Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th December 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishita coming to the police station. She asks the inspector to free her parents as they have not kidnapped Ruhi. She says this is wrong. The inspector says you have done all this. Ishita says I have saved her life, you can ask the doctor. The inspector says the Bhalla family have lodged the complaint. Ishita says I have given them Ruhi back and is this kidnapping. A media person Pankaj hears this and informs Ashok about Raman’s news. Ashok is glad to hear this. Pankaj says I will find out everything and update you.

Raman sees Ruhi. The doctor checks Ruhi and says its good the girl was taken to the hospital else anything would have happened. The doctor asks them to thank the person who took Ruhi to the hospital. Raman calls the inspector

and asks him to free Ishita’s parents and he has taken his complaint back. Ishita and Mihika are relieved and wait outside for her parents. Mrs. Bhalla says Ruhi slept and asks Rinki to give her tea. Mr. Bhalla gets angry and says Ishita saved Ruhi and what did you do, you ruined her engagement and created nuisance.

Raman says I called the inspector and took the compliant back. Mr. Bhalla scolds Raman and says stupid Dimple did not know anything how to take care of Ruhi. He says Ruhi would have died if Ishita did not took care. He says I will go to the police station and asks not to show his face to Iyers. Mr. Bhalla says I broke my relation with Raman long time back because Raman is irresponsible. Raman gets an interview call and he refuses for it. Mr. Bhalla gets angry on Raman saying Ishita’s engagement is called off because of you.

Appa and Appa are in bad state beaten up by the police. Ishita and Mihika are shocked to see them and run to them. Amma says she is fine, and says everyone would be waiting for us, lets go home. Ishita says no one is waiting for us. Amma’s hopes are broken and she is very much hurt knowing the truth. Ishita says the engagement is called off. Amma falls by the shock. Ishita says its ok, its a small thing, we will go home, don’t worry. Amma says I don’t know what to tell you, you are so nice who takes care of everyone, still this is happening with you. Amma cries with Ishita.

Amma says you went to save Ruhi and this happened, why did this happen. Ishita hugs Amma and consoles her. Ishita says you made me good, what can I do now. She says look at the positive side, we saw the bad side of Prateek, he would have not supported me ever, why to blame ourselves for this. Bala comes there and tells Ishita that he went to the lawyer. Ishita says Amma, we are strong people, lets go home. Bala takes Appa and Amma in the car.

Mrs. Bhalla comes to Raman who is sitting in the darkness in his room. Mrs. Bhalla moves the curtains and brings light. She says I know we did wrong, but we did not do this purposely. She asks him not to think about Mr. Bhalla’s words. Raman says leave me alone. She says you know your dad, he loves you a lot, and sometimes it leads to much expectations, he is happy that you got the award, you go for the interview now. Raman says go from here please. She leaves seeing Simmi at the door.

Simmi talks to Raman and says its my mistake, I should have not sent Dimple with Ruhi, she is immature. Raman says I don’t want to talk about this. Simmi says if you don’t go in the ingterview, people will gossip, you have to go and answer them. She says no one will blame Dimple, but you, even Ashok and Shagun will know this. Raman says do you think I can take care of Ruhi, I see Shagun in her and don’t like seeing her, I punish her. Shagun does not want to accept her and I m not taking her responsibility, Ruhi does not do any mistake, I can’t love her, I only want to ruin Ashok and Shagun. Simmi says go ahead and ruin Ashok.

Ashok tells the journalist that I know Ishita, she came to my house tomorrow morning to tell about Ruhi, she is Raman’s neighbor. She says we got the news. Ashok asks how. She says one sec. Ashok gets the complete news about Ruhi’s case. She says Raman is coming for the interview, now you will get your reward. Ashok says remember what you said, its in your hands, make fun of Raman so that he can’t show his face to anyone. She says you make the plan and I will implement. Raman thinks of apologizing to Ishita but leaves.

Ishita cares for Amma’s wound. Ishita says Amma………..where are you going. Amma says I will go and apoligize to the Bhallas and requests Raman to talk to Prateek, maybe Prateek will listen to him and everything will be fine. Ishita says no, we won’t bend and apologize to anyone, its all done. Amma cries and Ishita hugs her.

Ishita is crying in her room. Mihika comes to her and asks are you fine. Ishita says did you see Amma, what did they do with her, she is going to apologize to them. She says I should file a case on them. She says they have insulted my parents, I can’t see this, Amma and Appa are such nice people, how can they hurt them. Mihika says its your mistake, Raman treats you like this and you have aalways been quiet. You are getting punished for your goodness. Mihika says fresh up, go and change. Ishita gets a call from the journalist. She talks to Ishita and says we are a reporter and might help you knowing the case against you.

She says Raman is coming to our channel for our interview and will tell about his daughter’s kidnapping. Ishita says I have saved his daughter, he is wrong, and speaks against Raman. The journalist asks Ishita to speak up else everyone will blame her. Ashok is happy and says Raman, now see what I will take away from you.

Ishita says Raman is going to speak against me, I will tell his truth to everyone. Bala says its ok, stop. Ishita says I have to bring his truth out…

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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  1. I don’t like d episode its was nice but why ishita is sufering from that i think raman should tell sry….

  2. super episode

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