Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita waiting for Vidyut. She calls him. She says I can’t wait more. Vidyut comes running and calls out Ishita. He says sorry, listen. She asks is it enough. He says I would have reached before you. She says I have found you everywhere. He says I will take you to the most romantic place in Australia. She says you will disappear again. He says fine, I m going. She says no, I did not say I will not agree, I m so looking forward to it. They leave.

Aaliya gets dresses/sarees and says I wish Ishita was here to choose my dress. She asks Neelu where is Adi. She goes to ask Adi. Adi says I have to find everything about Vidyut, so that I can tell Ruhi. Aaliya comes and asks him to suggest which saree to wear. She asks him to see. Adi says this one and did not even see. She says you mean I wear this pyjama, whats wrong with you, you are ignoring me, why, Adi I m talking to you. She leaves. Adi sees she went and says what happened to her, all girls are mad.

Aaliya goes and drinks water. She says I will not go to fortune teller, Adi has no time for me. Shravan thinks if Aaliya can help them in Simmi’s matter. Shravan says I can help you by choosing a saree, trust me, my choice is better. She thanks him and says I will get sarees, you choose it. He says wait, what thanks, you have to help me, please write a love letter for me.

Vidyut takes Ishita to some place. She says wow, I did not see such place in my life. She smiles. He says its romantic. She says I m feeling guilty. He asks why. She says I came so far and we are talking of romance, I lied to family. He says its for love, love is imp in life. She says my responsibilities are imp, my children have right to know truth. He asks don’t you have right to love, I m trying to convince you since 6 months to come with me, you did not agree. She says I have come, but… He says you will get answers, trust me.

He sees Raman there. Ishita turns and gets shocked seeing Raman coming. Raman comes to them. He asks did you feel we will not meet. She says no. He says you made me away and came here. She says I did not. He says you made me leave from family. She says you left on own, I did not send you. He holds her. Vidyut looks on. Ishita asks why are you not understanding, if anyone sees us…. He says parents do anything for children. Dil kahin rukta nahi……plays……They hug and smile.

Raman and Ishita talk. She calls him handsome. She says we stayed away for one year. Vidyut says I was convincing her to come since 6 months and finally she agreed. Ruhi and Adi talk over phone. She asks any lead about Vidyut. Adi gives details of the match location and locates the possibility of Vidyut’s presence.

Aaliya wears a beautiful saree. She thinks Adi has no time for me, what is he doing, he does not want to tell me, whats the secret, its fine, I won’t go to ask him, if he does not care, I will not ask, I will see till when he stays away. Vidyut says your children thinks Ishita and I have an affair. Raman says we don’t care for it, its commendable for what you are doing for us. Vidyut says we are college friends, and then we were not in touch, Raman called me for company work. Raman says he did a lot, when I told him our problem, he did what we told him to do without asking any question. Vidyut says two lovers are staying away for children, I understood, you called me to take your wife on romantic dinner, I don’t miss such chances. Raman and Ishita thank him for help. Vidyut asks them to enjoy and goes. Raman says he is a great guy, such people are less. He gets a call and asks the secretary not to make more phone calls for work. He hugs Ishita and smiles.

Ruhi calls Raman and could not contact him. She calls up Adi to ask. She asks any info about Vidyut, even Raman’s phone is off. Adi says its bad news for us, Ruhi before Papa meets Ishi Maa, you have to meet him, if he meets and gives divorce papers to her, it will be problem, I can track his location, I have his international number. He tracks location and tells her. He asks Ruhi to go to the location soon. She says fine and ends call. Raman and Ishita look at the sea and spend time. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays………..

Ishita says Ruhi thinks Vidyut and I have an affair. Raman says they are sure and spying on you, Adi called me and told you are lying and going to Australia instead Singapore. She asks does Adi know. He says they heard your talk.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    Finally it is revealed that is ishra’s plan very nice episode

  2. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi magic sry dear i didn’t rly to your comment yesterday iam fine how r u

  3. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi vp mam iam just joking i know mam u always remember me

  4. hi frnds today episode was nyc great mom and dad

  5. wawwww what nyc episode

  6. Much expecting…nice episode

  7. Am fine bhagya and hello vp, appy, shivani, rithu, sindhu, shreya, parichary, mino, ishan, raghu and all yhm fans hope you all are doing good and today epi is very good

    1. Hello Magic

  8. Very nice and lovely scenes

  9. Am fine bhagya and hello vp, appy, shivani, rithu, sindhu, mino, parichary, shreya, ishan, raghu and all yhm fans hope you all are doing good and today epi was good

  10. Amazing episode

  11. Hi to shivani rithu magic vp parichary shreya bhagya today epi is good but why adi and aliya not happy

  12. Hi all whatever said and done whatever reasons behind todays episode was a feast to Divan fans … It was really very natural way if hugging and expressing their life without seeing each other … understood Ramans and Vidhyut plan is this … but felt little uneasy to see Divyanka falling for Vidhyut though not wholeheartedly words to express how Ishra looks and their acting … millions of fans must be thrilled to see them together after a long … their love is unconditional and both of themcrdit to each other to make us all happy .. really pray for these two artists for the best in their life .. Adi and Ruhis love to their Ishima is so noble and genuine … luckily we did not see Shaghun .. may be the best part … hope Vidhut will not fall for Shaghun .. and the scenary added more beauty ti them … cvs can now also take this unique serial in this happy way ..

  13. I missed the episode.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi padma madhu Saba ankitha parvathi priyaroli siddhi and all yhm friends.

  14. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman and Shagun in Australia together along with Pihu.

    Ruhi reaches to Australia following Isihta and seeing Raman and Shgaun together in restaurant.

    Raman badmouths against Ishita to Shagun and decides to divorce Ishita which makes Ruhi angry.

    Ruhi confronts Raman and Raman is happy seeing Ruhi after one year.

    Ruhi accuses Raman for leaving family and Ishita has an affair while Raman tries to talk Ruhi but she leaves from there.

    Shagun stops Raman going behind Ruhi and they get relax seeing Pihu there.
    Ishita and Ruhi together finding Raman’s truth

    Furthermore, Ishita meets Ruhi on the way and reveals to Ruhi as it was Raman and Ishita’s plan to send Raman to Shagun for Pihu.

    Ishita tells Ruhi that she has no affair with Vidyut and Raman and Ishita’s separation is just a drama getting Pihu back.

    Ruhi gets excited knowing the truth and get ready helping Ishita.

    Stay tuned for further exciting update.

  15. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman along with all men of the both Iyyer and Bhalla family complains about their wives as they did not give them space.

    Raman is the first one who has many problems with Ishita.

    However, they all get shocked when Ishita and other ladies get angry hear complains and confront them.

    Ishita asks Raman what he has problem and then Raman sends Romi and Adi confront them.

    Romi tells Mihika also doubt at him while he loves her a lot while Adi express his all frustration for Aaliya as she used to call him and gets angry as if he missed one.
    Ishita gets angry seeing Raman’s complain habit

    Raman then tells Ishita and ladies that they want freedom for 24 hours where they do not disturb them.

    Ishita discuss with ladies and allows them to enjoy their freedom which makes all men surprised.

    Ishita and ladies keeps a chip so that they keep eye an eye on men’s activity through laptop.

    Ishita gets angry seeing Raman continue complain about her with Romi.

    How will Ishita teach lesson to Raman?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

    1. Poor men get controls by their wives but Simmi is all alone without husband.

      I am not happy of how Vandita spoke rudely to Simmi. Vandita have no respect. It is good that Sharvan take Simmi’s side and angry on Vandita for giving bad mouthing on Simmi. Shravan can feel Simmi’s pain. Shravan don’t want to break friendship with Ananya like he does with Ruhi. Ishita will suspensed of Simmi avoid her and ask what happen and Simmi does not tell her. Ananya and Shravan tell Ishita about Vandita badmouthing Simmi and Ishita get upset. Ishita goes and confront Vandita for bad mouthing Simmi. Ishita consolled Simmi and tells her that she (Ishita) is there for her (Simmi). Simmi then scold Bala and Bala feel bad because of Vandita bad mouthing and goes to confront Vandita. Vandita want to fight with Simmi but Ishita get surprised by Vandita behave then support Simmi and Mrs Iyer scold Vandita for Simmi. Vandita feel bad that other are supporting Simmi not her.

  16. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman and Ishita return to Bhalla house along with Pihu.

    Santoshi welcome Raman and Ishita with her tight slap for holding truth but soon everything get normal when Raman reveals to do separation drama getting Pihu back.

    Raman also shouts at Santoshi seeing her taunting Ishita which hurt Santoshi as her son go against for his wife Ishita.

    Raman consoles Santoshi by telling that he can never hurt her as he just pretend of scolding her as Ishita did a lot help getting Pihu.

    Raman tells Santoshi that he can send Ishita back to Iyyer house while Ishita gets angry on Raman hearing his conversation.

    Ishita blames Raman for pretending of loving her while he complains about her in front of Santshi.
    Soon, Ishita and Santoshi start laughing seeing Raman’s condition and then Raman realize as it was both Santoshi and Ishita’s prank with him.

    Apart from this, Ishita is very happy when her own daughter Pihu asks her to apply oil in her hairs as Isita wans to do all responsibility for Pihu and now she gets it finally.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  17. Really very nice episode.I appreciate it.Again and again I like to watch it.

  18. I really hope ishitha and Pihu’s reunion be as fast as possible.and that shagun be exposed in front of mani and Pihu .

  19. cute episode..

  20. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi rithu i don’t think it wil happen if shagun true colors r exposed infront of mani then also he didn’t give any divorce.mani is totally changed after his marriage with shagun now a days he became shagun’s puppet in every hard situation he only supports shagun not ishu

    1. I totally agree with you bhagya.but I really hope that shagun be exposed such that Mani leaves that shagun .

  21. Riana

    Sweet n Lovely Episode

  22. Hi all yhm fans. What a lovely episode after shaggy or waggy or even haggy. Hope it stays this way.have a lovely week guys and gals

  23. Hi rithu VP Shivani Mino magic Bhagya khushi Monique KIran jaz az marin padma siddhi and many yhm fans.

    What a romantic episode!!! I loved it. The cvs deliberately separated them to reunite them in Adelaide. I think because of a change of place and environment at the mountaineous scenery the reunion became romantic. If they had reunited in Delhi some idiot will interrupt or knock on the door or come in unannounced. Here they both are alone and no one to interrupt their romantic moments. So that was really nice. It is also good to see ishra romantic moment as if the chemistry has been rekindled. One of the best episodes for now.

    1. Yes I agree with you Sindhu

  24. I am very happy in this episode because

    Eak duje ke liye jinda rehen wale
    Eak duje ke bina reherahe the .

    And pihu ishita is the mom for you so dont angry him .

    Sorry ishu i love you raman jan

  25. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  26. YHM: Raman 24 hours freedom, Ishita turns detective once again

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ most successfully running show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some twist and turns.

    It seems that Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will over hear Raman (Karan Patel) complaining about her to Romi.

    The duo will end up fighting once again and hence Raman will ask for twenty four hours of independence from Ishita.

    Shockingly Ishita will agree to do so.

    However there is a twist in the tale, Ishita will put a chip on Raman and hence will monitor all his activities on her laptop.

    Ishita will once again turn detective and will keep a close watch on Raman and his activities.

    Keep watching this site for more exciting news and updates on your favourite show.

    1. Oh god Ishita is back with detective job to watch her hubby. Poor Raman!!!!

      Raman can’t control Ishita because Ishita is Raman’s Jhansi Ki Rani and Masandran.

  27. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ most successfully running show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some interesting twist and turns.

    It seems that Raman (Karan Patel) is glad seeing Shagun (Anita Hasssanandani) is getting influenced and believing this fake truth that Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) is having an affair with Vidyut.

    Shagun gets revengeful and thinks to snatch Vidyut from Ishita to show Ishita her place.

    Shagun wants to challenge Ishita and ruin her new relationship as well.

    Hence she meets Vidyut and tells him that she is single and Pihu is not his daughter.

    Pihu will get to know this and leave Shagun, after seeing Shagun’s real face.

    Keep watching this site for more exciting news and updates on your favourite show.

  28. good morning to all yhm fans….yesterday episode was just awesome…the chemistry between ishra unbeatable….no doubt ishra is the best onscreen jodi…..exciting to see today episode…

  29. good morning to all yhm friends…yesterday episode was just awesome…the chemistry between ishra unbeatable….no doubt ishra is the best onscreen jodi…..exciting to see today episode…

  30. So cute Vidyut when he ask Ishita for apologised. But Ishita feel Pihu behind her but missed to see her while Pihu is lost and trying to find Shagun. Shagun is now irresponsible mother and did not take care of daughter and wait for Pihu to finished her fitting the dresses then return to shop to get her purse. But I know that shop will not allow people to take anything without payment. Shagun should tell saleslady to tell Pihu to wait. I feel so bad seeing Pihu crying and walking around looking for Shagun but missed to meet Ishita.

    Thank to Vidyut bumped on Pihu and see Pihu crying and scared. Vidyut help Pihu to find Shagun and informed the information desk to call mother of Pihu and meet the location. Shagun did not know that Raman is also there at the mall. When Pihu name announced Raman heard it and goes to find Pihu and see Shagun and Pihu. Pihu call Shagun mumma in front of Vidyut. Vidyut tried to ignore Shagun and want to hurried to get the place where Ishita wait but Shagun called Vidyut and ask him if he remember her. Vidyut get surprised to see Shagun and talk to her and ask Shagun about Pihu. Shagun lied to Vidyut infront of Pihu that Pihu is not her daughter that shocked Pihu and Pihu get hurt by Shagun word and did not know that Raman is there and heard it too. Shagun ask Vidyut to join her for coffee but Vidyut tell Shagun next time and I need to meet someone and rush off to leave. Pihu wish that Raman had to come with her but Shagun lied more but get shocked by hearing Raman responses “Then what”. Pihu get happy that Raman arrived and found her and ran to hug Raman. Raman hug Pihu back and tell her to feed the ducks because Raman loves his daughter very deeply. Pihu leave Raman and Shagun to talk and went to join the boy to feed ducks. Raman scold Shagun then warns Shagun for hurting Pihu then tells Shagun I want my daughter. Shagun silence then think to get Vidyut so that Raman will have to take care of Pihu. Raman called Pihu and talk to her with love and Pihu smile and hug her.

    Vidyut meet Ishita and Ishita get bit annoyed with Vidyut for playing game with her but Vidyut did not tell Ishita about Shagun and Pihu. Vidyut take Ishita for a trip to the most romantic place and Ishita is in love with the place but missing Raman and children (Adi and Ruhi) Ishita did not know that Vidyut chat with Shagun and Raman complete his talk to Shagun and track Ishita and Vidyut location. Vidyut smile to talk with Ishita then see Raman with annoyed that confused Ishita. Ishtiaturned to see Raman. Ishita face becomes much priceless seeing Raman walking towards Ishita then Ishita break her sight on Raman to see Vidyut then returned back to Raman. Raman stand bit distance from Ishita. Raman use his sunglasses to avoid his expression. Raman and Ishita conversation in front of Vidyut are so awesome. Ishita walk past and leave Raman but Raman is too fast to catch Ishita hand to stop her leaving. Raman get emotional see Ishita and cried while hug Ishita. Ishita consolled Raman then call Raman handsome. Raman smile. Funny part when Ishita want to say something then Raman grab Ishita jaw blade to stop her talking that surprised her and Vidyut look on. Raman still hug Ishita so much and can’t leave her away.

    Ishita put her head on Raman’s shoulder and Raman smile and kiss her foreheard and feel so relaxed. They srill chat some way how to get Pihu back. Raman and Ishita will discussed of what happening.

    Raman will traunt Ishita in front of Pihu, Ruhi and Shagun. Ruhi get surprised to see Raman with Shagun and Pihu. Ruhi get angry by hearing Raman wanting to divorce then goes to confront Raman. Raman get surprised and get happy to see Ruhi but get scolding from his loving big daughter Ruhi and feel bad. Ruhi leave. Raman tried to run after Ruhi but Shagun stop Raman for going to Ruhi and sign him to see Pihu. Pihu watch the drama and feel sad. Raman pampered Pihu. Ishita will tell Ruhi the truth reason for the separation and drama. Ruhi get happy that Raman and Ishita are not going to divorce and will help them. Raman plan to bring Ruhi and Pihu to meet each other and Pihu get happy to see Ruhi. Ruhi take care of Pihu. Shagun get busy with Vidyut. Raman secret take Ishita to boat ride and continue his romantic with his lady love Ishita.

    The drama is going on with love triangle among Ishita, Vidyut and Shagun. Raman remain watching them and enjoyed so that he can take care of Pihu. Pihu see all the truth colour of Shagun face and will hate her and want to go home with Raman, Ishita and Ruhi to meet Bhalla and Iyer families.

    Oh god, Santoshi slap Ishita without understanding and accused her of having an affair and call her shameless and Ishita get shock and hurt. Raman want to greet mother and give welcome gift but slap by his mother that he get surprised. Santoshi scold Raman and Ishtia badly. Raman and Ishita felt bad and tried to explain the reason for their separation and drama to bring Pihu back. The angel (Pihu) comes home while Toshi cried and did not see Pihu. Pihu consolled Toshi and Toshi get surpised see Pihu and hug her. Toshi get happy to see Pihu then apologised to Raman and Ishita.

    Toshi and Ishita pranks on Raman will never stop and Raman get tensed then relieved when they laugh. Ishita will take all responsible on Pihu and Pihu will see all the love from Ishita will grow strong and accept her as her mother. Shagun will come to Bhalla house to make scene. Ishita stop Raman from anger behaviour and control him easily and sign him about Pihu. Raman see Pihu and remain calm but Bhalla and Iyer families get surprised that Pihu behave like young Ruhi get angry and shout on Shagun and order Shagun to leave the house. Shagun get shocked by Pihu reaction. Ishita ask Raman to consolled Pihu and Raman tried to consolled Pihu but Pihu did not control it and Raman becomes helpless and ask Ishita to do something. Ishita control Pihu and make her calm while Pihu cried with anger. Pihu hug Ishita tightly that surprised whole families. Raman get relieved and happy.

  31. Bhagya, Mani is not shagun puppet. Bhagya when shagun started being negative when she realised ruhi was alive. When that happened ishra also happened. Shagun became insecure. Shagun thoughtt pihu was the only person to love her. I hope shagun starts loving mani. Shagun deserves love. I want this to happen for two reasons 1. Because I want shagun to be happy. 2. I am a huge fan of Ishitha and Raman shagun would leave them if she gets her own life.

  32. Hi Shivani .. What happened ? busy with studies ? Missing you .

  33. Hi yhm friends,Vp,Raghu,Parichary,Ishan,Ritu,Sindhu,Lisa dash,Super girl,Riana,Bhagya and all yhm friends I love this episode because Ishita and Raman togather they plane is de best.Shagum be lose Pihu now,

  34. Bandh Karo this serial no relationship s no values what nonsense ishita Raman shagun flute karne ka vidyut

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