Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th September 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Simmi coming to Rinki and Mihir’s house to sort out things. They cry recalling Rinki and missing her a lot. Raman talks to Manoj about Shagun getting to know about Mihir’s arrest and fainting in police station. Raman gets glad knowing Shagun is pregnant and asks can I tell this to Ishita. Manoj says we have to wait or 6 weeks. Raman says fine, I will confirm this and tell her, I don’t know how to react, Rinki left and this baby is coming, can I meet Shagun. Manoj says yes, come and talk to her, she is worried for Mihir. Raman says I will come. Simmi sees Raman crying and asks what happened. Raman says sometimes happiness and sorrows come together. She asks what. He says there is a good news. She says tell me. He says I will say when time comes,

take the belongings home, I will end meeting and come. She wonders whats the good news.

Ishita comes home and calls Raman. She says why is he disconnecting the call. She asks Neelu where did Raman go, at Rinki’s house. Neelu says yes. Ishita says I will tell Raman about Shagun’s pregnancy. Shagun gets angry and talks to Manoj about Mihir. She says she needs a lawyer, Mihir is innocent. Manoj says wait, stress is not good for you. Raman comes and asks her to relax. She scolds him for putting Mihir in jail. He says police got proof. She says you know Mihir, do you feel Mihir can do this, how can you think so.

Raman says I don’t know what can anyone do, I just know you promised me you will take care of baby. She says shall I think of Ishita’s baby or my brother. Raman cries and says I lost my baby, then Rinki, and this is the last hope, about whom shall I think. She says Mihir is innocent. Raman asks is Mihir just your brother, he is more than brother to me, I beg you, please bring this baby in this world, I m selfish please, give me this child. She says I may sound selfish, but free Mihir, I know he is innocent, he can’t kill anyone. Manoj asks her to calm down.

Simmi comes home with Rinki’s belongings. Ishita asks about Raman. Simmi says Raman got some urgent call, so he left, I want to talk about Raman, I think after Rinki died, Raman is not able to cope up, he is taking weird, take care of him. Ishita says we all are with him. She shares about Shagun’s pregnancy. Simmi asks what. Ishita says Manoj was present there. Simmi recalls Raman’s words. Ishita asks what is she thinking. Simmi says I forgot Rinki and Mihir’s wedding album, I will just go and come.

She comes out and says was Raman talking about Shagun, did he go to meet her, why did he lie to me, I have to find out. Simmi comes to Shagun’s house by getting address from hospital. She sees Raman’s car and then hides seeing Raman. Raman leaves.

Mihika gives coffee to Appa and says she invited Abhishek for dinner, she argued with him in police station. Appa says its okay. She gets a call and says I will come. She tells Appa that lawyer called me for meeting about Mihir’s case. Appa asks about Abhishek. She says I will just go and come, I made the dinner, you be with him. Abhishek comes with a bouquet and says he will clear all misunderstandings today. Appa welcomes him and says Mihika went to meet lawyer, she will come. They sit watching tv. Abhishek waits for Mihika and sees time.

Ishita asks Neelu to make chicken. Simmi comes home and takes Ishita away. She says Raman is meeting Shagun, I don’t like this, why don’t you talk to Raman. Shagun has created many problems, I have seen Raman there. Ishita says maybe you have seen someone else. Simmi says I have seen Raman under her building and talking on phone with Shagun asking her to take care. She says why did Raman lie. Ishita recalls Raman lying and singing song for Shagun. Simmi says I just want you to clarify everything with Raman. Ishita says Raman won’t do anything wrong, don’t worry.
Abhishek comes in the compound. Abhishek says Mihika should have called me and said she can’t reach soon, I m idiot to wait here, girls should not be given much importance.

Bala hears him and says you are right, men are donkeys, I realized this the next day of my marriage, I got sure now, Vandu went for some conference with Shitija, I did all arrangements to welcome her, she called and said her trip extended for 4 days, she should have asked me once. Abhishek says yes, we should make friends on online dating apps. Bala says its good for bachelors, not for married men. Abhishek says no, dating means friendship in india, go online, download app, make profile and chat with girls, when Vandu and Mihika know this, they will realize what they did.

Mrs. Bhalla takes care of Rohit. Raman comes home and says he got icecream for everyone. Simmi asks Ishita to go and ask Raman. Ishita asks anything special today. Raman says he thought to change environment. She asks about his day. He says he was in office all day, he had back to back meetings and goes to change. Ishita and Simmi worry. Ishita says I told you saw someone else. Simmi says I have seen Raman, why did he lie to you. Ishita gets teary eyed and thinks she knows when Raman lies to her, but why is he lying after meeting Shagun, whats happening.

Ishita and Simmi talk about Shagun. Ishita says maybe Raman went to see Shagun casually, and I think its Manoj’s baby. Simmi asks her to talk to Raman once.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Jst hate Raman- Shagun scenes… can’t tolerate shagun …..

  2. poor ishita 🙁
    she still trusts raman so much…and this raman!i don’t understand what are the writers trying to do with his character -_-
    waiting for a good episode

  3. I think Ekta wants shagun to be positive nd she wants to highlight shagun so that d viewers who hates shagun vote for her…. She is only thinking about her friendship I don’t think she is worried about fans otherwise she don’t do this… BT I still hate her…. Makers are ruining d show… They don’t care about fans feelings…

  4. Agree, raman’s character is really a bull shit. he does not trust anyone and he thinks he is right always whatever he does. How can he put Mihir behind the bars. When Mihika left him for Shagun, did Mihir try to kill her or when Shagun left raman for Ashok, did raman try to kill Shagun. When we do not have evidence, how can we come to a conclusion. Raman is thinking he is giving so much happiness to Ishita but he does not listen to her requests. He does not know how Ishita is feeling when he talks to Shagun. When Ishita was close to Mani, how he felt.

    1. The difference is Raman loves Shagun and Raman takes Ishita for granted. I really feel that rather than killing other charactes they should have really killed Ishita’s character. That would be much better than seeing all these bulshit

      1. exactly

  5. I hope that someone from balaji reads these comments and try to put some sense in to ekta!! Anita might be her friend and wants to give importance to her but she’s not our friend and we dnt want to see her coming between ishra in any kinda avatar neither positive nor negative …. We are fed up of watching ur friendship ekta !! We started to watch the show becuz of the unique lovestory between raman n ishita and how she becomes successful in giving birth to child NOT shagun giving birth to their child!! Ishitha have two children from shagun she dsnt need anthr one!!! What ishitha needs is the experience which mothers have during nine months and giving birth ! Not anothr child from ESPECIALLY shagun! Why is raman hiding this thing frm ishitha????? He knws that he’s doing something wrong ! He better go back to shagun!!! I THINK THAT ISHITHA SHOULD LEAVE RAMAN AFTR SHE GETS TO KNOW THE TRUTH WHY BE WITH A MAN WHO LIES TO HER WHEN IT COMES TO HIS EX. !! Dsnt raman remember what she was trying to do when she was at his palce! ! GROW UP PEOPLE u dnt go to ur ex seeking help for such a huge matter

  6. t is said by various News sources that coming Episodes Mihika realizes the gun she fired was real and Rinki was dead becoz of her and Mihir who knows this will try to save Mihika
    Bhalla Family will be angry with Mihir trying to defend Mihika when his wife is dead,they put Mihika behind bars,Ishita will take stand for her sister and now its a choice for Ishita ,its either Raman or Mihika,she chooses her sister Mihika and fiights for her and this causes diff between the couple and they split up and `10 years leap.

    The baby delivered by Shagun will be with Shagun or Bhalla Family & Ishita might be clueless…Donno if the story goes as mentioned or there might be any change,but leap toh pakka hai

  7. how can they send mihika behind the bar she thought she played refill shouting with
    fake and Romi and Sarika the children also there then the police wont investigate about
    this who will change the gun? who change the gun they are only the murdere how can
    mihika in jail what all indian police are west.

  8. these days i’m seeing worst tracks in YHM ..
    Bye forever to yhm..
    Ekta hosh me aao..u r going to loose many fans..

  9. Nothing left in the show to comment on but I think ishra baby girl vill be named as rinki

  10. wut rubbish is this????

  11. it will take 9 months time for the baby to come into this world and will not Ashok do anything to kill this baby? Ishita losing baby was really not required and shagun bearing their child is really shit. shagun should focus on her new life with Manoj.

  12. ektha mam was super …she changed shagun ( wamp ) to heroine and ishitha as villain… if she loves anitha so much she will plan a dual role to anitha as shagun and big ruhi….to destroy the show….

    1. Omg hi @ gopu! See you after a long time on this page! There’s no one from the real YHMians like priyarosha, ramchin , mizun, anand raat, gree, bulbul, unique angel and piyru etc where are you all guys? Are you guys heart broken with the current track?

  13. what ever is happening in this show is just crap . especially todays episode . i know raman loves ishita a lot and want to give her evrythng . but y dont he understand that he is hurting ishita by behaving like this with her?? i thnk simmi shouldnt hv tld ishita about raman today . she must have first asked raman or do some stalking and jasoosi to know the matter properly . i am feeling bad for mihir . and shagun … she looks negetive whthr her role has turnd positive or not . she is always their to create probz . b*t*hh!!!
    surrogacy track to abhi bandh nhi kiya jaa sakta par i hope leap na ho . cz accrding to telly reviews thre will be some light moments between ishra soon . waiting for it eagerly . and one more thing how is mihika going to be exposed for rinki’s murder? no body witnessed . and it was an accidnt . romi nd sharika were also wid her at tht tym . really a mystry i guess !! nyway ..i want the missunderstandings to be cleared soon. but aaj mujhe manoj k upr bohot gussa a raha hain. he gave the surrogacy idea to raman .nd whn raman asked him if he can tell ishita the news he said later . stupid doctor . i hope godji sabh accha kar dein inn ki life mein nd leap nd seperation do no hi hone se tal jaye . cant see ishita nd raman in pain
    — from the BIGGESSSTT fan of yhm . thnkuu

  14. worst episode.raman is too irritating now. ishitha ko kyu aur rula raha hai .aur mihika ko kuch toh friendship rakhna chahiye tha acp se .

  15. i hoping ki leap na ho lekin leap cancel hone ke chances bahuth kam hai. yeh jo kuch bhi yhm mein ho raha hai bilkul backwaaz,utter nonsense and a big crap.

  16. Colors’ Jhalak Dikhlaja is just a week away from its finale and for our contestants its either do or die, well for obvious reasons.
    Looks like the wild card entrants have failed to make their place and please its audience. It was Roopal Tyagi who made an exit from the show
    in the first week. Up next was petite lady Neha Marda.
    Well, this week it is Anita Hassanandani who will be seen biding adieu from the show having rib fracture the reason behind it.
    Talking about the same Anita tweeted, “Nothin is more painful than exitin a show I’ve always wantd to be a part of. Beautiful journey.Good luck to d
    top 4! ”
    We at Tellybuzz wish Anita a speedy recovery!

  17. arey twitter pe itnaa halla mach chuka hai yhm ke leap aur ruhi aur adi ke show chodne ka lekin ekta aur uske so called mahaan writers ko koi pharak nahi padtha hai .agar serial ko aise banaana hi tha toh khud dekh lethe ,national channel par dikhakhar ,fans ko rulaakar torture kyu de rahe hai.

  18. The precap was absent all the time in the telecast at 11,00 p.m.Why????

  19. poori duniya ej taraf aur raman bhalla aur uska nonsense dimaag ek taraf .bada aaya shagun ko bolne waala ki mihir ke khilaaf sabooth mile .usko yeh nahi ki uski behen ektra marital affairs mein thi aur police kya phaltoo ka khada hai . pandra din ho gaye na acp rinki ke case ki chaan been kar raha hai na koi asli gunhegaar ko pakadne jaa raha hai aur mihir sirf jail mein sad raha hai jo galathi usne kii hi nahi aur raman boltha hai mihir uska bhai nahi bhai se bhi bhadkar hai lekin phir bhi uss par shak kar raha hai .lagtha hai zaroor raman ka ishitha ke miscarriage ke baad uske dimaag ka screw dheela ho gaya hai ,issliye aise pagalon ki tarah behave kar raha hai.

  20. raman ko ishitha ka dukh aur sad chehra nazar nahi aa raha hai balki duniya ka sab aur shagun ka stress nazar aa raha hai .agar raman ko ishitha ka sadness nazar aa bhi raha hai toh bhi chup hai. horrible man.agar aur kuch din hue toh raman bhi ashok ka brand ka kameena ban jaayega .abhi bhi jo raman present ke episodes mein kar raha hai woh bhi kisi kaneene ki harkath se kam nahi hai .

  21. arey makers stop this crap.ab toh plz kehne par bhi bura lag raha hai .

  22. adi is soo good .usne ishitha ko crown pehnaaya aur ishitha ki udaasi ko pehchaan li warna raman ko toh ishitha ki khabhar tak nahi hai .agar inn makers ya ekta ne ishruhadi ko seperate karke yrh ghatia 10 year leap laaya toh seriously koi yhm nahi dekhega aur mein ekta ke koi shows nahi dekhungi aur jo bhi yhm dekhtha ho jiss jiss ko mein jaanthi hoon unhe sirf yhm nahi ekta serials ko hi boycott karne ko kahungi .phir unhe patha chalega ek show ki value jo fans ko unhoone rulaaya.

  23. missing ishruhadi scenes .missing ruhi very much.we dont want leap .if the makers understand and take a step regarding this then it would be fine otherwise they have to face the consequences of low trp and hatred from fans. because now we have lost hope in yhm and really disappointed with it . and now yhm’s 11pm slot is taken by another ekta serial.this 11 pm slot of yhm would bring yhm good number of trp and is going to loose now .

  24. pehle surrogacy kya kam thi ki ab raman ki harkathe jale par namak chidak de aur iss se pehle ki der ho jaaye raman ko ishitha se sab such keh dena chahiye.

  25. Ishithas sad expressions are amazing ….any expressions …. She is too good …acting so superb . I love her …. Looks slim in short sleeves . The way the serial is twisting is so disgusting . Raman knows only to cry ….. He has already done the damage to their life by opting surrogancy with Shaghun . I really don’t understand how the creators can twist like this …. A loving husband can do like this ? Hiding such a serious thing from Ishitha . This is a very big mistake by him , no wife will tolerate …. Shaghun comparing to Divyanka ….. Not a great actress though negative role she did well . We are watching this serial to see Ishras happiness … Now it’s not there … We fans are really ver sad watching this nonsense .ceo can make such a big mistake ….I can’t understand …..

  26. Agree with you all. I also can’t leave this show because of divyanka’s acting.
    I like to see a miscarriage again. Ya, why not…..? I really enjoy,if it’ll happen.
    And I want to give biggggggggggggggg slap to that RUTHLES and INSENSITIVE raman. Still he couldn’t understand ishita. But he teaches manoj, how to love a woman by pampering shagun. Ewwwwwwwww…..disgusting….!
    And this manoj and shagun, I want to kill them. Why don’t thay get lost from ishra. Raman has already been a so stupid and childish. I used to be a big fan of him. But disgusting now. What kind of happiness does he want to give for ishita through his EX…….?????
    And I think they will show more sharam scenes. They will roaming together because of baby…..!
    Uffffffffffffff……..blo*dy hell……!!!
    From SL

  27. arey yar aab tho bandh kardo e bakwaas its high time know aur kithna test lega fans ekta u gone crazy yhm is the worst till now

  28. Shagun love you for trying to give some real happiness in Ishita and Raman’s life. . u look so cute in positive character. . 🙂 <3



  31. Ya Darshika Right …I was also a big fan of Raman.. BT now jst can’t tolerate his actions….I know he loves ishita soooo much.. BT y he jst can’t understand that he is going to hurt ishita by all this nonsense… Makers have ruined Raman’s character… Plsssss don’t do this makers…

  32. Yaar ab toh mujhe lagta h leap aa jaye aur ishu raman ko divorce de de aur uski life koi aur aa jaye jo raman se acha ho
    Shayad tbhi raman ko samaj aayega

    I m nt against leap but i m agaimst 10 years leap
    They can show 2-3 years leap

    and 1 mire request writters plz ishu ko pregnent kardo

  33. I only want to see ruhi,ishita,vandu,bala,acp in the show rest all are useless in the show

  34. In today episode also when bala and acp convo was there I remembered old episode of YHM

  35. guys…. Here are some reactions of fans for surrogacy track.
    Tweet 1
    after tweeting so much about #no surrogate Shagun track still the cv’s didn’t listen,they ignore it! Thanks for killing YHM #RIPYHM
    Tweet 2
    I’m so mad right now.I don’t think even know where to start protest…… @[email protected]…. How many stupid tracks are you coming with….. #RIPYHM
    Tweet 3
    They really don’t shrds!! Such pathetic insensitive n heartless jerks #RIPYHM
    Tweet 4
    #RIPYHM already the best show going to now worst show….#disappointed to be a fan of yhm#
    Tweet 5
    #RIPYHM It was my mistake.I got attached too much for a fiction shw…. Nt feeling well. But you don’t [email protected]@starplus
    Tweet 6
    Most worst and yuckk scene of #YHM till [email protected]@Thekaranpatel,and finally d scene which killed#yhm forever.
    Tweet 7
    shagun is a headache in ishra n fans life. Make her out permanently. Want ishra only.#RIPYHM
    Tweet 8
    Disgusting. I’ve lost all hops now.#RIPYHM
    Tweet 9
    They think they have done a smart job but no it’s just gross #RIPYHM

    We all think in same manner…… Then why this ekta…..? Y? Y? Y? Y?

  36. Guys ….how can I use twitter??? Can anybody tell me ?? Plsssss

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