Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Arushi gets attacked

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arushi coming to cafe and meeting Ishita. Ishita says I have to show something, check both papers carefully. Arushi asks what’s in these. Ishita says you can clearly say the logos are different, the appointment letter is fake, see this, whoever is doing this, I will find him, I promise you will get justice, Raman is innocent. Arushi silently goes. Ishita says Raman has to know what’s happening with him. Sharma says I felt I met Adi before. Mihika gives him docs. Sharma says we should check the shop’s CCTV footage once, maybe you know the person. Aaliya says I will come along. Mihika says you have a meeting, you should go there. Bala says I will come, Romi spoke to me just now. Bala and Mihika go with Sharma.

Adi stops Aaliya and asks what are you doing here. She says I have come for presentation, what’s your problem. He says I have made a presentation. She says Neha and I worked hard for this. Raman asks what’s happening. Adi says I made a presentation, but she wants to give a presentation too. Aaliya says its good for us if we give two presentations, clients will get an option. Raman agrees and asks them to come. Romi calls Mihika and asks about CCTV footage. She says yes, we are checking. Bala sees Shravan and says what is he doing here. Mihika says Shravan is swiping someone’s card. Romi asks what. Mihika says I will call you back. Sharma asks do you know him. Bala says he is my son Shravan. Mihika says Shravan isn’t using my card, maybe he is using his friend’s card. Sharma says the date and time of the card usage is same, maybe Shravan is using that same card. Bala says I won’t leave him. Mihika says we will find out. Sharma says talk to him well. Bala says fine, I don’t know what happened to this boy.

Everyone claps for Adi and Aaliya. Raman asks them what’s their decision. Mani says congrats, your company will get the project, we can go ahead with one proposal, that’s of Aaliya. Adi gets shocked. Aaliya thanks Mani. Arushi thinks of Ishita’s words and sees Sonakshi’s pic. Ishita calls her and says I wanted to talk, I know you would be confused. Someone comes to Arushi’s house. Ishita says I came to Raman’s office, we will help you. Arushi screams seeing a masked guy. The guy enters the house and attacks her. Arushi tries to fight. Ishita asks what happened, who is there. She calls back. The guy gets a knife and hits her arm. Arushi screams. She beats the guy and runs. Raman scolds Adi for behaving bad.

Adi says I just reacted a bit and you are saying this, didn’t you see Mani’s behavior, he is biased, he selected Aaliya’s presentation. Aaliya says Mani won’t do this, he selected as my presentation was better, I wanted to give you credit, it was your ideas, I took Neha’s best, knowing she is best, what’s my fault. Adi says just stop it. Neha comes and defends Aaliya. She says we both wanted our company to get this project. She asks Raman to explain Adi to permit her for work from home. Raman asks Adi to think about Neha, she did good work. Adi says its not done, what will be my position here, she did this to show me down. Raman says Aaliya is your wife, why will she do this, Neha give me some time to think about the proposal. Ishita comes and says a girl is in trouble, someone attacked her, just come with me. Raman asks who. Arushi comes there. They get shocked seeing her injured.

Raman says you are Sonakshi right. Arushi says I m Arushi, Sonakshi’s twin sister. Ishita says please call doctor for her. Raman says this didn’t strike me before, your sister came to me for job placement, I couldn’t help her, she wasn’t qualified, she said she wanted a job, did Ishita see Arushi in London. Ishita says its complicated, we will talk later. She does aid to Arushi. Raman says doctor is here. Doctor treats Arushi. Bala asks where is Shravan, Amma you don’t know what he did. Mihika calms him down. Shravan asks what happened. Bala says answer the truth, do you have a credit card. Shravan asks why. Bala says just answer me, Appa I have seen a shop’s CCTV footage, he is seen swiping a credit card. Amma asks how did you get it.

Raman and Ishita drop Arushi. Ishita asks her to take medicines. Raman says don’t know who attacked you, I can send guards to secure you. Ishita goes after Arushi and says just believe Raman, he didn’t recruit Sonakshi, he helped you. Arushi says thanks, I can’t give him clear chit, I have no reason to believe you, I can’t believe he is innocent, maybe he has sent someone to attack me. Ishita says fine, you report about him to police. Arushi says no, I want the person to attack on me again, so that I can catch them red handed. Ishita says I can’t understand what to do, you are taking risk for your sister, I can see you are in pain, I know my husband, he can’t do wrong. Arushi says you didn’t lose your loved one, you can’t understand my pain, get me proof of Raman’s innocence, sorry I can’t believe you and your husband. She goes. Ishita says I know the pain to lose someone, I will find proof for your sake and for Raman.

Mani asks Sharma about Adi. Sharma says I saw Adi hugging a lady in his car, they had marriage pic. Aaliya asks him was it Roshni. She shows Roshni’s pic. Sharma says yes. Ishita hears Raman talking over phone about Sonakshi. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. roshini want to create rift b/w adi n aliya and adi studip who felt overconfidence and over smart who felt shame about took help from his wife but don’t felt shame took help from his ex-wife, he called aliya unprofessional n couldn’t made the presentation of his own.
    Raman lies to Ishita about sonakshi case why is he hiding from her, which mean he’s responsible for sonakshi death

    1. raman is not lying. he said that sonakshi had approached him but he turned her down becoz she was not qualified. may be param recruited her under the false letterhead..

  2. Aditya is such a crap. He does not deserve Aaliya. He does not know what he wants from his life and roshni is also such a bad and useless girl… Why they dont show respect to married life. Is this way to treat your wife.

  3. So now it is trying to show that Raman is related with this case…but as we all know this won’t happen because after all he is the hero and CVS never prove heros guilty in such cases…they are just intending to make the viewers confused… can’t they end this worst track..and not only this the Roshni track also…what the hell…how can Adi say “saath mein achhe lag rahe he na dono”
    If he want this why is he with Aliya…and I liked it when Mani chose Aliya’s presentation..I want Adi to be slapped…now I think that Aliya should be married to someone else as she deserves someone more lovable than Aditya Bhalla…

  4. i’m hating Adi n Roshni day by day n i hope Aliya divorce Adi because he doesn’t deserve her he is such n cheap shameless n stupid person he needs good slappings n Roshni should be kicked out permanentluy

  5. I like that police friend of Mani’s. He should get a liking in Aliya. Adi just to stupid these days. Just hate the way that he does not even look at Aliya when she speaks to him.

    1. Lala Lajpatrai

      Aliya should divorce Adi and marry Shravu.

    2. Lala Lajpatrai

      the writer idiots will bring a track of ruhi falling for the inspector

  6. Omg! What a load of bullshit! I used to comment about adi’s sensible and positive behavior before but now I’m not sure what kind of words I must use to explain adi’s present behavior! Just how fast the night changes!! (Thanks to Miss ekta kapoor ??)
    I have never seen a girl like Roshini before. I mean just think about it. A girl who’s been studying abroad for months or years has returned to her mother country but never worries about visiting her family who’s been leading an alone and a tough life in the village! She doesn’t want to mention about them nor worry about them! As for Roshini, what was her great attitude behind studying hard? As far as I can remember, she used to boast on saving her mom and sister from that village and giving them a positive environment which they didn’t get back there in Khandanpur. What has happened to them? Did that Gagan killed them or what? Some times I wonder about the ability that ekta mam has got for forgeting things. Roshini also used to b a nice positive character and she was a wellwisher for adiliya relationship as well. But now the things that she’s been doing so far its like that she has also changed her motives. So once again how fast the night changes!
    Btw did anyone notice that commets were closed for yesturday episode? Or its just my stupid phone??

    1. Yes also noticed the closed comments. Ekta is throwing Adi underneath the train just to line up more trouble for IshRa. As soon as this Sonakshi is over and Raman cleared then Ishita will have to mend Adi and Aliya’s relationship. So again she will have no time for Raman.

    2. Haha! How fast the night changes lol! Btw even I saw that the comments were closed yesturday, but it was too late when I visit this page.
      I always used to hate this Roshini for not having a thing called shame. Calling Ishu as ishimaa was never approved by me. How dare she calls her like that. What relation does she share with ishu? Ishita is too innocent to accept any fraud as her children! Pathetic!

    3. Lala Lajpatrai

      The admin is a racist and closed comments as he/she was getting bombarded with comments showcasing the admins stupidty

  7. I am a huge fan of Dt . I watch yhm only to see her . But now i started hating the character Ishitha … so even that love to see Dt is also gone . Ekta cud butcher these good artists .. Even KP too … what are they showing about Ishra … Last few days I was watching Yhm in malayalam … now they showing surrogacy and bhooth track … I cud understand better now as in malayalam and not a very good in hindi .After watching malayalam these days seeing Ishithas ghost track , I was wondering … how cud i watch this rubbish in yhm … now also the same . Not at all interested to know about even Ishra ! Adi also now Ekta butchered … He had a bad childhood … its not he is not loving Alia … my feel … And Roshini .., if shown negative … they are into negative only .. its v sad ! Atleast
    cvs should have shown a bit defferent with her character . cvs cud have shown her being greatful to Ishra ! Totally rubbish !

  8. These roshni is stupid she knows adi is married to aaliya now, then why is she breaking their marriage.

  9. I just started watching dis drama again..after a long gap…who is dis roshni…dey are saying Adi’s ex wife…is she the one who was forced to marry Adi during Adi and aliyas weddings time…I forgot completely…as fr as I remember she married to adi and gave divorce right?…or else she dint got married to adi….I hate dis kind of relationship….why the hell dey ignore the once dey loved after some time….looks like I m going get scared of starting a relationship… knowing dat everything is going to end once the time passes…is dat true?…I m fed up wd this trival thing… getting in between the married couple or lover’s….just hate dat…I hope I never gone face dis kind of situation..I hate Being neglected..and being 3rd person

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