Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Shantanu shocks everyone

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita applying brakes. Shantanu gets down the other car and comes to them. Ishita recalls Shantanu. Roshni and Ishita get surprised. He sees Roshni and says congrats. They come home. He says I m glad to meet you, I don’t know what happened after I left. Raman comes and asks Ishita how can she be so irresponsible, is this the way you take care of her, who are you. Shantanu says you may have forgot I m Shantanu, Roshni’s ex- fiance. Raman asks guards to make him out. Ishita says leave him, he is our guest, who are you to make him out. Raman goes. She says sorry Shantanu, please sit.

Shantanu says so much happened in last 8 months, aren’t you guys together now. She says Raman has filed custody case, I can lose the case, as Raman is much stable financially, I don’t

want to lose the case. He says I can help you if you say, my friend is a lawyer, I will take advice from him and tell you how you can win this case.

Its morning, Raman comes to court. He sees Roshni and asks are you fine. She says yes. He goes to meet lawyer. Shantanu comes and says I had to come as I promised, I know what I have to say, just trust me. Ruhi asks Raman what’s Shantanu doing here. Raman asks Ishita what’s this new drama. She says Shantanu saw your behavior and felt we need him here. Raman gets beaten. Ishita’s lawyer calls Shantanu in witness box. Raman’s lawyer asks what’s the meaning to get a new witness, its a waste of time. Judge allows Shantanu.

Shantanu swears to say the truth. He says I m Shantanu Singh, I live in US, I came here knowing about this case, I m shocked, how can anyone do this. Raman’s lawyer says Shantanu has nothing to do with this case. Shantanu says the child for whom this custody case is going on is not Adi’s child, its my child, I m the father of this child, its my and Roshni’s child. Everyone gets shocked. Raman says he is saying nonsense, he is lying, its Adi’s child. Judge asks Raman to be seated, else he will be punished for contempt of court. She asks Shantanu not to lie in the court.

Roshni asks Ishita did she know this. Ishita says no. Lawyer asks for 15 mins break. Ishita asks Shantanu what did he say. Raman says I didn’t know you will fall so low. Shantanu says relax, you can’t talk to her this way, she is not at fault, she should file case on you, Roshni is in final term and you got her to the court. Raman scolds him and goes. Ruhi asks what was all this Ishimaa.. They go. Ishita says I need to talk to you, come. She sends the lawyer and guards out. She says Shantanu, I want to talk to you, are you mad, what have you testified in court, look at Roshni, she is hurt, you have let her down, you men just don’t understand anything, you had come to help us, is this your help, you have lied, you could have discussed this with me.

Shantanu says calm down, if I didn’t lie, Raman would have separated Roshni and her child, what’s wrong if my lie can help us get the custody, I m sorry. Roshni says sorry, we won’t fight the case on the basis of a lie. He says I will tell the truth if you think I did wrong, Raman’s case will get strong, you can’t do anything, it will be proven that you can’t manage this baby, its all in your hands, do everything as you feel right. Roshni says he is right, I think we will have to support his lie, we have no other way. Lawyer says break is over, so what have you decided. Roshni says I don’t want to lose my baby, we have to support his lie.

Shantanu tells the judge that he was going to marry Roshni, but Adi kidnapped her that day. He says Roshni’s image got spoiled in front of his family, I decided not to meet her, she called me and told that she is pregnant with my child, I was happy and decided to get married, I couldn’t come back for some work, I came back knowing about this case, I want to marry Roshni and give name to my child, why are they calling my child as Adi’s child, this case is baseless, how can they ask for custody. Raman says he is lying. Judge warns him. Raman’s lawyer asks for a day’s time. The judge says we will continue the proceedings tomorrow, the court is adjourned.

Mrs. Bhalla cries and says Adi’s baby….. what has happened. Mr. Bhalla asks her not to lose courage. Raman worries. Simmi says I can think of one solution, we can prove its Adi’s child by DNA test, it will be all clear, if its Adi’s child, Roshni has to give us the child, if its Shantanu’s child, we don’t have to care. Raman says we will get the DNA test done. She says my friend is gynac, we can get it done there. He says I will manage everything. He calls out dad and says I decided to get DNA test done, Ishita wants to prove that its Shantanu’s child, we can prove its Adi’s child. Ruhi says you have to get Roshni’s permission.

Raman says I will manage all formalities, Ishita shouldn’t know about it. He goes. Ruhi says I hope things don’t get worse. Mr. Bhalla says don’t worry, he will do everything after having a second though. Ishita says this is such a big blunder, Raman won’t take this lightly, don’t know what will he do. Raman tells his plan. Mr. Bhalla asks do you think Roshni will agree for DNA test, how will Ishita let this happen. Raman says you have to help me. Shweta calls Ishita and says I m talking from bank, can you come now and sign on documents, we have to finish paper work today. Ishita asks why didn’t you check first, you are bothering now. Roshni and Shantanu ask her to go. Roshni thanks Shantanu and asks him to go home. Ishita says I m afraid of Raman, don’t know what will he do.

Raman says I m not punishing, I m just accumulating evidence to prove that its Adi’s child. She says yes, its Adi’s child, I don’t know where is she. He says go and see yourself. She sees Roshni….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ishitha ruhi aadi pihu ah custody case la jeichu avangla olunga pakathula irunthu pathu valaka unaku thuppu illa…. idhuula evalo oruthi ah pathu ava pillaya custody la jeichu ne kaapatha poriya…. shagun(aftr adopting aaliya)and aaliya matumdhan avanga relation ku genuine ah irukanga. irunthrukanga. Not u and not a single bhalla family membr

    1. Agree completely. The only reason naan idhu paakren bcuz I miss KMKV but avangal total ah characters ruin pannitangal.

  2. I am extremely annoyed with this whole story line. Everyone is blaming Ishita , but nobody is looking at what Adhi did. The man trafficked women into prostitution & then tried to forcibly marry a women & if that was not bad enough he then decided that I will ruin her for life.

    It is nice to know that this is acceptable in Indian society & when a mother tries to stop this she is vilified, by society & family.

    Even the viewer has sympathy with the ballast. I am shocked , but not surprised as this does happen in India & when these creeps come abroad they try to do the same thing there.

    Well done Indian public & viewers for glorifying this behaivour.

    Even Roshni – how could she keep this child. She should hav aborted it, it least that way she could have been free from the curse of the bhallas

    1. Really a logical comment .

    2. Soosan ! This is what cvs delivering to the audience . Dont ever think all indians are like this .No logic at all … 8 months Bhallas literally
      insulted Ishitha for taking care of Roshini and now fight for custody . That too Ishitha Raman are not leagally divorced ..and both are fighting .Yes Adi did wrong , So too Roshini … but knowing Adis child is in Roshnis womb , How can Ishitha not take care of her . As for me only one question how cud Ishima shot Adi ? I was thinking its imposter Adi but today the way story goes its not . Cvs exited Adi in a wrong way for Roshini .Such a brilliant actor he was .
      And cvs butchered Ishithas role here . Both Kp and Dt are not happy .. we can feel that . Cvs butchered our Ishra purposely as the fame was for Ishra than yhm . And Ishitha is not comfortable with Shantanus lies ..but Roshini is playing games and Ishitha is falling for her .
      And the child is not born … talking about financial security … Ishitha is investor with Raman and Ashok has written all in her name .
      Raman taking Simmis help is pathetic .
      Ishima was a name to millions of people so too Ishra/ Divan . well done Ekta and sick Sickand you cud fade away their fame with this rubbish
      story line. I am fed up and stopped watching ..
      I was so addicted to yhm of course for Dt but even then not interested .How can such a loving couple … can be shown always seperated instead of being together for anything . Stop it cvs .

  3. Wat is worse apart from all the crap is that ishra reunion and their romance after all these, of course they had a applaudable chemistry but now…….. It’s really gonna be odd, cringe worthy to see their romantic scenes after all these

    1. very true 1234 . I also think the same and cant
      tolerate it … even if the chemistry is good .. any crap the cvs think audience will accept .

  4. I don’t know why I am even writing this but after reading today’s WU, I am feeling I have never come across any show as regressive as YHM.

    What the hell this show has become???

    I have never been a fan of Raman’s character. But there was one thing which I liked about him & that was – he had some morality. He was a person who would beat the crap out of his own brother for ditching an unknown girl, who had supported those who were right.

    Now this character has been literally reduced to a piece of shit. Is a baby a toy that he is gonna gift it to his mommy dearest? Does he have one ounce of shame that he is trying to convince his DIL for his so called heir?

    Ishita – I am not even sure what should I say about her. The love she had for Ruhi was beyond everything. With time that love, that selflessness – everything has vanished.

    I was an ardent fan of BHOOTU S1 on Zee TV. I’ll always remember one particular dialogue of the FL of that show. When she parted away from the kid she told her that she would never be able to love someone as much as she loved the kid because she was her child irrespective of not giving her birth.

    Ruhi & Ishita’s relation was supposed to be such. A bond that would be shared only by the two of them & not anyone else. But now be it Roshni or the MIGHTY IRON KID/CHOTA ADI anyone can call her by this name & she would run behind them leaving her own kids.

    I wouldn’t even count Aliya or Pihu. But where is her love for Ruhi???? Can anyone tell me?????

    Roshni is another NAMUNA. I wish to open her head & see if she has anything called a BRAIN. One moment she loved Adi, next moment she was ready to marry Shantanu. Yesterday she was ready to handover her golden goose, today she didn’t want to lie & then again within seconds she agreed to lie. What the hell this girl want???? Does she herself know that????

    I would rejoice if someday it is revealed that the baby isn’t Adi’s. I want to see the look on Raman’s face. But before that, I want Raman to transfer everything to this baby’s name. That would have been wonderful

    1. 100% agree with everything you said. First of all, Raman is the most ungrateful, irrational husband in the history of Ekta Kapoor serials, and Ishita is the jagat mata of all jagat mata characters in TV history. And to top it off, they are fighting for the custody of a child who’s probably (no offense) going to turn out just like them, considering their family environment is so toxic!
      To me, Raman and Simmi are really not that different. Both are using each other and people around them for personal gains. Coming to Roshni, I think exactly what you wrote – does this girl even know what she wants? She’s so confused all the time, doesn’t seem to have a conscience of her own. And their silly lie…lying in court about something that can be proved wrong with one DNA test…who does Ishita think she is taking law into her hands all the time. Nothing more to say about her as she is the most fickle character in the show, abandoning one person for the other like she changes clothes. Ridiculous show, please end it and stop showing this nonsense to viewers. This started off as such a progressive show, and sadly now it’s one of the most regressive.

    2. Completely agree the special bond between ruhi and ishita is available to all for free. Ishima what ones represented the heart to heart connection between a childless women and a girl in search of mother love is now just a meaningless name anyone can use to get the advantages . It does look like ishita only wants to conquer one kid after another, as soon as she is accepted by them she will throw them away and run behind another child. Raman is no better, running behind his new blood forgetting his other blood for whom he fought numerous tough battles . They are definitively the wrost protagonist parents in indian tv shows. Motherhood, fatherhood, womanhood, moral values had been severely insulted by the characters who were actually supposed to represent them in exemplary way.

      1. All agreed Ann but Ishitha here doesnot want mother and child to be seperated .
        Thats her motive … I am not supporting Ishitha … that character and the name Ishima died to me . initially she was wanting this child to bring back the bondness of the family . Where was Bhallas 8 months when she was taking care Roshini …Now Raman is playing cheap games with his so loved wife ..We can only blame the cvs … they have a purpose behind it … I think to defame Ishra .

      2. VP what making me angry on ishita is that she lectures others and doesn’t want to separate mother and child but she herself is doing the same to her children. Ruhi, pihu, aliya needs her but she is only worried about roshni. Before fighting for other mother rights better she fought for her own motherhood. Initially ishita was a very independent progressive women, now she is so much narrow minded that she needs a heir from male firstborn to bring happiness to family, it cannot be the same ishita who was ready to adopt a child on her own instead of waiting for a guy willing to compromise with her. Bhallas were always low and cheap but ishita had morality, sensitivity followed by immense, unconditional love for ruhi but here none of this exists anymore . I agree cvs are only to be blamed, trying to destroy the creation they worked so hard on. If they cannot take the story forward, ending with a good note was a better option

    3. Niharika ! Well said … totally agree with you !

    4. Shreya Shetty

      Obviously this is what s happening to this show
      U r totally cent correct in ur point of view Niharika,that this serial is losing its beauty quickly because of all these custody cases for the child and heir blah blah etc
      Such petiless families fighting over their heir like children fighting for a delicious piece of candy situation
      And yes it’s justified that ishita had such s strong bond of love towards Ruhi for so many years as well as her own children
      Even if she has left them alone with Shagun to manage for such a long gap,but she never tore apart from their love towards them
      Even so far Ruhi and Pihu respect ishimaa no matter how much bad or good she could be although all the three including the adi at his young age hated ishita but slowly after realizing that she saved his and everyone’s lives than his actual mom,he too started to call ishita as ishimaa like his sisters
      No matter how much they hated their mother earlier not the real one,they still and will always love her and support their ishimaa but not in wrong things happening right now in fighting for the right of a heir
      There was one actual reason why ishita had to leave her children and family behind and move on to her new start
      Because at first when Ruhi got clashed with Nidhi in a car accident luckily they both survived it,Raman and the entire family were devastated about assuming that Ruhi was dead and ishu knew that she would soon be dejected by the family so in committing suicide she was saved and in order not to show her guiltiness to the
      She had no choice but to leave her newborn daughter Pihu and little Adi with their real mom for 7 long years!!
      She was actually feeling guilty about that incident until then she realised that her Ruhi was alive with that witch Nidhi chabbra
      But that doesn’t mean ishita would abandon her children and crave somebody else’s child to come into this world?she left them for several reasons like right now after she shot her son Adi,the families including her own rejected her and kept her culprit for her doing in snatching away their member and so for the next 8 months,ishita assumes it as a punishment to stay away from her in laws and her own including Raman so as to not to create problems once more between them
      I am not holding ishita responsible for everything but she still has proven to be a good mother and still cares for her kids and wishes to see them and meet more like any other
      As I actually mentioned and watched carefully

    5. Sanumaya1234567

      Totally agree! This show is going nowhere

  5. Shreya Shetty

    Shantanu may have lied to the court to support Roshni to save her child but do we think that could help in stating their evidence against those bhallas?
    The Bhallas never took good care of their children,only want to possess them as theirs and give them security without any hopes of raising them into a better future people
    Come on,I knew this was going to happen
    Raman and his entire family are just playing with the unborn child so as to hurt ishita even more
    And what was that Roshni thinking?
    Firstly she told her ex-finance that she won’t support him for the lie,then later her colors changed to agreement for it so as to not to lose her baby?
    I firstly pointed out that Roshni was wrong in involving in affair with Adi,but loving him and going to the extent of becoming pregnant was also not acceptable by anyone,except for ishu and the bhallas
    Can’t she tell clearly what she actually wants to do next with her child(Roshni) to keep him safe instead of believing that dorky family of bhallas most fakest promises.i just expect that in the next part she must decline their petty offer and stand by her side with ishita unlike the family
    And by doing DNA test to prove that the unborn baby is adi s child and not Shantanu s,next again another melodrama happening is just so logically stupid I feel
    Who said that Raman is completely capable of handling the child.other than Ruhi,mihika and Mrs Bhalla can take care
    Do u think Aaliya the next adoptive mom can raise the little baby in all responsibilities?
    This nasty girl aaliya wants to steal Roshni s child as well so as to teach her a lesson and take revenge against ishita and Roshni together once and for all with those bhallas
    She’s no less and good pretending to be mrs goody goody once again in front of her MIL(ishu)
    It’s better if Raman loses and gives up the case and securely continue his part rather than interfering in Roshni and ishita s lives like that
    What does he think of himself that he can be much better than ishu?a dentist job is more capable of withstanding stability of securing a child’s future,whereas a business with a chance possibility of loss can ruin it
    I thought Raman was thinking for the betterment of ishu and Roshni but now it’s high time he has to get the taste of his own medicine and bounce his ego and pride BACK TO Where it was before

  6. bhallas are so fake and judgemental, their love is superficial. For eight months they have been insulting and avoiding Roshni, now they want her baby. I think a mother has all rights on her child!

  7. These Mrs. bhalla is such a drama queen.

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