Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update: Ishita chooses Ruhi over Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi telling Raman that Ruhi has slapped Romi. Raman gets angry. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman not to create a drama here and come home. Appa and Amma try to manage. The man says they keep Mata ki chowki and act Sanskari, see how their son has beaten a guy, Ruhi has slapped her uncle, I think we should call police. Kiran says you are right, call police, just they will get defamed, why are everyone against them. She says everyone is society’s children. The lady tells the man to let Bhallas solve the matter.

Ruhi says I have raised hand my mistake. Raman asks her to show him how did she slap Romi, who regards her more than a daughter. Ruhi says Nikhil came there when my car broke down, he was helping me. Adi says how did he come to same place where you went to get chunris. Ruhi says Adi and Romi were badly beating Nikhil, I have raised hand by mistake. Raman says then you can slap me also for Nikhil. Ruhi says how could I stay quiet, Adi stay out of this matter, I know I didn’t do any mistake, I m not sorry, how much shall I hide my feelings, I don’t care of anything. Ishita asks her not to drag matter, say sorry and end it. Raman says you have encouraged her to have relation with Nikhil. Ishita says if child does right, child is yours, else mine. They argue. Adi asks Ruhi did she get happy seeing this.

Ruhi cries and argues. Ishita says I want to talk to my husband, be quiet. She asks Raman how can he make anyone his enemy if person doesn’t listen to him, he wants to make Ruhi a puppet. She says our children can’t tell us truth, as you can’t bear truth. Raman says this is my house and my children will be as I want, if she wants to ruin her life, then get out of my house. Mr. Bhalla and Romi stop Raman. Romi says I will explain her. He asks Ruhi will she listen to him. Amma says stop it, we will discuss tomorrow, Ruhi will apologize. She asks Ruhi to say she will never meet Nikhil. Ruhi asks why won’t I meet him, what wrong did we do, I didn’t lie, Papa doesn’t trust me, I told I didn’t go to meet Nikhil, he met by chance, my hand has hit Romi, I didn’t slap him, I have made my mind, Nikhl is not a bad person, why shall I not meet him, Papa is wrong, he is my enemy. Raman says listen to me, I m not your enemy, I m protective about you. She says I will go and meet Nikhil. Raman slaps her.

Mr. Bhalla asks him how can he slap. Raman asks shall I see her ruining her life. They all cry. Raman says fine, you have to meet Nikhil, I will show you a way. He goes and packs Ruhi’s clothes. Ishita comes to stop him. He says I can’t see her ruining her life this way. He goes out and pushes Ishita. She gets hurt and steps on glass pieces. Adi holds her. Her feet bleeds. Raman drags Ruhi out. Ishita runs after them. She holds Ruhi. Raman asks Ruhi to get out of his house. Romi asks him to stop. Ishita says you have much adamancy, fine I m also adamant, slap me first, make me leave the house first, but my daughter will stay here till I m here.

Raman says then you also decide, either me or Ruhi. They get shocked. Ishita asks are you asking me to choose one, she is that Ruhi, because of whom we met, you are asking me to choose either of you, is our relation so small. Adi asks her to calm down, Papa says anything in anger. Romi says we will sit and talk. Ishita cries and says our relation is so small, we had argument because of Nikhil and relation got over. Raman asks her to teach Ruhi, he is her father and doesn’t want to ruin her life, she has habit to end relations. Ishita cries and says nothing changed, whenever any problem comes, blame comes on me, I m wrong, you decided everything, fine, I will take my decision now. He says I want to know what decision you take.

She says I will choose any one…. Pihu comes there and says Ishi maa. Raman and Ishita wipe tears. Pihu says I m not getting sleep, will you sleep with me please. Aaliya asks Pihu to come to her. Pihu says no, I want to sleep with Ishimaa. Ishita says sorry, I m crying because I have an exam and I have to give an answer. They all cry. Ishita says its tough to choose any one. Pihu says I m your helpline, like they show in tv. Ishita says you said right, Adi is my helpline, Ruhi is also my helpline, thanks, I got my answer. She holds Ruhi and says woman should not be tested in such a way that person gets sad, a woman will always choose her husband, but a mum will always choose her children, always, when I have to choose one, I will choose my children. Raman cries.

Mr. Bhalla asks Ruhi to respect what Ishita said, go to your room. Ruhi cries. Ishita says I m with you, you stay with me. She takes Ruhi with her. Mr. Bhalla scolds Raman. Raman says I will give my life for my children, I was just saving my daughter, why does anyone not understand this, I can’t see tears in Ruhi’s eyes, even I would have chosen my children being in Ishita’s place. Mr. Bhalla says I m also a father, of such a son who always dominated, but I have never forced you for anything, I always explained with love, you also behave such with your children, everything will spoil, family will shatter this way. Raman asks him to talk to Ruhi, if Ruhi goes from here, he can’t live.

Amma cries and says how did this happen, I have never seen Raman like this, it was good Pihu came. Kiran comes and asks Amma is she fine. She checks Amma’s BP. She asks Amma to have medicine. Appa gives her medicine. He thanks Kiran. Kiran says this s my duty towards my family. She goes. Amma and Appa praise her. Appa says Ishu’s house will have everything fine. Ishita comes to room and gets angry seeing Raman. Ruhi cries and thinks of Raman’s words. Adi says Ruhi can’t talk to Papa and Ishimaa like this. Aaliya asks him to stay calm. Romi and Mihika stay awake and worried. Mr. Bhalla sees Mrs. Bhalla’s pic and misses her. Raman and Ishita stay upset.

Ishita gives aarti to everyone. Raman asks Adi and Romi to reach office for meeting. Raman passes a taunt and goes.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. AIHA19

    TODAY EPISODE MADE ME CRY!raman is mad,wht is he saying?

    1. Aastha1

      I think raman is over reacting but he is saying right. How can a father let his 18 years old daughter marry to a man who is already divorced, with a 8 year old daughter and no financial and social security.

    2. Pinku

      Hi Aisha u also follow this serial I love this too

  2. The whole misunderstanding is created by adi, today episode was so emotional, it was tough for ishita to choose ruhi or raman, but she choose ruhi, raman is so arrogant anytime any problem arise he put the blame on ishita that,s not right.

    1. ADI said what happened….. Raman scolded ishu for supporting Ruhi…. He didn’t blame her….ishu misunderstood Raman….

    2. Raman is always blaming ishita what kind of rishta is this? and ishita is right when the child does good it is courtesy of the father and when the child make any kind of mistake its courtesy of the mother but I have to admit that ruhi should have apologised for slapping romi

  3. azuka nkwonta

    Ruhi said she is not sorry for what she did and I believe that if ruhi can slap Romi for Nikhil she can also slap her father. What did ishita say that ruhi should not drag the matter and just say sorry. I think ishita is mad, when ruhi said I did not make mistake I will not say sorry I expected ishita to slap her for saying that and scold her before telling her to say sorry. Ishita is the one that ruined ruhi’s life. She gave her so much wing that she can fly so much and remain there and nothing will happen. Ishita always uses the children to defend herself when she knew she is a failed mom. Raman also loves his children, he wants things to be better for them that’s why he protects them with strength there is no point for ishita to use the children to defend herself. There is no love between Raman and ishita, all this thing that they are showing us as love is just not love, these are two couples building a relationship on false foundation under the pretense of protecting a daughter called ruhi in other words their love is not based on themselves which means thee was no love existing between the two of them. Scolding your children or reprimanding them does not mean that you are a bad mom or dad even slapping them when they behave badly like the one ruhi did by slapping her uncle does not mean you are a bad parent. Children needs discipline that is why we are their guidian, if ruhi does not get disciplined one day she can slap even ishita, don’t think that it is impossible because if she can slap Romi and feel no remorse then why can’t she also slap ishita.

  4. Hi friends…. High intensity episode….ishra rocked….. being a father Raman is right…. Stupid Ruhi too much selfish… she slapped Romi… Tomorrow Raman….she deserved that slap…. Ruhi is not even ready to apologise…. Even Raman tried to explain her calmly but no use…. Raman s anger can be justified…. But his condition to Ishu was wrong…. Relationship was almost broken due to high anger of both ishra…. But as soon as pihu came both became silent…. For the first time pihu made positive impact in ishra…. Good thing is Raman know s what ishu did is right…. But problem is Nikhil here….CVS please unite him with his wife and send him away….I think now for some days ishra won’t talk with eachother…. ADI behaved sensible today…. Let’s see how Ruhi reacts after knowing she herself is causing fight between ishra…..hope she realise s

  5. A crap which doesnt have a end how many times ishra seperation track comes its better ishra should seprate legally by taking divorce a nonsense couple with there nonsense family and its amazing this nosense jodi get best jodi award every year such a pain there was news saying that DT would leave the show then why isnt DT leaving this show atleast now why is she playing in this crap till now

  6. show is becoming so stupid nd ishu i didnt expect this from her.nd ruhi oh my god i dont believe hw coud she slap romi eventhough by mistake nd raman was right nd good abt wat he did vth ruhi.nd ishu wat hapnd to her if nikhil is such a good person she might made nikil reunite vth his wife nd riya nd make ruhi understand nd might let hr concentrate on studies wat is ishitha thinking i dont get it.ruhi was jst 18nd hw could she nd even ishitha think of marrying a person whoz already married bt raman nd ishu story was regarding track i think raman is behaving like a responsible father bt ishu watever ruhi did eventhough right r wrong she supports ruhi.ishu is not good in this.

  7. Todays episode KP and Dt nailed it . Powerful act … thats Divan … Yhm is bledssed with these two gifted actors ! Cud involve fully into it . Raman is justified for his anger .Ishitha is def wrong in being supportive to Ruhi but Ishitha as a mother failed infront of Ruhi . Ruhi is from begining a rejected child from Shaghu , exchanged for Adi and then Pihu … tortured by Nidhi …. abused … And after return both Ishitha and Raman could kould her well . A good counselling was required , and should have focused on her studies .As parents Ishra failed . she was like an aunt in the house , and for her age I feel she is confused . Cvs cud have made it better . Ishitha chose Ruhi over Raman … Raman was wrong in giving such a choice … he would have wanted his Ishitha to be with him to support … but he too can be proud to think Ishitha choose his children . Later on he will understand Ishitha was right . If given a choice to Raman he too will opt for Ruhi over Ishitha for sure .But he was shattered when Ishitha didn not choose him . Thank God Shaghun was
    not there ! She wud have created more havoc to this situation .
    These type of teen age love happens … parents instead of making them rebellious be
    understanding take time to be with them .
    Convince them the realities …other wise the parents will be the losers if they throw their children out of the house .

    1. Teenage love is a sensitive issue.parents should deal it with care.however I don’t think kids will understand what parents are trying to say or why they are against that particular alliance.

    2. very true Anjana ! I have delted and faced my own children . I am a friend to them . Both children had marriage daughter defferent state son british girl .They come and tell me everything … I told them give time and as years go if you are sure .. go agead . But getting permission from Dad is their job . I know for sure he will shatter and I was scared to tell him .But as the years gone I felt they are v stromg . I told my daughter to tell him . They went for a drive … she told him … he was v upset ! when they came he asked … do you know our daughter is in love with a other state boy … I said I knew . I tried to make him understand … but we called our daughter and said … its your wish … we will do for you … but any probs comes after marriage dont come to us … its your choice . The boy and alliance was super good !Then started sons love story … he was in love with British girl that too christian . By then I lost my husband .. having agreed to my daughters love story .. not agreeing sons is not fair . But I told sure of himself then only I will see the girl ! I am there for every thing .. but their issues they have to solve .. Its how parents handle . I asked one question to my husband … do you want your daughter to be happy ? And they were not ready to move on with out both parents approval ! I too felt sad .. family members were not happy … but I felt as parents our decision matters .Both Raman and Ishitha is wrong ! I did not say becoz of Shaghun .. whst I meant was Ruhi had gone thru a lot ! Rejection … Ishitha too responsible but Shaghun giving birth and leaving is totally deff from Ishithas situation . What Ruhi went thru Nidhis time ? Love is a dangerous desease … if Ishitha too throw her to the road … what will be Ruhis state ..Not matured .. no education …Parents have to witness a lot if they do so . Give time .. thats what Ishitha is telling .We as parents will be stubborn … but will see our own relatives welcoming them and mixing with them . With so much pain parents has to view that .And Asuka father bringing money and mother housewife and all gone ! If both parents work together and share all responsibilities ..then only we can match to fifty percent of our needs . In Ishithas case exchange of Pihu and now Ruhis incident made this much worse by Ramans anger clubbed with Adis anger .
      In Bhallas house the children see only problems .. its frustrating after a point to live like that .Many incidents I know childrens back history taunts them later .
      We all think Yesterdays have gone ! but what one did before can spoil your entire life . Give children faith in God .. to become strong .. if not mentally balanced is just a glass which can break .
      Saying this I am not at all supporting Ishitha ..?her handling is not convincing at all ..
      But with my children I think I did justice .. they are happy and as mother I am proud of them . If cvs cud show these all in positive vibes … its a message to audience .Sorry I did not want to bring personel … chidren at this age can be rebellious ! no doubt about it ! Sad to see our little Ruhi in this state ! Many families go thru this … in anything ones right decision is more than any other commitments .

    3. Thank you for sharing your experience did did a good advice also because I’m a mother of two children. totally confused what I will do in future if they come to us like thing I clearly understand that v have to face whatever comes in our life.

    4. Pinku

      Hi VP hru long time yaar…. kahan hai hamara gang… mano rithusree aur sab

  8. azuka nkwonta

    It is a mother’s duty to raise the children, it is the father’s duty to work and bring food to the house so if there is fault with the children a man can actually blame the woman because if your husband did not bring money to the house you will actually blame him and some of us will raise the roof. This days anything happens, women chase dreams and forgot their primary role in the family and some men today are lazy it is the women that feeds them.

    1. Tvfan1

      i do not think father’s only duty is to work and bring food…he also needs to guide the mother and the children..and anyway usually girls are more closer to the dad..have you seen a tamil movie called Abhiyum naanum? it is a story of a daughter and a dad..

  9. Star plus highly sensational current storyline of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is showing Raman and Ishita’s drastic clash for Ruhi’s future.

    So far we have seen that Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) faces clash war.

    Raman is adamant to break Nikhil and Ruhi’s bond while Ishita is adamant to fix this bond.

    Their difference of opinions has resulted in drastic havoc which is up to ruin everyone’s lives.

    Adi’s minor mistake turns fatal for Ishita

    Amid their fight Adi’s minor mistake had worked as fuel in the fire.

    Adi’s wrong interpretation of Ruhi’s mistake interns Raman to break bond with Ishita and Ruhi.

    Thus Raman trusts Adi and refuses listening Ruhi’s truth and innocence.

    Lets’ see how Raman and Ishita’s love will come back on the track.

    Stay tuned for more upcoming updates.

  10. I literally feel very bad for Raman noone understands him.. as if he has no rights over his children.. people are saying he should be soft n calm with Rumi but the way she was behaving even i being a audience got upset.. is it the way to talk to Ur father?? U r shouting on him?? U r choosing a person whom u have met just few times before over Ur father ?? Everyone has seen Ishita’s tears and ruhi’s also but no one is there for Raman.. he was also crying he was also heart.. he was not blaming Ishita he was just scolding her for supporting Ruhi in Nikhil’s matter.. Ruhi is arrogant rude as well as mannerless.. it’s​ good to trust Ur children to love them to let them do what they but there’s a age to everything.. she never tried to understand why Raman is opposing his alliance with Nikhil.. initially Raman was calm n composed but day by day ruhi’s behaviour created havoc.. I will go with Raman this time.. his aggressive behaviour is justified coz since so many episodes i am noticing that Ruhi is on some different track she is just not ready to even listen n doing shoutings n oll.. Ishita could make her understand but she is also on some different ego track.
    She has faced exact same situation in her marital life why she want her daughter to go through all this drama.. I agree teenage needs to be tackled in a very mature way but u just can’t surrender to Ur children’s wishes.. if as a parent only Ishita has the right to think of ruhi’s happiness n wellbeing n Raman has no rights over his daughter then I think it’s good she leaves him n never come back.. she is an independent women a successful dentist she should be the one encouraging Ruhi to persue her career.. marriage can be happen after few years.. when she will be independent n mature Raman will let him do what she wants becoz at time she will be mature enough to take sensible decisions of life..

  11. azuka nkwonta

    Shagun is not to be blamed for what is happening to ruhi. I don’t see why everytime ishita fails you will blame shagun Vp. First of all shagun did not reject ruhi because rejection here means that she regretted giving birth to her. If you claim that shagun rejected ruhi then it also means that ishita rejected pihu when she left her. Ruhi’s behaviour is not based on torture otherwise she would have been afraid and timid in life, living like a low life and a coward this is what torture can give to somebody who is suffering the after effect of torture so nidhi is not at fault here. What is happening to ruhi is a clear case of a child who was giving so much freedom. She fought with her brother about who is better in business adi got the blame ruhi was walking free ishita did not even do anything when she got drunk and ruined the company ‘s product launch and who was scolded at the end it was Adi. The truth is that ruhi has never been disciplined or reprimanded only Raman tries sometimes even those times ishita will scold him and tell him not to shout but we all know that Raman is short tempered that is why he shouts. Ishita never scolds ruhi she got so much wings that she can no longer be tamed. Ishita is solely to be blamed for what ruhi has become today, shagun is not at fault nidhi is not at fault.

  12. Shreya shetty

    Yes even I too feel that whatever u said is right Azuka.but tell me something do u think ishita is the one who’s responsible for ruining ruhi life??I need to know
    Have u seen the entire story completely or not?
    Ishita is not mad at all.she’s always right and I support her in every aspect only when it ins good or inst for the sake of her children’s lives and for family
    Instead she should divorce Raman once and for all and slap him twice so red on his cheeks that the next time he dares to raise hands on his kids he would be facing his wife
    I wish I could ve beaten Raman badly so that he goes to hospital and lose his limbs
    but since this is Just a serial and everything his happening is all reel nd unreal I am tolerating it but not for long until that witch ekta Kapoor changes her mind of bringing such all cap to this show all nd run ing it’s charm
    Adi should have kept his ugly bad mind out shut once.both him allmndnd Raman should join an mental asylum to get shock treatment and get shock treatment to fix their brains
    I just literally hate father-son relation it just disgusts me so much
    At least I am so glad that ishita chose ruhi over that nonsense Raman bhalla
    Mr bhalla should ve slapped him right at least but he didn’t that was unexpected.

    1. ishita is wrong

  13. Tvfan1

    who watch this crap?
    so say this show will take a 10yr leap..okay ruhi and nikhil will get married like ishra..then ishra unites again probably in their 50s or 60s..then pihu grown up and the story will drag for sometime..then same problem with her..then another 10 year leap again..then pihu and her love will unite and ishra again unite in their 70s and 80s and then they die…will the show end here??? No Never!! Ishra will die..and u know what..then it will be their souls’ story..and then adi and aliya will have atleast kids by this time and then the story revolves around them..or ruhi and nikhil’s child..

    and then start a different show EKTA KAPOOR!!

    divyanka and karan are very very good actors..and so are the others..please stop ruining them..and when the show stops here..they can go and join another show..please!!

  14. This Nikhil is problem maker in Bhalla’s family first in adi’s life and than nw in Ruhi’ life!!!

  15. Hi Its been long since I messaged. I don’t blame Raman and Ishitha. I blame Ruhi and Nikhil. Since Suhail Incident Raman became protective of Ruhi Ishitha was right over choosing Ruhi over Raman because she would not have raman if ruhi was not there. Is Ruhi so blind in Nikhil that she fought with her father. Actually she was much more matured as a child. Nikhil is in a different level. He will take the blame because he promised his ex wife sister that. But did he not think that for one bit how the parents of the girl he loved would feel about him if he took the blame

  16. Charu prakash

    During this whole fiasco Ruhi was misbehaving very badly.I can understand Raman’s anger.Ruhi’s unapologetic stand was too much for him.A sensible mother would’ve definitely tried to soothe the situation.Instead Ishita was trying to get even with Raman.That was not the right time to play her self respect card.Or I would say,the victim card.Instead of focusing on Ruhi’s problem,She started the blame game on Raman.Conveniently she forgets about the support she has given to Ruhi and the unnecessary secret investigations to prove Nikhil’s moral fibre which leads to the revealation to Ruhi.As usual Ishita’s adamant actions to prove her instincts right, is the game changer here.Othrtwise both the parents could have convinced Ruhi to stay out of this Nikhi’s mess.That image of Ishita,limping n holding the daughters in both hands is pathetic.Highly overdramatic melodrama.Reminds me of Nirupa Roy doing 80’s drama.Underplay is strictly not her forte!Raman’s efforts to bring order in Ruhi’s behaviour would have worked if Ishita wouldn’t have interfered.Once again Ishita is successful in alienting Raman!!!

  17. I totally agree with Meghana, and Charu Prakash. Ishitha have to take steps to reunite nikhil and his wife pooja and daughter riya, if nikhil is a good guy instead of making ruhi and nikhil’s marriage. Now a days ego rules ishitha.

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