Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Rohan traps Aaliya

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rohan saying there is no problem, go and handle the guests. Karan goes. Rohan asks waiter to give this spiked drink to Aaliya. He greets Ruhi and Aaliya. Ruhi says lovely arrangements, Rohan. Rohan says thanks, I just hope that we raise much money and donate it, I will be around. Ruhi and Aaliya take the drinks. Rohan sees them. Ruhi gets a call and answers. Rohan says you can go out and try, there are network issues here. Ruhi goes. Aaliya holds her head. Rohan goes to her. Karan says I m attending the guests. Malhotra says bank manager said the cheque has bounced. Karan asks how can this happen. He goes to talk. Aaliya says I feel giddy, maybe I m tired. Rohan says there is a room upstairs, you can go there if you want to rest. She says yes. He takes her. Ruhi says who was this idiot, he troubled on call for ten mins. The lady gives Aaliya’s phone to Ruhi. Ruhi says maybe Aaliya went to washroom. Karan says someone else’ cheque bounced, you should have found out well. Malhotra says maybe Rohan’s work is done.

Rohan takes Aaliya with him and says you are just mine, I missed you a lot. Ruhi says Karan, I can’t find Aaliya anywhere, I m worried, don’t know where did she go. He says calm down, call her. She says her phone is here. He says I will go out and check. Rohan makes Aaliya wear the bracelet. He says I love you a lot, I know you love me too, I m yours and you are mine, today we will unite, we will spend the night like a husband and wife, there is no one to disturb us, we will talk all night, eat and dine, none can come between us. He sits drinking. He says bhallas used me and when their motives were fulfilled, they have thrown me out, none can come between us today. Kiran says Bala isn’t answering. She stops Shaina and asks her about Bala. She says if anything happens to Bala, I will tell your truth. Bala comes and asks what truth, relax Kiran. She asks where were you. He says I had to go to conduct my classes, I realized I lost my phone and went to police station to file FIR. She says come with me, I have to take dinner with you. He says let me talk to Ishu, why were you fighting. Shaina says your wife is an amazing actor, she was worried for you, I asked her to mimic her fav character, she was doing that. Bala says come on, show something to me also, I never saw your acting. Kiran says I m in tension, come with me. Shaina says she loves you a lot, go with her, Kiran don’t worry now.

Raman says why isn’t she answering, there is no message or call. He recalls Ishita. Watchman says I wanted to leave, there is no one at office, how long will you sit here. Raman says no, I will be leaving now. Amma and Appa come to Bhalla house. Amma gets green tea for them. Appa says we wanted to come and talk, we went for health check up today, is there anything to worry. Mrs. Bhalla says no. Amma says Ishita also took annual checkup plan for you, did she forget it. Appa says she didn’t come to meet us. Amma says yes, when she went to London, she said she will get comforter for me, maybe she forgot. Mr. Bhalla says she is busy in her clinic work. Amma says we are more imp for her. Simmi says don’t scold her. Amma asks what happened. Simmi says nothing, Ishita is already occupied with work, we can’t put all load on her. Amma says she doesn’t take responsibility as burden. Simmi thinks I can’t tell them anything, don’t know its Ishita or not. Ruhi says don’t know where is Ishita. Karan says don’t worry, I will check the lobby. Ruhi says if Aaliya is hallucinating again, she was fine since some days. Yug says Ruhi and Aaliya should have come by now. He comes in. Ruhi asks what are you doing here. He says I didn’t go, I don’t trust Rohan and Karan, where is Aaliya. She says I m not able to find her.

Yug asks where is the host. Karan comes. Yug scolds him and asks where is Aaliya. Karan asks guests to enjoy, Yug is an old friend, he is joking. He takes Yug aside and says its a charity dinner, calm down, I don’t know where is Aaliya. Ruhi says stop fighting, use your brain. Yug asks did anyone come to talk to Aaliya. Ruhi says Rohan had come, he is not around either, he called the waiter, we had juice drinks. Karan looks for Rohan. Raman comes home and asks is Ishita at home. Mr. Bhalla says she doesn’t say anything these days. Raman goes to check Iyer house. He asks Bala did Ishita come. Bala says no. Raman says I don’t know where she is, she isn’t answering. Kiran says I need to tell something imp. Raman says not now, we will talk later. Karan asks Ruhi was he that waiter. Ruhi says yes. Karan beats the waiter. Waiter says Rohan mixed a pill into a drink and asked me to serve it to Aaliya, he asked me to give a call to this madam, so that I keep her engaged for some time, forgive me. Karan gets shocked.

Karan, Ruhi and Yug run upstairs and shout to Rohan. Aaliya shouts Adi for help. Rohan shouts he isn’t Adi, he is Yug, I m your Rohan, none can come between us. Yug shouts open the door, don’t do anything to Aaliya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Stop showing rubbish..husband molesting his wife huh..rohan ko ekdum negative banaa diya so that we start liking that cartoon yug..adi was always a jerk nd also yug is..go to hell yhm..not gonna watch it anymore

  2. Dont overeact yug you are not adhi. Rohan is aliya’s husband atleast but you r the cheater

    1. I find Aliya to be such a drama queen. How Adi cheated on her… she still goes like “ Adiiii Adiii” stupid woman…. and how can they show Rohan molesting Aliya he is her husband duh and on top he is a great guy it is the so called Yug or Adiiii who is the imposter and not Aliya’s husband absolutely rubbish

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