Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th April 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shagun gossiping with her friends about Raman and Ishita. Shagun tells them about Raman’s anger and his fight with Ishita. Her friend says now Raman is staying happy with Ishita and got over you. Shagun says its good, finally he is someone else’s problem, why are we discussing him. Her friend says he got married and you did not, so I thought you are jealous. Shagun says Ashok and I are engaged, I left Raman, after six years if he found a caretaker for his daughter, then its not love. Her friend says Raman and Ishita stay in same room and many things happen after fight. Shagun is angry. Amma shows a gold chain for Raman. Mihika says i need to talk to you.

Trisha meets Amma and Appa and says I m your new PG, thanks for keeping me. Appa says welcome. Amma says you are so sweet. Trisha says I m from London. Amma says your hindi is perfect. Trisha says no formalities with me, Mihika became my friend. Mihika smiles. Amma says I will make special south indian food for you. Mihika takes Amma to talk. Mihika tells Amma that she is the one who is after Mihir. Amma says see I will make her run away from our house in two days, but we spent the deposit in Raman’s gold chain. Amma promises Mihika that Trisha will leave the house herself.

Raman says I don’t know when is Ruhi’s elocution competition, when should I go. Ishita says can’t he ask me. Raman says I can’t ask her, whom to ask. Ishita says look at his ego, its tomorrow 4pm, come on time. Raman says I will come on time. Ishita says Parmeet needs your help, he needs a job. Raman says he will get. Ishita says he is not getting job, if you can get a job for him, in your office. Raman says i will see in my company. He says what did you eat, talking smart that does not suit you. Ishita says Bala was right, Raman is a raw mango.

Ashok asks Shagun where is Adi. Shagun says studying, its his exams. Shagun tells him about her friend Shilpa. She says she was talking about Raman and ishita in holi party. Ashok says yes, everyone were talking about them to be a romantic couple. Shagun says they stay together, if they really fall in love. She says I don’t care about Raman. Ishita is smart, she apologized to Adi and handled the situation well, what if she takes Adi. Ashok says Adi is with us. Shagun says if Ishita takes my place in Raman’s heart, he won’t care and them whom will you taunt. Ashok says they don’t love each other, its a contract. Shagun says no, there is something, they are getting closer, if they fall in love then….. I m Raman’s first love, if he forgets me then? Did he forget me? Did ishita made her place in his life? Is Raman over me?

Its morning. Ishita makes Ruhi ready for school. Ruhi asks will you come. Raman asks Ruhi to tell him her speech. He gets a call from travel agency and says Mr. Bhalla gave Ishita’s passport to change her name from Iyer to Bhalla, can you verify her name spelling. Raman says yes, its a sweet name Dr. Ishita Raman Bhalla. I for intelligent, s for smart, h for honey, i for intelligent again, t for too much, a for adorable. Ruhi and Ishita laughs hearing this. Ishita sends Ruhi. Ishita takes the phone and she tells Raman’s name spellings. The woman ends the call. Ishita says R for Rowdy, a for arrogant, m for maha khadus, a for akhdu and n for nalayak. Raman takes the phone and says write her name, I for idiot……….. She says the call ended. She asks him to come on time. Raman says I m her father.

Parmeet tells everyone that he went to temple and while returning brought kachoris. Simmi asks the maid not to make non veg for nine days. Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla to have kachoris. Mrs.Bhalla says pass it to me. Ruhi comes and says you are cheating Dadi. She asks Mrs. Bhalla to have Loki juice as she is dieting. Parmeet asks Ishita to come for breakfast. Ishita says I had it. Raman says I will have it, you eat or me, its the same. Ishita leaves with Ruhi. Ruhi laughs and says Papa thinks I m annoyed, he is trying so much. Ishita says you are fooling him, naughty girl. Ishita tells her that Raman will surely come as she told her.

Raman and everyone talk about Rumi’s results which were withdrawn and exams are to be held again because of leak of exam papers. Raman says I hope Rumi is not in all this. Rumi talks to his friend and he says everything is set. Bala is with Shravan. Shravan asks for money. Bala says they are asking money for recreation work. Vandu says wjhy does the school ask money from parents. Bala says we should have not changed his school, its so expensive. Rumi’s friend Bunty comes to meet Bala and brings sweets. He says its for your welcome, please keep it.

Bala takes the box. Bala opens it and is shocked to see money. Bala says so much money, it means they are bribing me for re exams, maybe they are same guys who leaked the paper. He sees their roll numbers. Rumi thinks Bala will agree to them. Raman finishes his work and is heading for Ruhi’s school. He comes to the school and is asked to sit in the last row. Ruhi’s turn comes next. Ishita waits for Raman. Raman claps for Ruhi and smiles seeing her. Ruhi does not see Raman and thinks of Ishita’s words that he will surely come.

Raman tells Ishita that he loves her. He says I love you Ishita…… Ishita is shocked. yeh hai mohabbatein……….plays……………….

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