita is glad and laughs.

Raman talks to the inspector and says their profession. Raman says I m CEO. Bala says he is teacher, and will teach his children. Mihir says Raman is CEO and I m his younger brother. The inspector asks him to come to police station. Raman scares him about Pathak and says I will call my lawyer. Romi says no, Pathak is here. Raman says oh and smiles. He says people say such things, which I won’t, we will die if our wives know this. The inspector says fine, we will take you to home, your wives should know how you come to bars and dance with girls.

They ask inspector to give third degree in jail, but not this. Raman says fine, and does emotional blackmail. The inspector takes them. Mihika asks Ishita to be happy as she can make good food next time. Vandu says kids have slept when I told them three stories. The door bell rings. The inspector asks about Romi. Ishita asks is he fine. He calls Romi first. Ishits asks what did he do. The inspector says he was enjoying with girls. Ishita scolds him and Vandu took defends Bala and scolds Romi. The inspector brings Bala. Vandu is shocked. Vandu asks you went for extra classes now. Mihika says chee jiju, we did not expect this from you, I give him example to Mihir, he is in office. The inspector bring Mihir in.

Mihir comes and they are shocked. Ishita says whats happening, whats all this. She says you did not think about family, see Raman once, he works all day and night, and you have hurt his reputation. The inspector says CEO is with us and calls Raman. Raman comes with hood on his head. Everyone is shocked seeing him.

Raman hides his face. Ishita says Raman. Vandu says you all went out together making a reason. Mihika gets angry on Mihir and Raman saves her. Ishita asks it there anyone else. The inspector says one more, who says he is lawyer. He calls Neil. Ishita is surprised seeing him. He says so they are caught, as Neil is also drunk and with them, shame on you people. Vandu cries and Mihika consoles her. The inspector asks them to control their husband as he has done his duty, now the rest is to be done by them.

Raman warns Ishita and says be quiet, else I will show this to society. She says you are blackmailing me.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Nice Episode 🙂 waiting for tomorrows episode 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. I think ishita ki video jo usne record kya

  3. i watchd 2day’s epi so so funy whn al entrd’t stp u ISHRA

  4. I think video of ishita in hospital

  5. Usneh ishu ke hospital mein jo video banayi thi!
    Voh uski bath kar raha hai!

  6. Nice epi:) amena wat abt ek hasina thi?? Won’t hav net pack aft 12…!!!

  7. Hey guys !!!
    Precap mein raman kya dekhane ki baat kar rha hai ???

  8. Cute epi!!
    Special part when all the 3 maharajas enter one by one!
    Raman hiding his face!lol
    precap looks fine!
    The show is on a right track.
    Hope shagun n ashoke dont make it bad again!

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