Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman asking Sarika to sit. He gives her water. Simmi and everyone looks on. Mrs. Bhalla asks who is this girl. Raman says Parmeet will tell you. He says Ishita left, you and Simmi are also going, so I thought to make you meet her for the last time. Simmi says this is same girl who took Ishita to police staition, we don’t care to talk to her, we are leaving. Raman says Simmi keep the bag, no one is going anywhere. Raman asks Parmeet to tell who is this girl. Iyers come there. Appa says what is it Raman, why did you call us here. Ishita says Sarika you here, are you fine.

Mrs. Bhalla says tell me who is she. Raman asks Parmeet to speak up and Simmi interrupts. Raman saks you shut up, don’t talk in between. Raman asks Parmeet to tell the truth. Parmeet tells everyone that he used to work in Dubai with Sarika. Mr. Bhalla says is this that girl. Raman says yes, but he changed the story. Parmeet says this girl blamed me….. Raman says lie, I will break your mouth if you lie again, the truth is he molested her and he threatened her to keep quiet and came running here.

Raman says Ishita helped you with money, you gave her some money. Ishita told us everything what you did with her. Raman asks Sarika to tell everyone what Parmeet’s truth and not be scared of everyone as he is with her. Sarika cries and says the truth is Parmeet is threatening me since six months.

Sarika says he threatened me that he will kill my mum. Raman says he molested Ishita too and what we did, we kicked her out of our house. He says what is this society. Simmi says what are you saying, this can’t be true. Raman asks Simmi not to be blind, I can understand you love him a lot. Raman says tell truth to Simmi, she trusts you. Parmeet says Simmi loves me and she knows I can’t do this, she trusts me and you can’t break her trust. Raman says you are lucky that you are her husband, else I would have not left you. Raman says he is shameless. Simmi says he is not lying.

Raman says I can’t ruin your life Simmi, you can’t be with him. Raman explains him the meaning of being a man, who protects the family, he says a man should not disrespect women, its not called a man, our values don’t allow us to do this, but its our society’s fault, why do this happen, we keep quiet as we are worried about out name and respect, but we forget that the women are our respect, they keep quiet and bear everything for us. He says I m proud of Ishita who raised a voice against this dog, else don’t know what would he do. I m ashamed that I kicked out my wife to save Simmi’s suhaag.

He says Appa I m sorry, I knew from first day that Ishita is not wrong, but I was quiet as he is Simmi’s husband. Ishita gets tears in her eyes. Raman says I did this with Ishita to save Simmi’s family. He says Bala told me so much, I ask you what would you do if you were in my place. Bala says he eyed Ishita badly, I will not leave him. Raman says your anger is justified, we did not raise voice before. He says mum and dad were wrong, you have kicked our respect out for this man, Ishita is our respect.

He says this happens in many house, but now this will stop. He says Ishita will stop this. Raman says Ishita come here and show this dog his place. He holds her hand and brings her to Parmeet. Simmi cries. Raman says not for you and Sarika, but for every girl whom such man molest, give him punishment. He says teach him a lesson that he always remembers. Simmi says no. Mrs. Bhalla says enough Raman. Raman says you are saying this being a woman.

Raman asks Simmi to move and asks Ishita to beat Parmeet. Ishita raises her hand to slap Parmeet but Simmi holds her hand stopping her. Simmi says enough Ishita, if you slap him, I will break your hand. He is my husband and my daughter’s father, my everything, till I m here, you can’t even talk to him in high tone. Parmeet says she wants to beat me, so let her beat me. He says if everyone had blamed me so what does a slap matter. I respect Ishita and will always do. He says Raman forgot that Ishita has sent me all the messages and wanted my love.

He says everyone respect Ishita and we all know how she is. Parmeet says we all know about her relation with Bala. Raman and everyone are shocked as Parmeet points on Ishita’s character. He says how is this relation with her brother in law. Amma and Appa closes their ears hearing such shameful words. Parmeet says if she can do it with him, then she can do it with anyone. Ishita releases her hand from Simmi and slaps Parmeet saying how dare you. Everyone are shocked.

Simmi says how dare you slap him, I will kill you. Romi holds Simmi. Raman slaps Parmeet. Raman starts beating Parmeet. Simmi says stop Raman, leave him. Simmi says Ishita you ruined my life. Amma says Simmi don’t you understand who is right and who is wrong. Raman says I won’t leave this dog. The inspector comes and says stop Mr. Bhalla, we will see him. Everyone are shocked seeing police. Parmeet says Simmi keep your trust, I will be back. The inspector says we will file the case on him. Raman says sure, this time Sarika will give her statement.

The inspector asks Sarika will you lie again. They take Parmeet arresting him. Simmi cries. Sarika apologizes to Parmeet saying I came in that bad man’s talk. Ishita says no need to apologize, but promise me you won’t bear molestation and raise a voice. Sarika says I promise, I won’t let this happen with anyone. She says I should leave now. Ishita says tell me if you need anything. Sarika leaves.

Ishita looks at Raman. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays…………..Amma asks Bala did police take him to jail. Bala says yes, its all over. Mihika says no, its not over, Ishita and Sarika will think of him till many days. Mrs. Bhalla says she gave sleeping tablets to Simmi and made her sleep. Mr. Bhalla apologizes to Appa for not doing justice with Ishita. Appa understands as it was about Simmi too. Ishita says I will leave now. She looks at Raman. She says Appa, lets go. She leaves with her family. Raman stops Bala and talks to him.

Raman says I won your trust, you heard me manly voice, I want an answer, what happened to you when your mum and brother did injustice with Ishita. Ishita hears this while she was going. Raman says why did you not say anything, as one side was your family and one side was this girl. Same happened with me, Parmeet went to jail, he got punished, Simmi is in pain, she loved him always, you gave me lecture, did you think about her, he says if your wife is right, can you go against your mum or sister, this was my case.

Raman asks Ishita did she get justice, Parmeet went jail, but what about Simmi, did she think, you feel I m heartless, but you have, why did you not tell me before, why did you hide, you thought I will not do justice. He says you could have understood me Appa, I was helpless, Simmi will regret that she married a monster so I did this, I m not a hero, now its enough, I told what I wanted to, if you think I did less, I m sorry, I can’t do anything, I won’t say sorry to anyone, if they anyone to go anywhere, they can, I can’t say anything now. Ishita looks at him.

Raman apologizes to Ishita for not protecting her as he brought her as Ruhi’s mum in his house. She cries. He starts leaving. She asks are you going home? He says yes. She asks alone? He looks at her and she signs she will come along. Raman smiles happily. Music plays……………..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

  1. Well, Simmi hasn’t agreed to the fact that her husband is a culprit. She believes in him more than anyone. That’s pathetic. After reading this episode update, I couldn’t stop myself from watching it. I must say quite interesting. Good acting by Anurag Sharma (aka Parmeet). I literally felt like slapping him hard if he was in front of me. But he is just an actor…. Seriously, sometime these actors make us feel them so real and we really think of them as real people… Kudos

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