Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi explaining Pihu about Ishi Maa. Pihu does not want to listen. Ruhi says truth won’t change if you don’t believe it, Ishi Maa will always be your baby, you don’t know this, when you were born, Ishita left you, we have hidden many things, but I will tell you everything, there was a bad aunty Niddhi, she kidnapped you and took you somewhere, Ishita was worried and left my hand to save you, then bad aunty kidnapped me and took me along, Ishi Maa felt guilty as I was also her daughter, she thought I died and she tried to commit suicide, but she survived and stayed away for 7 years, when she came back, she did not tell you anything, she can’t see you hurt, she cares for you, like Adi is your brother, I m your sister, but Adi and I have seen Ishi Maa since childhood, she loves us a lot, she never cared for her life and cared for our lives, so we love her and call her our Ishi Maa, Papa and Ishi Maa are staying separately for you, as you don’t like Ishi Maa, you know you are imp for him, he left everything and came to stay with you in Bangkok, Ishita loves you, you may hate her, but she will always love you, because she is your mother, you know I was of your age when Papa and Ishi Maa got married, they love each other a lot, trust me, they are world’s best husband and wife, they can do anything for you, you tell me the people who love you a lot, how can they be bad.

Shagun comes and shouts Ruhi. She asks what nonsense are you saying, why are you brainwashing Pihu, she knows Raman and Ishita are big liars. Ruhi says no, they are not liars, I m saying truth to Pihu, infact I did not tell her complete matter, shall I tell her about you and Vidyut, and your reply yes to his proposal. Shagun says shut up, Pihu does not need to know. She asks Pihu to come and takes her. Ruhi calls out Pihu. Pihu stops and says I have to go somewhere mumma. Ruhi smiles.

Mrs. Bhalla is worried as Ruhi’s phone is not connecting, is Ishita really with someone. Mr. Bhalla says so what, if she is moving on, its not wrong, Raman left her, does she have no right to move on, you supported Poornima in society meeting that day. She says if Ishita leaves us, no I can’t stay without her, she is my daughter. He asks does she have no right to live her life. She says my heart says Ishita can’t do such things, Ishita still loves Raman and her children, this family too, how can she move on leaving us.

He says I have no problem with this. She cries and says no, Ishita can’t do this, I know her, she is loyal and loving, this is difference between her and Shagun. Raman and Ishita are leaving. Raman gets a call. Raman says flight is on time, we are waiting for our daughter, tell your man that I will collect tickets from airport. He asks Ishita about Ruhi. She asks did you not tell her, she said she is going to meet manager. She calls Ruhi. Ruhi comes happily and gets Pihu along. They get shocked. Raman hugs Pihu and smiles.

Pihu goes to Ishita and says Ruhi calls you Ishi Maa, what shall I call you, shall I call you Ishi Maa. Ishita gets shocked and recalls Ruhi calling her Ishita mumma. Raman and Ishita smile. Pihu says Ishi Maa, will you not hug me. Ishita cries happily and hugs her. Raman and Ruhi look on and smile. Ishita asks what did you call me. Pihu says Ishi Maa. Ishita thanks her. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays……… Raman asks Pihu how did you come here. Pihu says Ruhi told me everything, you and Ishi Maa did many sacrifices for me, you stayed away for me, it means you love me, I m imp, now we all will stay together. Raman says we will keep Adi also. They get shocked seeing Shagun coming.

Shagun says I will not stop you, Pihu wants to stay with her Papa, I have seen how much she misses Papa, I love Pihu, so Pihu will get what she wants, if she wants to stay with her Papa, she will stay with Raman, when Ruhi was explaining Pihu, maybe this is right for her, so I decided my Pihu will stay with Raman and Ishita. Raman thanks her. Shagun says but I can meet Pihu anytime, Raman you will not stop me. Raman says anytime. Shagun says God knows what magic Ishita did on my children, but Pihu is my daughter, I love her, you will not stop me from meeting Pihu. Ishita says yes, Ruhi, Adi and Pihu are your children, you can meet them anytime, thanks. Shagun hugs Pihu and says you will be happy with your Papa, mumma will miss you, will you miss me. Pihu nods. She says love you and cries. Shagun leaves.

Raman says flight is on time, we shall leave. Ruhi says I m not coming along, I told my manager to cancel my tickets, I have work and friends too, let me stay here for some days. Raman says no. Ishita says she needs this time, she got Pihu too, she is not a little kid now, we should know where you are going, call every day. Raman says hotel address, and all details. Ruhi says I will tell everything. Raman hugs all of them. Ruhi asks them to go now.

Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita and Ruhi did not call, they made me mad. Mr. Bhalla says Ishita called and took our welfare. She says you are taking her side a lot. He says you want to know whats going on in her life. She says its waste to talk to you, go and get vegs, I will ask Adi to call Ruhi. Adi talks to Ruhi. She says there are network issues. Mrs. Bhalla comes and hears Adi. Adi can’t hear Ruhi. Ruhi ends call. Ruhi smiles and says sorry Adi, I cant tell you anything, you will get surprise. Simmi checks paper and says friend told me there is surprise for me in newspaper. Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened. They see Ishita’s pic and get shocked.

Shagun asks Pihu do you really want to go with Raman, don’t you love me. Pihu says I love you, but I promised Ishi Maa that I will give her a chance, I should go with her. Shagun walks away angrily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi guys.shagun u witch can’t the cvs just kill her off, so stupid brainless cvs repeating themselves, feel like going to the set of yhm and killing the shaggy character myself and write a new story, ishra with their kids happily ever after.

  2. Hi yhm fans,Super girl,Rithushree,Vp,Pinku,Priya,Marin,to,radhika and al yhm,episode is rock.

  3. Ishita is the most selfish woman in the world….she has seperated all the three children of Shagun………Atleast she could have left Pihu to shagun….she has to prove she is a far better mother that shagun….which she is not……she acts horribly and is a pain ………god knows why the whole Bhallas love this conniving and interfering bahu ……..she is a pain and her lectures are a pain too…..doesnt understand a mother’s heart…seperated all the children from shagun…..that sin will haunt her all her life.

    1. I support you Alka. Ishita snatched all Shagun children. I hate her to the core. Feel bad for Shagun

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