Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th February 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th February 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with the award function starting. Everyone says congrats to Ishita for her marriage with Raman. Ishita introduces Appa and Amma. They ask is Raman coming, you both are good couple. Ishita says he is busy, his family will be coming. Appa says he will come. Raman thinks about Ashok’s words and is angry. Mihir comes to him and asks are you fine. Mihir thinks about his talk with Mr. Bhalla. Mihir asks Raman to go to Unique Park Hotel in the conference which is only for the bosses. He says I can’t go there, you have to go. He says everyone are scared of you, get your mood right, and don’t miss the meeting. Raman says fine and leaves.

Ruhi meets Ishita and hugs her. Ruhi says congrats mum. The Bhallas come and congratulates Ishita. Ishits welcomes

them. Raman reaches the hotel and comes in the award ceremony. Mihir tells Mr.Bhalla that Raman will be reaching there. The award function starts. Everyone are happy to see Raman. Mr. Bhalla says its good to see you. Raman says so you did this. Mr. Bhalla says come with me. The Bhallas get bored here. Raman thinks I won’t leave Mihit for this lie. Ishita is called on the stage.

She talks in Tamil which only the Iyers understand. Raman feels sleepy by her long speech. Bhalla says why are everyone clapping, I don’t understand anything. Simmi says I m feeling bored. Everyone clap for Ishita. She receives the award for her social contribution. Ruhi takes her photos and jumps happily. Mrs. Bhalla and Raman are sleeping. Simmi wakes up Mrs. Bhalla and asks why are you snoring. Simmi sees Raman sleeping and wakes him up. She says everyone are looking at you, wake up. Mrs. Bhalla says she is my bahu, and claps. Ruhi asks Raman to clap. Raman says go from here.

Ashok asks Shagun to give her phone to him as he wants to talk to Ishita. Ruhi has Ishita’s phone and asks how are you Shagun Mumma, we are having fun, Ishita mum got an award. Ashok says great, we really miss you, how are you. He says we have a competition in our club where we will ask on whom did you do, mum or dad. He asks her how do you look? Ruhi says I look like my dad. Ruhi asks Ishita my face looks like whom, mum or dad. Ishita asks why are you asking. Ruhi says tell me fast. Ishita says like your mum. Ruhi tells Ashok that Ishita told I look like Shagun.

Ashok says go and ask Raman how do you look. People congratulate Raman as Ishita got the award. Ruhi asks Raman how do I look, like you or mum, Ishita told I look like Shagun, but I m your daughter, then why don’t I look like you. Ashok smiles hearing this. Ruhi says Ashok is asking me this. Raman talks to Ashok. Ashok taunts Raman and says you should get an award too. He says Ruhi is my daughter, answer her questions, why don’t she look like you. He says Ruhi is like her mum Shagun. He says her eyes are like me. Shagun tries to stop Ashok.

Ashok says you won the case but did not think about me. He says I miss Ruhi too much, give her back to me. He says I m begging you, take anything from me. Ashok says Shagun, thsi game is fabulous. Shagun says its too much. Ruhi asks Raman how do I look. Raman says enough and Ruhi gets scared. Raman breaks the phone in anger and leaves.

Ishita changes Ruhi’s clothes and asks her to sleep. Ruhi looks at her and asks why does Papa get angry on me. he always scolds me, he does not love me. She says Papa will also send me far like Ashok uncle. Ishita says you will always be with us, we won’t send you anywhere. Ruhi says can I tell you my secret. Ishita says yes. Ruhi says I don’t like Papa. Ishita hugs her. Mrs. Bhalla says you should not say this, Raman loves you a lot. Ruhi says I m afraid of him. Mrs. Bhalla hugs her and says he always thinks about you, he gets anger by office tension. Ishita hugs Ruhi and makes her sleep.

Mr. Bhalla says Raman should not have done this, he should have not shouted on Ruhi. He says if Raman can’ give us love and respect, he won’t get anything in return. Mrs. Bhalla says we know Raman does not know to show love but he loves Ruhi. Ishita comes and says Ruhi was hurt by Raman’s anger. She says if you scold kids a lot, they get afraid. She said she does not like her Papa. Ishita says Raman will be away from Ruhi if he continues to do like this. Mrs. Bhalla argues with Ishita. Ishita says Ruhi needs love. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t overact. Mrs. Bhalla supports Raman and says forget what happened. Ishita says I m not talking against Raman, I will not tell anything from next time.

Mr. Bhalla says is there anything else. Ishita says yesterday night I can’t even tell you in words. She recalls Raman pushing Ruhi while he was drunk. She tells them everything. She says I asked Raman not to do this again but today he did it again infront of everyone. Mrs. Bhalla says I told you Raman is worried about anything. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Ishita for seeing only bad things in Raman. She says I will talk to Raman about this. Raman comes and Mrs. Bhalla asks everyone to go and sleep. Raman and Ishita look at each other angrily.

Ashok comes to Ruhi’s school and looks at Raman.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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