Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st November 2019 Written Episode Update: Ruhi returns home

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shardul thinking I hope Arijit doesn’t come in. He meets inspector Sharma. Sanjay stops Arijit and says don’t go inside, there is police. Arijit checks his phone. He checks missed calls and message…. don’t get Namita here. He asks the lady to come with him. They leave. Shardul thinks Arijit left. He talks to inspector. He says Arijit would be coming, you can talk to him, but don’t question Neeti. Ishita says he is right, we will question Neeti once she is fine, I will forward the psychiatrist’s number. Shardul thinks she didn’t tell me anything about it. Inspector says fine, we will do as you say. Shardul thinks I have to take Neeti out of here. Arijit gets angry and says Ishita did this. Bhuvan says calm down. He gives water. He says its good Sanjay alerted you, where is fake Namita. Arijit says I asked her not to contact me for some days. Bhuvan asks how did Sanjay know that police came there for you, do you have any informer in bhalla house.

Arijit throws water on his face. He says I have already admitted that Neeti is my daughter, so Ishita called the police, get lost from here. Inspector says I don’t think Arijit won’t come now, we shall leave now, he is busy in some work. Karan says we should go to his house and arrest him. Inspector says we can’t arrest him without any proof. Ishita say why did he change his plan. Shardul says Arijit is clever, he will do anything to take Neeti. Inspector says we will arrest him when he makes some mistake, he is on our radar, we will arrest him soon. Ishita and Raman thank him. Police goes. Ishita says we can’t arrest Arijit this way. Karan says I think someone alerted him. Shardul says its not possible. She says who will alert him, he will take Neeti some how, lets wait for his mistake. He thinks this won’t happen until I m here.

Shardul hides from Ishita and Mihika. He goes to Neeti. Mihika says Neeti slept, she didn’t make any sketch, I asked about Raman and she got upset. Ishita says don’t feel bad, lets give her some time, she will make new sketch. Mihika says you seem much tired, go and rest. Ishita says I m thinking to see Neeti once and come.

Shardul says sorry Neeti, once our revenge completes, Arijit and I will take you from here. He hears footsteps and hides. Ishita sees Neeti and goes. He thinks to go before anyone else comes. Its morning, Amma says I m very happy, its Bhaidooj now, we are going to old age home, its far, we will go early. Mrs. Bhalla asks are the gifts ready. Simmi and Yug bring gifts. Ishita asks what’s happening here. Amma says this is for old age home. Ishita says I will ask Raman to give a cheque for helping them, we all also come. Yug says I wish Ruhi was here to surprise me. Ruhi comes and says it will happen as you say. Everyone smiles. Ruhi says I came back early. Karan comes and hugs her. He says I missed you. She says I miss you too. Ruhi says I missed you all. Ishita asks them to join them. Ishita asks Shardul about the cheque for donation. He gives it to her. He gets a message. He says I need to meet a friend, he lives abroad, he came Delhi and wants to meet me. She says none should know you are not Raman. He says don’t worry, your family also doesn’t know. She says I will drop you, Simmi thinks you are her brother, Raman, come for tika. He says I m lucky, she doesn’t know Raman is in coma, how long will we lie.

She says everyone is emotional, I can’t tell them. Simmi does tilak and puja. Shardul smiles. Ishita goes away and cries. Ruhi does rituals for Yug. Aaliya makes Karan her brother and does Bhiadooj rituals. Ishita gives money envelope to Simmi. She asks does Neeti have no siblings. Mihika says don’t know, she is much angry on me now, good thing is, she resumed drawing. Ishita says she will be fine soon. Shardul says give this to Neeti, she is alone, she will be happy. Mihika says that’s very sweet. Ishita says that’s really sweet of you, Raman. Amma says we shall leave now. Ishita says you all go, we will come in some time. She drops Shardul.

She gets a call and asks what happened to him, I m coming, thank you. She comes to some place. She cries and says I get scared when I get a call from here, why, please try…. Raman is seen in coma.

Ishita says I was so scared, I knew his enemy is after his life. Sudha says you have faced a lot. Ishita says Raman is with us, its all because of you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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