Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th December 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishita asking the girl’s name. She says Ruhi. Nimmi (Ruhi’s caretaker)thanks Ishita for saving Ruhi. Ishita says you should take care. Ishita says see you later Ruhi and she leaves. Ishita looks at her and feels connected with her. She smiles seeing her leave. Ruhi comes with a puppy to Mrs. Bhalla’s house. Mrs. Bhalla asks Nimmi what did happen, why did you not tell me. She talks about Bhabho of Diya Aur Baati Hum. Nimmi is puzzled. Mrs. Bhalla talks about the show while Ruhi brings the puppy inside the house. Mrs. Bhalla and Mr. Bhalla are having rum together hiding from their children. She shows him the 12 proposals came for Raman. She praises her son. Mr. Bhalla agrees.

She gets emotional. She says my son’s heart’s wound id still

fresh, he does not even look at any girl. Raman comes in a corporate party and says sorry to a girl as she comes infront of him. He meets his brother/friend Mihir and says I m thinking to go back to Delhi. He says see around, I don’t have any reason to stay here. Mihir says why are you thinking so, its nothing like this, actually I….. Raman sees a girl looking at him and says this is not the reason to stay in Mumbai. Mihir says I know, she is married. Raman says marriages are meant to be broken.

Raman goes to the lady and says red color represents danger. She asks do you like danger. He says we both. She says my husband works for you. She asks is there anything in between us. He says it may be. She says ain’t you too direct. He says I m, can we go somewhere where there is no noise, he gives her his room’s keys and leaves. The lady takes the key and comes to his room and says you…. She says I had the key, then how did you come before me. He says I had the master card to give you the surprise.

She says I love surprises and shows him her tattoo. He says I have another surprise for you and shows her husband to her. She is shocked. He says he is your husband, I called him. He asks him to ask his wife what kind of surprise she wanted to give me. He says you guys talk, I will leave. Her husband questions her and they have a quarrel. Raman leaves. Mihir says did you get happiness by breaking their marriage. Raman says was it a marriage, are you joking. Mihir says I m not joking, a marriage broke today. Raman says she came to my room wearing backless clothes, don’t worry, I will promote him. Mihir says why this favor. Raman says because I have power.

Mihir says I don’t understand why you are doing this. Raman says I was fool to trust her and now I stopped trusting anyone, emotions are the biggest hurdle in the way of success, I have to work hard and be successful, I m happy being emotionless. Ishita reads the horoscope and thinks about Ruhi. Ruhi comes to Nimmi and asks for milk. Ruhi says I want it in a vessel. She takes it for the puppy and asks him to have it completely and takes care of the puppy.

Mrs. Bhalla hears the puppy’s sound and then sees the puppy and shouts. She says puppy in my room. All of them try to find it. Mr. Bhalla says its a small puppy. Mrs. Bhalla jumps on the bed out of fear. She says so much stress in the morning, I will get dark circles. Ruhi is upset as she lost the puppy.

Ishita gets late and meets Ruhi again. She tries to talk to Ruhi and says did your Dadi made the puppy stay out of the house. Mrs. Bhalla calls Ruhi and she is with the puppy. Ishita says shall I keep this puppy, I will take care of it. Ruhi agrees and gives the puppy to Ishita. Ruhi says bye to the puppy and asks Ishita to leave fast. Amma sees Mrs. Bhalla shouting. Mrs. Bhalla talkes Ruhi for her walk and says I will make you meet my friends.

Ishita comes to her clinic with the puppy and meets her friend. She says I won’t keep it in the clinic and will take it home. She says I will convince my Amma. Ishita gets a call from adoption centre. She tells her friend that I have to convince Amma for two things today. Amma and Mrrs. Bhalla are buying vegetables and Mrs. Bhalla tells her friends that Raman got 12 proposals and even 18 yr old girl’s proposal. She praises Raman and says no one cares about men, even if he is a divorcee. Amma is upset. Mrs. Bhalla describes the girl which she wants. She says I need a North Indian girl, not South Indian. Raman calls her and says I m come home soon.

Mrs Bhalla talks about Ruhi. He says I called to ask about your health. She says say hi to Ruhi. Ruhi talks to Raman and he is kind of neglecting her. He asks where is Dadi, I have to go now and ends the call. Ruhi is upset. Ishita comes in the market and Amma tells her about Mrs. Bhalla and her taunts. Ishita sees Ruhi and goes to her. She sees Ruhi upset and asks her what happened.

Ruhi says Papa….. and shows her the phone. Ishita calls on his number thinking maybe the call got disconnected. Ishita hears Raman saying that he does not want to talk to Ruhi, though she is his daughter. He thinks its his mum on the other side. He ends the call. Ruhi asks Ishita did the call connect. Ishita is speechless. She tells Ruhi that the call is engaged, you talk to your Papa later. Ruhi takes the phone and leaves. Ishita thinks of the complexity of their relation.

Amma sees Raman’s profile on the computer while Ishita is sleeping. She says Ishita got some interest in you, she says when Ishita’s marriage is fixed, she will throw the wedding card on Bhallas.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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