Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vandu seeing Ishita and Mihika, and thinks its look like world war 3, I have to do something. She sends Ruhi to them as per her plan. Ruhi asks Ishita to teach her bharatnaytam, and reminds her that she and Mihika used to do it every year on pongal. Ishita says not now. Vandu says I will try, I don’t know good like them, but somewhat. She teaches Ruhi, and everyone look on. Ishita says not like this, and shows it to Ruhi. Mihika says no, not like this and reminds them the proper steps. She dances and shows them. Ishita cries seeing Mihika and recalls their childhood Bharatnatyam dance.

Ishita goes hiding her tears. Vandu and Mihika get tears in their eyes. Mihika says I will leave. Vandu asks her to stay. Mihika says no, I can’t bear Ishita’s hatred, I married Ashok to save Mihir, but everyone got annoyed with me. Vandu insists and asks her to go after celebrating Lohri Adi introduces his family to his friends. They ask about Ishita. Adi introduces them to his mum Shagun, and is glad seeing her in red suit. His friend asks about Ishita. Adi says she is our neighbor. Ishita gets sad and Shagun smiles. Raman looks on with everyone, being silent. Shagun sees him and acts good, telling the kids that Ishita is Adi’s Choti Maa, and she is dentist, and you can go to her if you have tooth problems. She asks Adi to meet dad. Adi introduces Raman to them. They know him as best CEO.

Raman gives clothes for Lohri and says don’t open now, its same like me, we will surprise them. Ashok is drunk and says first Raman’s son and now Mihir’s son will be my son. He asks a boy to come and talk. The boy sits with him. Ashok asks his name. He says Bharat Khanna. Ashok says don’t joke, my name is Ashok Khanna, now you see Khanna. He says ok uncle. Ashok says no, we have same surname, so you will call me Papa. He says sorry, my dad is at home. Ashok says no, he is old, I m your new Papa and I will take good care of you and your mummy, take sweets from me. The boy takes it. Ashok says go and tell everyone The boy calls everyone.

The boy tells an aunty about his new Papa. She says whats this drama. Raman comes to Ishita and helps her, taunting her on her long hair. She says she will cut it. He says tigress without hair will look more dangerous. She says when you get angry, you can say anything, then forget it, its easy for you, of we talk to you like this, you men will feel how it hurts. Raman says sorry. She says I don’t want your sorry. He asks what do you want then. She asks him to come and leaves. He says its not so easy.

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The boy’s mum beats Ashok along with others. Ashok says what did I say, I just said I m their new papa. Romi looks on and laughs, saying I will go after he beats more beaten. He then rescues Ashok and says he is Iyer’s son in law, he is drunk, I m sorry on his behalf. He takes Ashok. Everyone ask the kids to play games with Adi. Shagun asks Adi to play something exciting, like treasure hunt as its Lohri so its items, we will hide it. They like the idea and leave. Ishita comes and they all compliment her. Ishita thanks them. Rinki says Ishita’s face is turning red, Raman is gone, is there any special plan. Mrs Bhalla says don’t tease my bahu. Rinki asks her not to take Lohri items, as they are playing treasure hunt.

Adi tells Shagun that he heard Rinki saying Raman and Ishita will do puja, but you used to do always. She says yes, this can’t happen now. He asks her to promise that she will do the puja. She promises. He says he will hide the corn packets and she should help them, he will lock Ishita and she will do puja with Raman. She says no need to do this. He says I can’t see you sad. She says I love you. He says I love you too. She says no one should know this He goes to his friends. She says you are the one who will make me get my rights. Rinki plays the treasure hunt, while Shagun hides the corn packets at pump house. The kids play and get the items kept at home.

Rinki says the items, and asks where is popcorn packets. Raman asks them to come. Rinki says we did not get popcorn packets. Raman asks Adi to come along and asks about Ishita. Rinki says she went. The Bhallas dance. Ishita smiles and hugs Pammi, and Mihir, welcoming the guests. Mrs. Bhalla and Pammi have a talk. Pammi asks about Adi. Mrs. Bhalla says he is with friends. Pammi says call him for puja, we enjoyed a lot in last Lohri. Appa and Amma come there, and they welcome Amma and take her to dance. Mr. Bhalla talks to Chadda about money given to society and Appa gets tensed. He says I m just tired. He says he wanted to ask about cheque, did he send it. Mr. Bhalla says I have also given it. Chadda takes him to dance.

Raman tells Romi that he will see Ishita and come. Adi asks where is he going. Raman says I m finding someone, I will come. Adi takes Raman. Raman’s eyes look for Ishita. Ishita talks to the waiter and Simmi about the corn gone missing, and says she will find it as kids has done it. Shagun says yes, kids were playing. Simmi says we will get new packet asking Romi to bring. Ishita says no, he is working since morning, we won’t disturb him, I will see it.

Ishita tells Vandu about getting popcorns and goes. Mihika turns and sees Mihir. He leaves seeing her. Vandu says lets go to Amma and Appa. Adi shows like helping Ishita and says the popcorns are in pumphouse, watchman kept it. She says I need it, I will get it. He asks shall I help you. She says no, you enjoy, I will get it. She leaves.

Adi asks Raman to start Lohri puja. Raman says let Ishita come. Adi asks him to do puja with Shagun, Dadi said you always did with her, whats problem today. Shagun says Ishita is Raman’s wife. Adi says no, please you do it. Raman says I will do as you want, I will do this puja with your mum.

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